17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂

08.01.17 • When you’re trying to finish English coursework but you have a headache and writer’s block 😑 I am currently on my way to see family so have gathered all my Eng Lang resources into the back of the car and trying to get as much done as possible.. 2300 words so far and haven’t even finished it.. the max is 2500 send help.

An incredibly long short story...

The Concept Of Breathing

Something cheesy I wrote up for my English Language coursework


Dylan laid down the flowers. The misty ambiance of the graveyard wrapped its arms around him. He closed his eyes and spoke an unvoiced prayer. It was getting late. “I must hurry Rosaline” said Dylan. It was nearly night time as the last few gleaming orange rays of the sun buried deeper into the horizon. Dylan did not want to wait for the moonlight to show her visage. He might fall victim to an ambush.

He said his final farewell, engraved R.A onto the little grave he had dug with a final message and walked away. He could not bear to think about her anymore. It was what he would lay to rest deep into his thoughts.


Holding onto the little crystal necklace, his only remembrance of Rosaline, he carried on, tears dripping down his cheek onto the moist ground. He desired the world of the past to come back. He hoped this was all just a big nightmare that he was yet to be pulled out of.


Over the next couple of days, as he headed south, all he could think about was Rosaline. He couldn’t believe she was gone. The very thing that gave him the soul to continue living in this wasteland that he used to call home. They were headed southwards towards “The Sanctuary”. A place where resources were provided and they would be given a place to live. It was over all the broadcasts they could pick up. But what point was there now? Rosaline, his beloved little sister, was no more. The bitter, freezing sub-zero night conditions had swept her away from him. No more would he show compassion, no more would he show weakness and no more would he show sympathy. It was his fault Rosaline was gone. He hadn’t been strong enough to protect her. He hadn’t been tough enough to keep her going.


The moon had begun to surface and it was time for him to get shelter. Harsh, cold wind blew across his body, so violent that it was like getting thousands of cuts from miniscule razors. Soon, he ventured into a cave he had found nearby. Slowly, he checked around. He eyed each corner carefully. The Others were extremely sly. They would veil themselves in places where you least expected it.



Dylan set up camp. He travelled light and carried with him a sleeping bag, his jacket, any food he could find and precious pure water. Water, a resource that was greatly limited. If Dylan ran out, he would resort to squeezing fresh mud to obtain any water stored within or try sucking on the leaves of trees. Tired and weary after the day’s journey, Dylan quickly fell asleep. He was tormented by thoughts of his sister, plagued by the reflection of breaking the promise he had made to their parents. Emotions flooded in, there was simply too much to think of. The feeling of being alone, the feeling of paranoia every time he was travelling. It was the same every night.


Dylan woke up with a start, sweat dripping down his face, his face warm. Something had woken him from his sleep. He could hear his heart pounding a fast steady beat. There was nothing to be heard but dreary silence. It was accompanied by the sound of water dripping from the moist roof of the cave. At the very moment, he heard faint voices. Voices coming from all over. He was surrounded. The Others were out searching for food. Dylan laid low in the shadows praying they wouldn’t find him. He tried to avoid conflict whenever possible since it seemed that he was always outnumbered in a fight. Not to mention, most of them were all large brutes that would kill you in an instant. Their instinct for survival had taken over their sanity leaving them similar to little less then animals that would not reason.


The voices sounded closer. Harsh, deep guttural sounds being snarled. They sounded livid. They must not have had fresh meat for a while. It was only a matter of seconds until they’d be closing onto him and he would be cornered and helpless. Crawling on his belly, he eased in towards a corner trying to get as far away as possible. More voices, more rustling, even closer this time. Out of the corner of his eye, Dylan could see rays of the day’s first sunlight easing in. There was an opening in the cavern! Little by little he crawled out, making as quiet a noise as possible.


He was out. The dark night had left over remains of mist that flooded over his body. He quickly put on his jacket, shuddering as he did so. Dylan sprinted on, continuing towards the south and only stopped in doing so once he was convinced he wasn’t being followed. It had been a narrow escape.


