So I was tagged in this project: Seeing how shitty 2016 has been, a few people and I thought that we could have a nice project to end this dreadful year. So, regardless of his football prowess, awards, titles and records, could you present a player that you think has done (not necessarily just in 2016) something good (it can be for the community, the history of his team,…) Don’t hesitate to tag people to encourage them to do it! (thank you florgi @xavimascheranos ).

and I thought of this:

A kid named Elias traveled from a small town to Capital Federal (Buenos Aires) to meet River Plate’s players. He did, and a few of them signed his jersey, but in the middle of the chaos of all the people wanting to get the attention of the players, his jersey disappeared (someone stole it).

The man who filmed this says he and Elias (who was crying now) tried to find the jersey, and meanwhile, the man asked more players to take pics with the kid so he could stop crying, but Elias was still sad.

Then, Andrés D’alessandro (River player) arrived and saw him crying, asked the kid what happened, and this happened.

I thought it was such a nice and genuine gesture, I was so proud of him.

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Part three pirates au

@green-love-paternoster from her au~

Jenny slowly started to come around from her sleep. Her body had never felt so comfortable. Her eyes flickered open and she knew instantly that she wasn’t on the merchant ship anymore. She pulled herself up onto her elbows to scan her new environment. She was on a bed? Her hands ran over the soft fabric of the covers, she couldn’t remember the last time she had slept on a proper bed, it didn’t feel real, it almost felt too soft. Everything in the room was of high quality, the bed, the ornaments and prizes scattered around the grand cabin. She went to turn around and peak out of the windows that illuminated the room with a yellow glow but flinched as pain thudded from her side.

She lifted up her shirt to reveal her side wrapped tightly in fresh looking bandages. A sudden rush of memories jolted her into remembering the events that had occurred before she passed out. Her brows furrowed in confusion. She was about to get killed, and then she wakes up on a bed? “What had happened?…”

“You’ve been out for a couple of days” Jenny jumped as a voice from a shadowed part of the cabin spoke up. How long had they been there?

Jenny’s hand automatically went to her thigh to grab her dagger only to find the holder empty. Her eyes flicked to the table next to the shadow to where her dagger lay, just too far out of reach.

Jenny puffed out her body in defence of the mystery figure.

That voice… she recognised it.

“who are you?” She peered into the darkness, trying to see if she could make out any figure but the contrast between the light and dark in the room was too strong.

“I am the captain of the Emerald Goddess, the ship you are currently on. You should refer to me as such”

Her eyes widened as flashes of the captain looming over her in the rain and taking out her former ship mates shot through her mind. The Captain.

“You- your not going to kill me?” Jenny face mirrored confusion.

Jenny could almost feel the captains eyes roll “why would I kill you now, after saving your life?”

She saved my life?

“But… I’m a woman?” She hated to give a reason to kill her, but she didn’t understand how this new Captain didn’t want her dead.

This earned a small laugh from the shadow “So am I. My crew is made up of many women also”

What type of ship was this! She was free to be a women here? All this was too much.
“Why are you in the shadows?”

Vastra let out a little huff “For your sake really, you humans don’t do well when first meeting me, I’m…” Vastra tilted her head to the side trying to pick the right word. “Different”

Jenny didn’t care at all, she was so overwhelmed with the fact that someone saved her life. She had never met anyone who thought her life worth more then two shillings. Her family shunned her, the police she ran from and yet this stranger just saved her from certain death. She wanted to look into her eyes and thank her saviour sincerely.

“I want to see you”

Vastra rolled her eyes and braced herself for the screams that inevitably came from anyone who saw her scales. It took long enough for her crew to get used to the way she looked, let alone this girl she picked up. She gathered herself up, better get it out of the way she thought as she stepped out from the shadows she had been hiding in and out to stand in front of jenny.

Jenny gasped, in awe. The captain no longer wore her black long coat or hat, but was dressed in a white flowing blouse with black knee high leather boots. She couldn’t believe that her memory of the lizard woman was true, she really did have green scales all over her body.

“Oh no. shes hot” was all Jenny could think.

