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you looked over across the room at her. and there she was. her head tossed back, long hair flipped over one shoulder to frame the right side of her face. she is laughing, showing off all of her teeth, her nose scrunched up in the way you used to love. her eyes meet yours for a split second, and then it hits you. it’s her, it’s been her the day she walked into your English class two years ago. but then she’s looking away, the same smile still on her face, and you know that she’s never going to be yours again.
—  wish we could turn back time

the other very important thing about isak’s locker is that since even threw a punch on it to open it isak was able to open it by himself and that literally means that thanks to even entering in his life he managed to finally open his methaphorical locker or admit his sexuality that before meeting him he wasn’t able to do and that’s what makes even’s character /even/ more special because no matter how the thing will go between the two of them, he really did change isak’s life and helped him in such an important thing as admitting his sexuality and opening up about it


OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List

It's so emotional
  • Friend: I'm watching this new show and it's so amazing! You should watch it too.
  • Me: Yeaah, uhm, maybe.
  • Friend: Just give it a try!
  • Me: (tearing up) I'M NOT READY TO LET GO OF SKAM YET OKAY?!

There are so many good things about this Vine


Minho’s Korean Movie (Derailed, 2016) English Trailer : 

cr: 민병석