english saddle

  • Me: *has no money*
  • also me: *shops online and fills every virtual cart known to man with very expensive tack that I have no means to purchase, ultimately closes browser and tries to move on with my day without thinking about beautiful saddle that I cannot afford*
  • Doversaddlery.com: *shows up in mini add form on literally every website I open thenceforth with tiny picture of Forbidden Saddle reminding me its in my cart*
  • Me: 🙃🙃🙃🙃

I’m doing the Bad Thing where I’m daydreaming about living in Utah with you and trailering you out to Antelope Island and looking for buffalo and riding around salt lake on chilly mornings and just generally dying of happiness.
I have tried to ban this line of daydreaming because the longer I let it go on the more devastated I know I’ll be if we don’t end up getting to move to Utah.
I just really miss you, Sie.