Back then, Flowers was emotionally in a bad way. He had recently called at his girlfriend’s apartment to pick up a tie for work. He noticed that her car was touching bumpers with another car, a common romantic game in Las Vegas, he says. “I knew she was screwing someone else.”

A few nights later he went to an English pub in Vegas and saw her with the guy.

“I guess I should have done something but I’m not a violent person. But it really affected me. I would physically throw up… jealousy is a terrible, terrible experience.”

At his first rehearsal with Keuning they wrote Mr. Brightside, an intense, roily, graphic tale of sexual jealousy and their debut UK hit. “I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t written Mr. Brightside. I have no regrets. And they’ve split up now, so I hear. She knows she fucked up.”