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what if the boys at the 4077th weren’t doctors? what if they got drafted as soldiers just like everyone else?

imagine, Hawkeye Pierce as the son of a fisherman from Maine, who worked in the local drugstore to pay his way towards becoming an English teacher, who taught at the town’s tiny schoolhouse until the day he got his draft card.

John McIntyre the lawyer, trying to argue his way out of leaving his wife and children, and ending up on the front lines just the same.

part-time auto mechanic, part-time hobbyist BJ Hunnicutt, being sent to work on sherman tanks and fire a gun in his spare time.

Frank Burns, failed actor, successful accountant, clinging to his bible and ultimately proving too cowardly and neurotic to be anywhere near the front.

Sherman Potter, just barely avoiding the draft and being left at home to continue being the best veterinarian in Hannibal, Missouri. 

and Henry Blake, a family man who managed to get an early retirement from his job as a salesman, unable to believe that he got drafted, of all people, struggling to make sense of his situation.

Today in English class my teacher was saying that all books have a purpose, and the author wrote them for a reason. Not just for fun. So I raised my hand and said,

“In some of my favorite books, the characters have ADHD, dyslexia, parental issues, and so many other common issues going on. I feel like the author wrote these books to show kids that they can be the hero, no matter what their situation might be.”

She was really impressed and I don’t think anyone realized I was talking about the Percy Jackson series.

anonymous asked:

Hey, this may seem like a weird question, but are there any birds that can be associated with transness??

Hi there! So I am dating a bird expert, so that’s where I got this answer. @equi–nox says cardinal and peacocks make them think of that. I second the peacock thing bc I had a sick peacock halloween costume last year that my English teacher thought symbolized frankness.