He carried on for days. The whole while, trying to make sense of it. It had happened one average summer day. The global catastrophe that had wiped out most of the human population. It was a bug that had taken out most of the world’s population. No-one knew where it had come from, how it affected people and what it did to them. People were instantly taken over. The virus would take over the human mind and cause them to commit suicide without a second thought. It seemed to take over brain cells; multiplying rapidly until eventually the mind was no longer in control. Dylan had seen people walking off buildings, stabbing themselves, road accidents and other terrible things. The first time he had seen it occur, he hadn’t even known whether the person was affected. It had been his best friend, back at work. The sheer terror had rendered him helpless. He hadn’t even tried to stop him. Soon after, most of the others at work started doing the same. However, there seemed to be a small amount of humans who were deemed to be immune. Dylan and his sister, part of this small percentage. He cursed the heavens. If only it had finished him off as well.


Leading on from that, he started thinking about The Others. Who were they? They were all normal humans. The small bit that had survived. Unfortunately, they were not of sane mind. Most cannibals were part of interconnected families that had agreed to peace treaties with other groups of cannibals. They stuck to their designated hunting areas. Groups of cannibals set borders all around cities and forests. Anyone caught trespassing was fair game. Anyone they found outside was also fair game. Either way, you were either with the cannibals or you were as good as dead. It was only a matter of time until they got to him. He couldn’t survive forever.


 Now, for the other question, why had they resorted to such demeaning means? The answer to this was simple yet he was skeptical to how they had been led to believe so. The survivors had figured out they were immune. Countries over the world had designated meeting points where there were meetings of groups. Within these groups, people had ideas. Some believed it was the will of god and they set off, leading the life of saints and hermits, never to be seen again. Some decided they would not mingle with the others and would lead their own paths as had Dylan and Rosaline. Some decided to finish themselves off, not wanting to live in a world so obscene and alienated. The rest however, had other thoughts. They believed that the immunity only lasted as long as they had an ongoing source of that resistance. They believed that to survive, they would have to feed on the flesh of other immune creatures, or other humans. These ideas weren’t tried out in substance until a couple of weeks after people had disbanded.


The idea itself was sickening, but soon, they grew accustomed to it. No longer did they feed to survive; they did so because it gave them pleasure. The notion of not ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ having people to look up to, not having any rules, no law to follow, nothing to question crime and hardly any socialization, made them crazy. They lost their senses, undergoing major mental changes. They had stripped themselves of any humanity and had become what man had started off as.


Every time Dylan thought about all of this, he grew weary. As he went along the path, he could hear the sound of moving water nearby. The thought excited him. It had been ages since he’d had a nice wash. He hurried along, following the sound until finally he reached a small waterfall covered by lots of short shrubs and trees. He took of his top and walked in. The cold water made him shiver and made his skin tingle but it felt good. He took his time. His mind was rushing through as many thoughts as it could process. He yearned to just stay here forever, like a candy store a little kid would never want to leave. He desired for the water absorb him in some way, so he could become one with it. He wished for all the anxiety to leave. Dylan laid down near the shallow end of the pool and closed his eyes.


“Fsk” An arrow whizzed inches away from Dylan and lodged itself into a tree. His eyes opened in an instant “WHO’S THERE?” yelled Dylan. No reply. He was in trouble. “Fsk” Another arrow speeded by. He was being ambushed! Dylan quickly got out, picked his shirt and backpack up. He galloped back in the direction he had come from. Numerous arrows whizzed by. Horns were blown. The cannibals were alert now. He would be surrounded once again, this time, with no escape. Dylan kept running on and on praying they would lose him. Alas! They were onto him like a pack of wolves. He could hear short breaths, panting, following him. He ran sideways, took turns, ran through bushes and tried everything. He just had to lose them. They were not going to let him go.


Dylan ran on and on until unexpectedly, he met a dead end. His eyes darted left and right searching for any route for escape. There were none. Strong, large hands tied his legs and hands. He was thrown onto his back. Dylan thrashed about. He was stopped by a blow from his assailant. His attacker’s face wore a mask of triumph. It was apparent he had gone without human meat for an extended period. He let out a large roar and chuckled sadistically. Blood was filling his eyes. He muffled Dylan’s mouth with his massive hand. By now, several others had gathered. They were smiling, visibly content. The aggressor drew a long, razor-sharp axe. Chants procured. Several Others let out blood curdling howls. They lay on the ground and banged their heads. Dylan closed his eyes one last time. He prayed to God. He was finally going to be at peace.



