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How did you know my biggest weakness

Made this Italian instead of Chinese for @kevbrinx (check his italian comics out!)


More Night’s At Freddy’s Capther 1 the beginning. Page 1-8

Thanks a @lucythereaderofminds for traducing this comic in english ❤

Comic: meltiadiitaawiis©
Desing: pole-bear©


L’APPEL DU VIDE - (luh-pel du veed) - phrase


  • the urge to engage in or contemplate self-destructive or suicidal behaviors, such as jumping off a cliff or driving into oncoming traffic
  • French, literally “the call of the void’

Stovenly thinks:

  • is this like when I look at a stack of pepperoni pizzas and consider eating them all
  • or is that l’appel du cheese

It’s still a work in progress, but this is the Yuri on Ice Avian au thing i was talking about!

The designs aren’t finalised yet but its 2am and my arms are cramping please have mercy ;-;

(also tried out this new colouring style!)


Joining the bandwagon of demi-flora OCs for @velocesmells’s webcomic @ctccomic. These are pretty bad, because of course the good one that I did got screwed up right at the end. Hopefully I’ll be drawing better ones in the future. In any such case, these are Carnation and Holly (ignore where the first picture says Ivy, she had a name change, lol). They’re 16 year old Korean Empaths. I have attempted doing a nice drawing of them about 7 times, and these are the only ones that didn’t end up in the trash. I will be posting better ones soon.

ID #73569

Name: Julia
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello, I’m Julia, she/her. I’m not quite sure how to do this.

I’ve never had a pen-pal before, but have always been interested in one. I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues, and am not currently in school because of that, so I’ve become very isolated and lonely. I’m looking for a pen-pal for company and conversation, and an opportunity to learn how to build friendships and put myself out there. I think. Oh, I’m really nervous writing all this! As you may have guessed, I’m self-conscious and may take a little while to warm up.

I like anime and manga, playing video games, and reading webcomics. I write (mostly fanfiction right now), draw, and worry about things that don’t need worrying about. I’m fluent only in English sadly, but I have a great interest in language and linguistics. I am gay, if you are looking for fellow queer people. I like coffee AND tea, sentimental things like candles and socks, and lots of other things I must be forgetting, and this is probably a good time to stop writing this, isn’t it.

I would like to communicate via e-mail. If we really click and if I become comfortable with the idea, maybe we can convert to snail mail later. If you are a native francophone, I am interested in practicing my French with you. If you’re from another country, that would be very exciting! Definitely not required, though. I just want a friend

Preferences: I would like to speak to people aged 17-22. If you are racist, sexist, LGBT+phobic, or support trump, I suggest you move along. Also, if you are contacting me with a shared interest of anime/manga, I would prefer if you don’t participate in fetishised yaoi/yuri culture (queer ships are gr8–oversexualsing them is not)


FECKLESS - (fek-lis) - adjective


  • ineffective; incompetent; futile
  • having no sense of responsibility; indifferent; lazy

Related forms:

  • noun - fecklessness
  • adverb - fecklessly

Stovenly thinks:

  • where are my car keys? of course I know where my car keys are. don’t be ridiculous. they’re right in the… in the.. they’re.. did you know giraffes taste each other’s pee before banging

one big homestuck family


kitty! roxy lalonde, ::3c vodka mutini and a pissed off jane crocker from homestuck

roxy’s holding a box in one arm and VM in the other

jane’s flipping the bird and screaming at lord english

roxy: the heck’s ur deal weirdo? u never seen a kickass cat girl b4?

vodka mutini: ::3c

jane (screaming): EAT SHIT, LORD DICKBAG !!!