New Engineering Studyblr

Hello! I’ve finally decided to get out of my shell and introduce myself!

My name is Xochitl, pronounced sochi, and I decided to make this studyblr to motivate myself and others! And to also make new friends!

So please reblog so I can follow you and i can also find others! And if you want, you can follow back (: thank you.

Some things about myself are

  • I am first semester college student majoring in enginering, and also first generation college student.
  • My url comes from being indecisive between choosing mechanical or aerospace
  • I love to read
  • I love to learn new things having to do with math and science.
  • I want to transfer either to a local Uni or UC Davis
  • Classes that I am taking this semester are: Math 2 (Precalc&Trig), English 1a, and Counseling 5.
  • Classes that I am taking next semester: Communications (winter), Physics, Calc 3a, Enginnering 10 (Intro to Engineering), and English 1b.

I have always been pretty shy, so I feel like putting myself out there would help me get out of my shelf and make it easier for me to talk to others. So please do not feel afraid to talk to me! And I am also going to try to create my own posts of the things I learn in college, specifically community college, and my original pictures of bullet journals and notes.

And I also want to say that blogs that have convinced me into making my own studyblr are @caffeinatedcraziness @briellestudies @studyign @fiercelittlestudyblr @elkstudies @post–grad @hayley-studies @academla And so many more but I’ll never be able to finish! Thank you so much guys (:

Star-Crossed Myth Scorpio's Sequel Blessed/Foribidden Walkthrough JP Version

Epilogue CG Sequel Epilogue CG 

Scorpio’s Main Story CG and Walkthrough

Scorpio’s Sequel Story Walkthrough Under Cut

Note - This walkthrough is the Japanese Version not sure if it’ll work correctly for the English Version

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Star-Crossed Myth Dui’s Sequel Blessed/Forbidden Walkthrough JP Version

Sequel Epilogue

Dui’s Sequel Story Walkthrough Under Cut

Dui’s Main Sory Walkthrough

Note - This walkthrough is the Japanese Version not sure if it’ll work correctly for the English Version.

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Star-Crossed Myth Scorpio's Main Blessed/Forbidden Walkthrough JP Version

Epilogue CG / Sequel Epilogue CG

Scorpio’s Sequel Stroy CG and Walkthhrough

Scorpio’s Main Story Walkthrough Under Cut

Note - This walkthrough is the Japanese Version not sure if it’ll work correctly for the English Version.

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Sometimes I can write pretty killer introductions to school papers:

     There is a place I go to be among the redwoods. It is not so very far from this city I love so much, where neatly engineered stacks of concrete stretch high above, and the sounds of hurried travel echo down from their broad windows. Where, standing on the street, I can crane my neck as far back as it will go, and still I can not see the tops of those masterpieces of architecture, those man-made marvels of impossible permanence. Where people and pigeons, the only hint of nature to be seen, are dressed in grey to match their city streets. A bus exhales a sharp hiss and kneels down to take a passenger, her high heels clicking syncopated down the sidewalk as she run-walks to the stop. An old car grumbles down the street on its way to this job or that home, and a man in a business suit shouts over the noise into a cell phone, using that specially crafted corporate language whose words sound nearly as meaningless as they actually are. There is a place I go when I need to break from this city, to crane my neck instead at the impossible heights of timeless trees, and hear the hiss of coastal air coming up the mountain and stirring their branches. Where greys are traded in for greens and browns and yellows, and pigeons for red-breasted robins and blue jays.

Now if only I could get the rest of the paper to sound like that. :/

A now BAE Systems wind tunnel in 1949, showing an early model of the P.1A, the forerunner to the English Electric Lightning. So four years after Adolf Hitler shot himself and World War 2 came to an end, that is were the British aviation industry had got to - four years. Damn good show chaps, wherever you now are.

“He is a teacher who expects everything from his students and isn’t helpful at all. I don’t recommend his class, he talks too much of politics, come on it was english not a history class!! don’t take him unless you like to discuss politics and you are willing to learn on your own”

oh my god, i finally got around to looking up my teachers on rate my professor. this is someone’s review of my english teacher who i ABSOLUTELY ADORE so far, and i am practically laughing reading all of the negative comments. everyone is complaining about how political the class is and i’m just like “come at me you guys i’ll light you on fire how about more coffee come on let’s do this.”

seriously, it’s the best class i’ve ever had. <3 <3 <3

school work

-open microsoft word
- check your emails
- see what’s up on tumblr
- reblog some shit
- remember you have homework
- go back on microsoft word and type in header…
-read the assignment
- read from the book
- get a text from your friend so you text back and forth for a while
- go online again to see what she was talking about
- remember you have to look up the bus schedule & ticket information for treasure island mf
- text your other friend tgat you have everything figured out
- go back to reading
- get bored of homework
- back on tumblr
I’m never getting this five page essay that is due tomorrow done. seriously.

Does anyone have these Books?

English 1A with Flack
Math 36 with Rolle
Psychology 9 with Pacheco
Physical Anthropology 1 with Broyles 
–couldnt find the cover pages for the books for Anthro so i’m not sure what i’m looking at even at Amazon it couldnt find the ISBN number here they are 9780390330741 AND 9781111721206–

thanks. hit me up and lets talk prices. :D