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Do you have a link where I can watch bollywood movies with english subtitles?

There are several places to see Bollywood films with English subtitles.

If you have access to Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, both of these pay-for-it services offer Bollywood films with English subs.  However, they are usually my last choice since the selection is pretty limited, and there is rarely anything current. No commercial breaks.

My go-to for this are these three sites:

http://einthusan.com  (make sure you spell it right–I’ve had lots of folks who haven’t done so and then report back to me that the site isn’t available, but I am watching it right now, so I know it works.  :) There are commercials breaks but you can avoid that by using Adblock extensions if you are using Chrome/Safari/Firefox browsers.

Now be warned: when you go to the site: be sure you click on the appropriate cinema channel. You may end up on the Tamli movie page as the homepage. There should be a tab for Hindi so click on that and it will take you to the Bollywood films. 

Also, movies produced by UTV Motion Pictures are not on Einthusan due to copyright reasons (the Einthusan creator has confirmed it to me). So if you are looking for movies that are made by UTV, you may want to check out other sources. 

Dailymotion  (This site many times will divide the movie into parts, and sometimes the viewing quality is questionable, but it’s better than nothing.) There are commercial breaks.

YouTube (you can find lots of films here, but be warned: not only does this site show films in parts but it also many times lets you think the movie is starting and then goes to a screen that says, “Oh, this film is unavailable here but you can see it at my site” and it directs you to some scam. Also, it will sometimes say there are subs but there aren’t.  Make sure you click on the “CC” closed captioning to discover the subs if they are not readily apparent.) Sometimes commercial breaks.

I do have one other site I use, but it is, again, a paid for service.  It is the Watch Bollywood Movies Online - Eros Now  site operated by Eros International Production House and Distributors. It is a great site, but they don’t always have films if they weren’t the distributors and you do pay a monthly fee–I think it’s about ten dollars. No commercial breaks.

Some other website that I would consider checking out: 

 Spuul - Great library of new and old Bollywood movies in HD quality with English subtitles.

PlaySominalFilms- This is a paid-subscription website (sort of like Eros Now/Einthusan but like Netflix in a way). Great library with Tamil/Bollywood in HD and BluRay quality with English subtitles. 

If you end up finding a movie that is not on any of those sites, or if you can’t find a movie in decent quality and show subtitles. Then I would HIGHLY recommend doing the following method

Say, you want to watch Fitoor starring Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur and the forever talented Tabu, right? 

here’s the problem; none of the sites I told you has the movie nor subtitles the last time I checked. However, I have found Fitoor in 720p quality from this link. Here is the problem, though. Its original video does not have subtitles, but there is CC button on the toolbar below the video. The beautiful thing about this particular streaming host (opensource.co) is that you have the ability to upload subtitles from anywhere on the Internet and from your PC just so that you can watch the videos at your convenience.

All you have to do is click on the CC button in that toolbar. It will give you two options - upload from PC or upload from URL. I would suggest that you click upload from PC and upload the subtitles you downloaded from the Internet.

To get English subtitles, you will have to download any English subtitles from this link on your PC at this link. I have provided you a link with all possible Fitoor subtitles that you can use.

And if this is a matter of not having access to Hindi films, sometimes (depending on what country you are in), local theatres in larger cities will have current releases also. Hope this helps and thanks for asking!

- Sonia 

If you are ever confused or need additional support, send a PM in our inbox or just shoot me a message at my blog at @confessionsofabollywoodgirl

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DwarfWeek - Day three: Dwarven languages

“The Dwarven language was created by Aulë, and was called Khuzdul. It was a strange language to Elves and Men, and few non-Dwarves learned it, because it was difficult, and the Dwarves kept it secret, preferring to communicate in the languages of their neighbors. Only one Khuzdul phrase was well known to outsiders: the ancient battle cry, going back to at least the First Age: “Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!”, which means “Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!”. The Dwarves taught Khuzdul carefully to their children, as a learned language, not a cradle-tongue, and thus the language changed very little over the ages, unlike those of other races. The Dwarves also devised a secret language of gestures to communicate between themselves in silence, the iglishmêk.“ 

"The Dwarves used Angerthas, a runic writing system based on Cirth. There were different variations of Angerthas, which varied by each Dwarven clan; the Dwarves of Khazad-dum had their own variation and introduced a number of unsystematic changes in the system. The Dwarves of Erebor also used a further modification of the system, which was known as Angerthas Erebor. Some examples of Angerthas were seen in notable Dwarven texts, including the Book of Mazarbul, Thror’s Map, as well as other objects such as the Key to the hidden door, the key which was given to Thorin Oakenshield.”