english suit

Dia 17 ¨Bailar Juntos¨¨ / Day 17 ¨Dance Together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge

Despues de comprarse los trajes Palette y Goth van a la Gala ! 

Obviamente despues de disfrutar todo es tiempo del baile de cierre. Estos dos enamorados bailan juntos ignorando todo a su alrededor y concentrándose en disfrutar juntos

After buying the costumes Palette and Goth go to the Gala!
Obviously after enjoying everything it’s time for the closing dance. These two lovers dance together ignoring everything around and concentrating on enjoying together

Palette and Gothy Belong to @angexci and @nekophy <3 

Dia 16 ¨Traje¨ / Day 16 ¨Suit¨

30 Day OTP Challenge

Goth necesita un traje elegante para una Gala en DanceTale, Palette lo acompaña y se colocan diferentes trajes para encontrar el perfecto para Goth. Palette tambien quiere comprarse uno ya que el que tiene en casa no le gusta. / Goth needs an elegant outfit for a Gala in DanceTale, Palette accompanies him and they put on different suits to find the perfect one for Goth. Palette also wants to buy one since the one at home does not like (the best google traductor) xD

Palette and Gothy belong to @angexci and @nekophy (Thanks for compliment <3 )


The larger of the two - and he was quite large, well over six feet - was dark-haired, with a square jaw and coarse, pale skin. He might have been handsome had his features been less set, or his eyes, behind the glasses, less expressionless and blank. He wore dark English suits and carried an umbrella (a bizarre sight in Hampden) and he walked stiffly through the throngs of hippies an beatniks and preppies and punks with the self-conscious formality of an old ballerina, surprising in one so large as he. “Henry Winter,” said my friends when I pointed him out, at a distance, making a wide circle to avoid a group of bongo players on the lawn.