Okay personal thing: I really wish they would slow down a bit with English Unchained. Like I don’t remember everything being released this quickly in Japanese.

And I know it’s because it takes longer to program a medal/mission than it does to translate it and my friend thinks they want Japanese and English Unchained to be in the same place when BackCover comes out but still. 

I mean I’ve been gone from both games for a few months due to life issues and I’ve missed 5 times the amount of stuff in English compared to Japanese. It’s like holy crud Square I have other things to do than spend hours playing your game. It’s a mobile game not a life commitment. 

I mean is it just me or?

of course, the irony about this cartoon - which I assume is meant to demonstrate shallow selfie culture desecrating the great classics - is that among other things a) hamlet is a disaffected young man suffering from depression and, frankly, deeply self-absorbed and b) the entire play is obsessed with the idea of performance and performativity and so absolutely hamlet taking selfies would be in the spirit of the original because a selfie is a new way of constructing the self through images

so what I’m saying is: fuck off culture snobs I’m coming for you


he actually likes him both with and without glasses

this is supposedly from that little college au from last time haha from around the time when they didn’t know each other well yet :^) they’re roommates tho