The head-splitting blow never came. His eyes closed, Dylan could hear nothing but serene silence. His muffled breath in rhythm with the gasps of air being taken in by the horrendous beasts. Slowly, he opened his eyes, shivering and trembling. What was happening? Why was he still alive? With one strong, rough arm, the brute picked him up throwing him back onto his feet. What sort strange ritual was this?


All of a sudden, an ear splitting horn blew. Trees shook as the birds took flight. The circle Dylan was standing in parted, forming a clear path. What was this? Were they letting him go? The horn blew once again. Dylan strived to cover his ears but too tired. His eyes were blurry, his head hurt and his body ached. A huge malformed shape appeared, slowly making its way towards him. Dylan narrowed his eyes trying to figure out what it was.


As it got closer, The Others, surrounding him started waving their heads, humming a deep melancholy, tune. The shape, Dylan could now make out. It was similar to The Others, except larger, way larger. The man stood over 2 feet tall, his body tattooed with thousands of scars, a few running off the sides of his neck, a few on his chest and others on his wrist. He was missing an ear, and his right eye. The humming dramatically stopped.


Dylan’s previous aggressor now stood straight, his axe hanging on a makeshift belt and his head held up high apparently a sign of reverence. Dylan’s body trembled as the massive man came close. He looked Dylan straight in the eye with a scowl so fearsome, that it would scare off even the bravest man if his size did not. This was no ordinary Other. He seemed different. The Others seemed to hold great respect for him.

Dylan’s brain hurt, plagued by confusion of the situation. He dropped down, his knees too tired to support him.

A few seconds passed.


“Rise" growled an animalistic voice. Dylan looked up, trying not to tear his gaze away from the fearful sight. Slowly, he got up, shaking with the effort. The monstrous man held out a hand. One of The Others ran up close, a sack dripping with red liquid, squeezed tight in his palm. He placed it in the gigantic man’s palm. He ripped apart the sack, and the smell of rotting flesh instantly spread, clinging to the air.

The man held the meat out, undoubtedly human meat. What was it that he wanted Dylan to do? Did he want Dylan to eat it? Dylan shook his head, he couldn’t do it. He backed away and instantly, The Others started to growl and the sound of axes being unsheathed could be heard.


What inhumane behavior was this? What was he to do? Dylan reached out, his dirt smeared fingers slowly grasping the warm fleshy meat. He brought it close to his mouth. As he brought it closer, the giant man chuckled, almost as if he was enjoying watching. What was Dylan doing? This was completely wrong. This was everything he went against; this was what made him different. How could he so readily accept what they offered?

“Join us” snarled the voice, this time louder. The Others were getting impatient now, Dylan could see them shuffling about waiting for his move. He was surprised at how long they had been patient for. He seemed to have stood there for an eternity.

“So what will it be?” continued on the rumbling voice.

Dylan honestly did not know anymore. What WOULD it be? Spending perhaps a lifetime, as part of these inhumane creatures or die as the last possibly sane human alive.








¾/17 home for Easter, working on English Language coursework. It’s so much easier to concentrate in my own home. It seems counter-intuitive - there’s so much more here that could distract me - but I feel calmer and more relaxed, and less depressed, so it’s much easier to just focus on this and  feel ok. I tidied my room as soon as I got back (well, after sleeping a lot), so I feel so much better than I did before. I’m very nervous about going back after Easter, but I’m trying not to think too much about it. I have two and a bit weeks to just relax and feel ok for a while, and I need to make the most of it. 

Well gang, it’s only 34 minutes past the deadline, and my English Lit coursework is finally—finally—finished. I think I might have got a little attitude-y towards the end, used the term ‘trauma porn’, and referenced pop-up sex ads, but then again I’ve quoted @dukeofbookingham on the ‘critical circle-jerk’ surrounding Hamlet in an essay for this teacher before, so I reckon it should be alright…

NCT 127 React to their GF being insecure about her looks

Thanks for this request I will also so the bts version for you soon when I have less English coursework never do an IGCSE oh wait u have no choice sorry here is the post :) - Em x

Taeil: Taeil would see you looking sad and rush over to sit down next to you. “What’s up y/n? You look sad and I don’t want that.” He would say kindly. You pointed at the mirror. Taeil knew immediately that you were having a low self-esteem moment. You had had them sometimes and he was always there for you. He pulled you around to face him and held your hands in his. “Don’t ever worry that you aren’t pretty. You are the best looking, kindest, funniest girl I have ever met. If anyone ever suggests otherwise I will fight them including you watch out,” He would say with a wink. 

