new studyblr!

hello, i’m alice from sydney, australia and i’m currently in year 11. i’m new to the studyblr community and decided to join in hopes of motivating me to study more efficiently and achieve better grades.

here’s a little about myself:

  • the subjects i currently take are: advanced and extension 1 english, legal studies, modern history, biology, pdhpe and french beginners.
  • my favourite subjects are legal studies and english. my least favourite subject is maths (bc i suck at it) and you can probably tell as i didn’t choose it as one of my subjects.
  • i’m planning on dropping biology and pdhpe in year 12 and picking up extension 2 english instead. (yay 4u english!)
  • i plan on getting into university and studying either criminology and criminal justice/law or international studies/communications and media.

i’m looking for studyblrs to follow so follow me and i’ll gladly follow back! also feel free to send me a message and become friends with me!