// tonight we went to Head of the River, a massive pub in London set beside a beautiful river. It was sunset when we went for post essay drinks, and we saw some random English traditional dance. Had a wonderful conversation about John 4 and finding true satisfaction in Jesus. As I looked at the beauty of creation and people around me, I couldn’t help but praise God for who He is, the Living Water.


The pub was renamed to “The beefeater” (thanks again to Sandy’s amazing pub signs - the huge variety makes it so hard to choose THE one!). As you can see, I moved the bike shop here, however I still have to work on it a bit - I feel it doesn’t match the pub as nice as it should. Oh, and that horrible street lamp! One day I will need to remove it in CAW. Oh and picnic tables awfully bare… And then, I’m not sure whether I’m happy with the ivy or not… Do you have any suggestions?