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Johnny: “If you ever feel like you aren’t happy just ring me because I can list over a hundred features of you that I like and that’s just your arm.” He would joke. “But seriously y/n don’t worry about your looks, you are like super beautiful and I don’t lie.” Johnny can fix anything with some quality jokes afterwards as well. He would talk to you until you forgot why you were insecure to start off with. 

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Taeyong: Taeyong would wrap his arms around you from behind you and rest his chin on your head or shoulder (depending on if ur tall or smol) and tell you how much he loved you until you felt better. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are my sunshine.”

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Yuta: Yuta would loose his trademark smile. “Don’t be sad y/n. You are not always perfect but no one is. But you are perfect for me and that is all that will ever matter.” He would just sit close to you and watch movies or something. The most supportive silent supporter.

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Doyoung: “Look at the facts my beautiful girlfriend, you are MY beautiful girlfriend. If you are dating me, someone so handsome then you must be pretty great and greatly pretty because I think you’re better looking than me and possibly even Taeyong and that says a lot.” He would make some jokes but reassure more seriously you if you were in a very low place.

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Jaehyun: I think Jaehyun would get a bit mad before becoming a soft bean. “Y/n you need to stop doing this to yourself! You can’t worry about how you look if you’re already perfect.” After his mini rant, he would apologise and hug you tight. “I love you and I don’t want you to ever feel like you aren’t good enough in any way because you are.”

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Winwin: Winwin would be so genuinely upset that you felt unhappy about yourself. “How can I help you. Do I not tell you how pretty you are enough because you are so beautiful.” I don’t think he would understand it was a personal struggle, not anything he did. He would take you somewhere fun to show you how great you are and how much he valued you. 

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Mark: Mark would be at a bit of a loss at what to say. I think he would make some awkward attempt to cheer you up but if that failed he would make you cookies or something because it might not fix everything but cookies make it easier to deal with. 

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Haechan: Haechan is only smol so he probably wouldn’t know what to do he would probably make a joke along the same line as the one Doyoung would make to try and make you smile at least. “Don’t say you aren’t good enough. You are one-half of the world’s cutest couple, that means your cute and loveable. Try and love you as much as I love you” *Insert cheeky Haechan grin here ;)*

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My year 10 English coursework was a love letter from a soldier in world war 2 named Gerard Way to his secret lover back home named Frank Iero.

My teacher said he loved the realism of the gay couple having to hide their love from others due to the time it was set in.

My teacher gave me an A completely unaware that 20% of my English literalture grade was gay mcr fanfiction


Procrastinating from English Coursework and so here is a masterlist for you all of my imagines. You may want it, or you may not want it but I really don’t want to do my coursework so I might aswell waste my time effectively! :) 

In this list you will find:

- Youtubers (Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Jai Brooks)

- Logan Lerman

- Niall Horan 

- 5SOS (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood)

- Nathan Sykes

- The Vamps (Connor Ball, Brad Simpson)

- Taron Egerton

- Dylan O’Brien

(Can we also keep in mind some of these imagines are from 3 years ago now, so they’re not exactly the best! And some are just general whereas others were requests written for specific people, but they can still be read, you can just substitute yourself in!)

Jack Harries:

- You meet him on the beach after he accidentally hits you with a ball (For mariahakharchen )

- He is your waiter when you get stood up on a date

- You’re throwing out old clothes (For therebeccam)

- He gets angry that Caspar likes you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For rawrnarryfeels)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You go camping together (For bieberfeverlife)

- He saves you from falling off of a cliff (For saartjedegroot)

Finn Harries:

- You train at the gym together (For seewhatmakesyoubeautiful)

- You babysit his sister (For pinetreeskatekd)

- You’re a vampire (For hazelharries)

- You’re a vampire part 2 (For hazelharries)

- You meet him at the airport when you go to a swimming competition (For strawberry-narry)

- He sets you up on a blind date, and then admits he loves you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For gretchynmarie)

- You meet filming School of Comedy 

- You meet on a quiz show (For Marissa)

- He helps you prepare for your Oxford interview (For sailuvsjackandfinn)

- He hires a motorbike (For kassietehe) 

- You go shopping together (For infinite-unique)

- You think he’s forgotten your birthday (For gorgeous-youtube-crew)

- You meet in the supermarket (For Darcy)

- You think he’s cheating on you (For harrystylesismyaddiction)

