english theatre frankfurt

listen I need to talk about a local stage production of the hound of the Baskervilles which featured:

-all roles being played by three actors (so there were an astounding amount of costume changes)
-Watson getting flashed by sir Charles in a sauna and looking disturbed for two minutes
-“theatre is a very scary business, if anyone wants to leave no one will judge them, can we turn the house lights up please? ”
-“damn this fog on the moor, I hope it doesn’t get worse” *mist machine goes on*
-Watson literally blurting out “Holmes, I love you”
-“someone tweeted that the first act was too slow during the intermission so we’re doing the entire thing again in double time. this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”
-bubble gun
-Watson not recognizing Holmes in disguise and petulantly adding him to his list of suspects when Holmes tried to reveal himself
-local selling “lamb in a bag”
-Holmes making everyone applaud for Watsons solution theory
-“You know, Watson? …I love you too.”
-curtain music was “who let the dogs out”