“Wow…” this shocked vastra from her dead eyed stare in the distance, wow was not what she was expecting. She looked down at Jenny who’s face showed no sign of fear, only what was it, gratitude?

Vastra leaned in closer to the confusing girl. “Why aren’t you scared of me?”

“Scared?” Jenny scoffed “You saved me! Thank you” Jenny touched Vastras hand as an innate gesture of appreciation only to have Vastra jump away from the contact and turn around sharply to hide the break of composure.

Her hands were so smooth. Jenny’s heart thumped. Vastra clenched her hand. She was so warm.

Vastra cleared her throat and distracted herself by putting on her coat again. Don’t get too attached to the human, she’s leaving soon, Vastra scolded.

“The next port is a couple of weeks away” Vastra spoke softly “rest up until then”

“The next port?” Jenny’s face fell, she had just fallen onto this amazing boat and now it was to be back to the streets for her?

“But, I don’t want to leave.” Panic started to kick in. “Please I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll-” she looked around the room desperate for examples “I’ll fix your clothes, I’ll scrub the floors. Please, I don’t want to go back to my life in London.”

“You- want to stay?” Vastras heart jumped a bit, she wanted to stay. “You would become a pirate” Vastra loomed over the girl to try and scare her out of it. “Associated with the most wanted criminal in England to name one country. With danger and violence around every corner. You’re ready for all of that?” Vastra looked Jenny straight in the eyes, searching for anything that proved her wrong, but all she saw was a glint in her eyes and grit determination. Who was this girl?

“Teach me and I’ll learn”

Vastra paused and stood up. Was this the right decision, she could already feel this girl have some sort of effect on her. Would she regret it? Her head whirred through each consequence, only to each time not care what the outcome was, Jenny wanted to stay and so she’d let her.

Jenny held her breath, this could be it, the new start she had been yearning for. No one knew who she was, no one cared. She could be free.

“… welcome aboard” Vastra grinned slightly as Jenny’s eyes lit up. Only time would tell if Vastra made the correct decision.

“You’re still recovering so be careful, follow me and I’ll show you around the ship .”

Vastra left Jenny through the door that connected her cabin to her drawing room leaving Jenny to get ready.

She turns her back for one second and the girl is gone. Unbelievable. Vastra had given Jenny a quick tour of her ship and the crew, taking care not to push her too hard since she had only woken up today. Jenny seemed to have buzzed with excitement through the whole thing, very eager to learn everything she could, where everything was meant to go, where everyone carried out their duties. The light faded into night as the sun dipped below the horizon. Vastra clearly underestimated how fragile the girl was as just after asking Strax if there was any space for another crew member to sleep in the lower deck, she had disappeared. “How did she manage to sneak away so quietly?” Vastra wondered.

She spun around scanning the deck to no luck. All she saw was Strax at the helm, gently guiding the ship through the calm waters. She couldn’t have gone down into the ship that quickly could she?

“Are you looking for the small human?” Strax commented, noticing the lost Captain.

“Why er, Yes Strax, did you see where she went?”

“Up to the crows nest Captain” Vastra followed Straxs pointed finger up the main mast to the crows nest, where two feet were dangling high above. Wow she’s a quick climber, Vastra thought.

“Thank you Strax” Vastra tipped her hat, and Strax nodded in acknowledgment.

Vastra made her way up the crows nest, skilfully pulling her way up the ropes that connected the top of the mast to the sides of the ship. She jumped softly over the banister and sat beside Jenny who was gazing at the sky.

“There isn’t enough room in the crews cabin so you will be sharing with me. I hope that isn’t a bother-”

“The stars”

Vastra was caught off guard by the statement “I-? what about them?”

“I never seen so many before” Jenny stared wide eyed at the crystal clear sky that surrounded her, millions of stars painted the sky with their twinkling light “they’re so beautiful.”

“What do you mean you’ve never seen so many before? Surely you saw them on land?”

Jenny let out a snort “not really Captain. The air is too grey from pollution, they don’t call London the great smog for nothing.”