- He’s a life guard (For infinity-blogs-and-beyond)

- You watch Paranormal Activity together (For lusjustdreamon)

- He surprises you with a puppy (For fuckyoufuckinfucker)

- You go paintballing together (For finnsbigschlong)

- You celebrate your “friendship anniversary” (Feauturing Caspar Lee) (For day-dreamerdressage)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You and Finn are known as the schools pranksters (For captainstypayhorlikson)

- He tries to cheer you up after you are sent hate messages (For celinetheviolene)

- You break up with Finn to go to Juliard (For ninasfirstblog)

- You return from Juliard (For thewantedsparkle)

- He finds out you self harm (A/N: This was requested, I no way myself would romanticise self harm, and please if anybody would like someone to talk to my ask is always open, don’t feel you have to go through things alone)

- He makes you a photo collage for your anniversary (For jackthemaomslover)

Marcus Butler:

- You help him when he loses his glasses (For maydayemotions)

- You meet in a park (For caroline-is-cray-cray)

- You paint him (For k-i-n-g-s-and-q-u-e-e-n-s)

Alfie Deyes:

- You meet at the New Years Eve countdown in Times Square (For sonnyeclipse)

- You meet at the library (For gretchynmarie)

- You make a cake together (For Breanna)

- You meet out dog walking 

- You go to watch the London Olympics together (For jconnxo)

- The lift breaks down when you’re both in it (For gretchenweiners1)

Caspar Lee:

- You give him a tour of London (For yaslineforeverandalmostalways )

- He thinks you’re cheating on him with Jack (For naterubate)

Troye Sivan:

- You go to a private boarding school and he walks past the gates everyday (For addictedtothe1d)

- He gives you a promise ring at the beach (For delaneyschneider)

- He gets jealous that you’re on a date (For 1d-prefs-outfitsgalore)

- He finds your song book (For ali-hayne-rides-the-payne-train)

Kian Lawley:

- He’s your older brother and teases you that cheerleading isn’t a sport

Connor Franta:

- You’re in a drama class with him (For youtubers-andstuff)

Jai Brooks:

- You meet him whilst on holiday in Sydney (For hazelharries)

Logan Lerman:

- He watches you play the piano (For Rosie)

Niall Horan:

- You like him but he has a girlfriend (For madagascar180200)

- You get Niall and Harry to play a prank on stage (For Rosie)

Luke Hemmings:

He forgets about your date and goes out with the boys instead (for 5seconds0fsex)

- He admits he likes you after the boys bully him into it (for Indie)

- You play fight with him and he admits he likes you (Featuring Niall Horan) (For Poppy) 

- You find out you’re pregnant (For Beckzi)

- You do something daring to get him to notice you at a concert (For 50shadesofsharae)

- You help him make the bed (For theodahorse)

- He finally tells you he likes you (with a bit of help from Liz) (For chloehemming)

- You go to a baseball game with him, Ashton and Calum (Featuring Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin) (for Michelle)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Michael Clifford:

- He dyes his hair for you 

- You both play your “surprise outfit” game (For boybandss-and-youtubers)

- He forgets he’s given you one of his favourite tshirts (For urbanlune)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Ashton Irwin:

- He’s the new boy and he sticks up for you (For xxthepaynatorxx)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Calum Hood:

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Nathan Sykes:

- You meet him fundraising for Red Nose Day (For Bianca)

You meet each other in a coffee shop

- You think he’s cheating on you with Ariana

- You do photography together (For kellisykes)

Connor Ball: 

He teases you for being small (Featuring Tristan Evans)

- He surprises you with pizza (For along-came-connor)

- You try to put him off when he’s doing a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For urbangrxnge)

Brad Simpson:

You hate each other, but soon realise it’s because you both secretly like each other (For hannahtomlinsonblog)

- He leaves you his number after you serve him in a pub (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For fieldingoutside)

- You’re on a late night food stop on tour

- You visit your own private beach together (For Grace)

- You go to see him at a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the band) (For Bella)

- You go to the beach with the boys and Brad admits he likes you 

- You surprise Brad on his birthday

- You go travelling with Brad

Taron Egerton:

- He gets bored of you doing work and makes you watch Wolverine

- You break up with Dennis (Asbo)

-You visit him on the set of Legend

Dylan O’Brien:

- He looks after your daughter on set

- He waits for you whilst you’re in detention

- You join the cast of Teen Wolf (the notes on this one are crazy, thank you so much!)

- You distract Dylan whilst he’s in a lesson

- You surprise him at ComicCon 

- He ditches a showbiz party to spend the night exploring with you

- You’re trying to distract him whilst he’s filming

- He’s your best friend and wants to protect you at all costs because he secretly has feelings for you

You and Dylan bring your kittens to meet the Teen Wolf cast (Featuring the rest of the Teen Wolf cast) (For Aisha)

You spend a romantic night together under the stars

You go to the beach together

You’re a famous youtuber and you meet him on set 

You take a picture with him on the last day of school

He comforts you as you’re scared of driving in the rain

You go to prom together

He talks about how much he misses you in an interview

You always take pictures of each other at embarrassing times (for audrey-loves-ya-blog)

- He looks after you’re daughter when you’re filming a film together (For Julianna)

- He photobombs a picture of the Tylers on set (For damned-by-love)

- You surprise him at a photoshoot 

- Stiles sticks up for you in a club

- Stiles worries about you playing lacrosse 

Let me know if any of the links are wrong and I’ll sort them out :)

Just a little crush

Also known as Imagine Fili trying to catch your attention because he has a crush on you.

A/N - Really I thought it would be cute. I was worried it was going to sound too um ‘I like Childreny’ but my friend assured me it didn’t! So basically its his fault. I’ve had two exams in the last 5 days so I’m sorry if its shit. In other news, I got 29/30 on my English Coursework! Enjoy!

Pairing - Thorin x Reader
Words -  1,219

“Y/N! Y/N!” Fili called, stumbling to you.
“Hmmm?” You replied, not looking up from your daisy chain.
“I brought you these!” He said excitedly, holding out a handful of bright yellow flowers.
You smiled at the dwarven prince and took the flowers from him.
“Thank you,” You say, smelling the flowers.
“Well you’re pretty and they’re pretty. I thought you’d like them,” The young dwarf explained, taking a seat beside you.
“That was very thoughtful of you,” You beamed.
He moved closer to you and grinned up at you
“Where’s your brother Fili?” You ask, noticing the lack of the boisterous black-haired dwarf.
Fili picked at a strand of grass. “He’s at home.”
“He’s annoying. He keeps breaking my toys and everyone prefers him to me!” Fili mumbled, throwing the strand on the ground.
You chuckled slightly.
Turning your attention to the eight year old, you placed the completed daisy chain on his head.
“You know when I was your age, I didn’t like my sister either,” You began.
“Yeah. I even pretended she was invisible for an entire week.”
Fili giggled.
“Don’t get any ideas,” You warned, nudging him gently with your elbow.
“Aww,” He groaned pouting.

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An extensive guide for writing your English Lit A level coursework:

So a lot of people seemed to want this, this is my guide to writing a near perfect English lit essay for your coursework. This guide is a combination of what I’ve learnt and what my instincts told me to do and I ended up loosing only four marks in my coursework!


In my opinion planning is the most important part to any essay, especially coursework. Once you have a clear idea of what you’re saying, writing it down is so easy.

  1. Read your essay question twice, three times, as many as it takes for you to understand it fully and to start getting ideas– highlight words which you think are the crux of the question.
  2. Pick out any quotations in your texts you think are relevant. I would recommend having a PDF version of your text and searching it for key words (you can do this by pressing cmd F on a mac and I think by searching a search bar in windows)
  3. Decide what each quotation you have picked it saying and how it is saying it. What techniques does the writer use? What are they trying to convey to their reader/audience? How does it prove what you are trying to say? How is it relevant to your question?
  4. Find academic criticisms that you can cite in your work that also comment on your points. This will take hours to find, be patient. The search tool (cmd F) is your best friend with this step.
  5. (This is the hardest part) Link your quotations/ points together. Try and match them up so that you have two quotations from different texts that have both similar and different things about them. (For example they may be saying the same thing, but by using different techniques; alternatively, they may both be using the same technique to say different points of view on the same subject)
  6. Order your plan so you points seem to grow naturally. If you are unsure where to start, label your strongest point as first, then see what would work best following this point, and label that as your second point, and repeat until you have labelled everything.