“Oh…” Vastra took a moment to take in what Jenny was seeing, sometimes it was so easy for her to forget to take a moment to breath. This high up, the waters reflecting the nights sky, it almost felt like they were floating through time and space. Something clicked inside Vastra as she admired Jenny looking at the stars. Quickly she looked away, it couldn’t happen again, it was nothing she was sure of it.

“My names Jenny by the way. Jenny Flint” Jenny smiled at Vastra who returned back with one.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you miss Jenny Flint, I look forward to the adventures we’ll have together”

End of part three! This is not the end btw! I have at least four other stories in this au, this was kind of an introduction. To help me out by not having to flesh out a full story, I’ll be writing the rest as separate one shots within this au if that makes sense? It basically means I can get straight into the action. I’ll try and update when I can, I’m not really a fic writer so if you have any criticism or want me to add or change things just tell me.

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Let's be honest here JB was no where near being homophobic it's just a bunch of easy triggered kids that want to start shit like idols can't say shot no more without being dragged for some reason like he could step on a flower and their would be an uproar that he hates nature or something it's so ridiculous

I hope this issue gets revolved though so both sides will be happy. I personally feel like its just a misunderstanding because it really is easy to mistranslate a language. As a person who is bilingual, I can vouch for this. My mother tongue for example (Malayalam) is impossible to translate accurately to English. I’ve watched stuff with English subs in them, and it no way conveys the real meaning of what’s said. Half of the time, it doesn’t make sense. What I’m saying is, I think this whole thing was a misunderstanding and I hope it gets resolved soon. 

what even ?is this

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👜5 things you’ll find in my bag👜
LMAO i GOT NO BAG idk i just walk around w my school bag the whole uhh..
1. my wallet …
2. my keys??
3. my …. english work stuff blabla idk
4. a basic small ass calculator
5. dirt. and tears
👺5 things you’ll find in my bedroom💤
2. WATER or whatever.. nothing to drink? no me
3. my laptop…? and tv that i NEVER turn on
4. i had a xbox here but now its gone jyjsjsjw i had EVERYTHING a fucking ps2 a WII an XBOX… uh but yea what i got now is… um …. my closet ?
5. my make up table and mirror and stuff Ay Ayyyy. ay.
💡5 things I wanted to do in life💡
1. travel the world is really just my top 1 i wont stay quiet until i finally travelled to different countries …
3. i wanna …. be someone who ppl get inspired by!
4. i wanna learn one more language after i finally master russian properly smh jdjdjjd
5. i ??? wanna do so many things but… especially with the love of my life by my side or my best friends! i wanna do stupid stuff and look back it and laugh and just think wow i had a good life

🏂5 things I’m currently into🏂
1. ??? kpop aka nct lmao
2. astrology >:)
4. food
5. ten chittaphon leechaiyapornkul

🐳5 things on my to-do list🐳
LMAO to do list? bitch whet????
1. ten
2. brush my fuckign teeth
3. eat
4. be extra
5. ten

🎥5 things people may not know about me🎥
1. i constantly overshare theres nothing yall dont knwo about me
2. everyone thought jae looked great w curly hair but to me he looked like a korean ed sheeran whos a crackhead
3. i eat the same shit everyday
4. ill never get over tens cut your teeth solo
5. …. Lately i think jaey*ng is cute but anyway.

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of course, the irony about this cartoon - which I assume is meant to demonstrate shallow selfie culture desecrating the great classics - is that among other things a) hamlet is a disaffected young man suffering from depression and, frankly, deeply self-absorbed and b) the entire play is obsessed with the idea of performance and performativity and so absolutely hamlet taking selfies would be in the spirit of the original because a selfie is a new way of constructing the self through images

so what I’m saying is: fuck off culture snobs I’m coming for you

Kumiko and Reina study together


Kumiko and Reina on new years

Kumiko and Reina study together 2

Kumiko and Reina at the classroom

Kumiko and Reina at school


he actually likes him both with and without glasses

this is supposedly from that little college au from last time haha from around the time when they didn’t know each other well yet :^) they’re roommates tho