I am not familiar with the new syllabus or other boards, but In A level AQA English Lit you have four assessment objectives with a certain proportion of marks awarded to each. In order to ensure you receive as many marks from each assessment objective, try to hit each one in every paragraph. I will be explaining them and how to get into a top band in each one in my own words because I found translating them into my own words was much easier than trying to understand the fancy academic language.

AO1: Use of language, academic style, way of explaining your points

I would say the best way to hit the top band for this is ensuring you use relevant academic language that is varied, are concise with what you are saying (avoid waffling for pages). Double, triple check your grammar, punctuation and spelling as if you make mistakes on this it is extremely difficult to get into the top band. Embed your quotes as well!! You can do this is several ways, as shown below;

‘The writer highlights the importance of this character through his dialogue; “[insert quote here]”’.

‘The writer’s point of view, as can be seen through their use of metaphor “[insert quote here]”, is unusual for the time in which they were writing’.

If you read a lot you may find that this comes naturally, and if you don’t read a lot then I advise you to become a reader as quickly as possible because English lit is A LOT of reading.

AO2: Level of analysis

Do into as much detail as you can in as precise a way as you can. I follow a pretty rigid way of analysing texts by asking myself the following questions:

  • What is the writer literally saying?
  • Does this mean anything deeper?
  • What does the reader/audience understand from this?
  • Does this have an political implications? Would this have influenced the society to change? Did it reflect the society
  • How does this shape the way in which the reader/audience understands the rest of the text?
  • (In older texts) How would the way in which a reader of the time would have felt about this differ from the way in which a modern reader would feel about this?

You may notice that these questions force me to embed context which is AO4, which means that my inclusion of context feels more natural and my analysis comes off as more academic.

Also make sure you talk about Form, Structure and Language fairly evenly. Language analysis is the easiest in my experience, essentially look at the words and what they are saying. It’s all pretty self explanatory so I won’t go into too much detail on this.

When analysing Structure, look at the shape of the text, are the paragraphs short or long or mixed? Why? How many lines in each stanza of a poem? Why is one character speaking in long monologues while the other gives one line answers? Look at the length of sentences, look at the structures.

Form is probably the hardest to talk about, for this you must ask yourself why the writer chose to write in the form they did? If they wrote in verse– why? Look at the kind of verse it is? For example, many people write sonnets about love, however you may be analysing a war poem written in a style of a sonnet. This may therefore be ironic. If they wrote a play– why? What did having a text performed do? Perhaps it may have been due to the number of people who were illiterate, perhaps for another reason. If they wrote prose– why? Have they written an epistolatory novel? Is it a diary?  Did they write in first or third person? Do they use lots of description? etc.

AO3: Comparisons made and external criticism

Once you have analysed a quotation, you may want to compare it to another quotation from a different text or you may want to bring in what another writer has said about it (or you may indeed want to do both).

In order to bring in another quotation to compare, I would recommend you use a connecting sentence to link the two points together, for example;

‘while writer A uses the gloomy surroundings to represent the loneliness of character A, writer B uses first person narrative to say exactly how lonely character B feels; “[insert quote]”.’

This would then give you a chance to talk about why the writers may have used different techniques to portray the same emotions.

The best way to include external criticism is to use it when analysing, a way to introduce it may be;

‘On the other hand, John Smith writes “[insert quote here]” about this text….’.

Commenting on and arguing with external criticism will get you into the top band so if you don’t agree with what you find, include it and then rip it to shreds!

AO4: Context

I have already spoken about context a bit in AO2. My best advice for context is do your research! Research:

The writer–

their background, where they grew up, look for any comments they have made on their work, read other works of theirs to get a better picture of their views

The time it was written–

First look at the general time period, if the text is Victorian, the industrial revolution, the revolutions in Europe, the introduction of communism, the time of enlightenment may have been influencing factors into the text. Then look at the specific year the text was written, see if any events or books published may have been relevant

Research into politics, art movements, trends, medicine, mortality rates, anything could be relevant and the more you know about the context of when a book is written, the better.

Make sure the whole way through your essay you keep everything relevant to the question. No point in wasting words and time on something that adds nothing to your essay.


Finally, end by writing your intro and your conclusion. You will likely want to keep these pretty short (mine where 150 or so words each). You want your introduction to introduce your thoughts on the texts you will be discussing and you want it to flow nicely into your first paragraph.

Your conclusion will strengthen your points and wrap everything up. Revisit your points, bring in the question once more, make sure the examiner knows that you know your stuff.