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Shit ppl don’t get about Dyslexia

What Dyslexia does mean:

  • Memory problems
  • Reading comprehension can be difficult
  • Difficulty articulating ideas/points
  • Words can move around (on a page or in the head)
  • Slower writing
  • Short attention span
  • Can effect every-day things like paying for food and talking to friends
  • Can be a genuinely life effecting disorder

What Dyslexia doesn’t mean:

  • You’re just bad at spelling
  • They must be bad at English
  • That person is dumb




Happy New Year hehe, bit late but the past week has been so busy. 

This year I am trying new things with my bullet journal so I am starting fresh. This is 2017′s first spread. As you can see I have and mock exams all week. And what comes with exams is my overwhelming anxiety. 

At least its all over now and I am free for a while…only 6 months and I will be done with College!

Things people who refuse to watch FMA 03 are missing out on, as chosen by someone who actually thinks 03 is terrible and swears by the manga:

  • The music. God, it was all so good! The OST, the openings, everything. Especially l’Arc~en~Ciel, the band which did the most songs for FMA out of any artist (with a total of 4), but only one of which was used outside of 03 (Good Luck My Way from Sacred Star of Milos).
  • Bratja deserves a special mention of its own. Bratja was a song from the OST originally in Russian, sung from the perspective of the brothers. A fan made an incredibly beautiful and poetic set of English lyrics, which quickly spread through the fandom and were even sung by Vic Mignogna, Ed’s English voice actor.
  • A lot of old fandom memes, such as “I love dogs”, “Tiny miniskirts”, “Colonel Mustang is dead sexy”, short rants, etc. Basically the precursors to the Flame Alchemist rap, in a way.
  • The origin of a lot of fandom tropes and ships. Like regardless of whether or not you like them, I think it’s important to understand where these things come from and why. R/oy/Ed, Ed/vy, El/rice/st, Pride!Ed, Envy’s popularity in general, Ed’s birthday, “real world counterparts”, and brown hair Al all have their roots in 03. It’s also the biggest reason for Hohenheim hate; 03 Hohenheim was an absolutely terrible person, and since he wasn’t shown to be a good person right away in Mangahood, a lot of us had a deep-seated mistrust of him.
  • Reole/Liore residents had dark skin!
  • More development for the Ishvalans, including actual names for some of them, and an entire episode about Al bonding with a pair of young Ishvalan boys who hold misplaced resentment for their dead mother. Ever wonder why that one kid who saved Scar from the sewer is sometimes called Rick? 03 is why.
  • The Tringham brothers! There’s an episode (very loosely based off one of the light novels) where Ed and Al encounter a pair of alchemists about their age using their identities to do some… less than responsible research. Fletcher is my son.
  • Aaron Dismuke, Al’s original dub voice actor. He was fantastic, but he was also an Actual Prepubescent Boy who hit puberty just after the series finished, hence the recast for Brotherhood. Aaron returns in Brotherhood as the voice of young Hohenheim.
  • A lot more comedy. While the manga was full of funny scenes, Brotherhood cut out the majority of them. 03 had a lot more jokes, including episodes 13 and 37, which were fucking hysterical.
  • Adaptations (albeit not the best) or some bonus content from the manga, such as extra chapters and one of the light novels, as well as a lot of early chapters that Brotherhood left out. Meaning Youswell actually gets an episode!
  • A lot of early “villain of the day” type episodes, which although weird and nonsensical, were a lot of fun and are great if you feel like watching FMA but don’t want to jump in at the middle of the plot or rewatch Reole for the gazillionth time.
  • I’m going to be completely honest with you, as an Al fan who’s very picky about visuals, Al’s armor looked way better in 03 than it does in Brotherhood. (Aside from the inconsistencies with his eye color.)
  • Winry and Sheska’s alien witch hunt. No, I’m not making that up.
People are so beautiful. I love seeing someone’s face light up with a smile or seeing a fire burning in their eyes. I love seeing people get emotional because, in that moment, they are real. I love the look of love and lust in someone’s eyes when they think no one can see them staring at their lover. I love seeing people mouthing the words to their favorite song or doing small dance moves in a crowd of people. I love when people fight for each other. I love the genuine happiness that radiates off of people when they finally see someone they’ve been missing. I love seeing someone sleeping because they are at peace. I love unraveling people I don’t know, wondering what struggles they’ve gone through to get to this exact point in their lives. I wonder if they go home to someone who is going to wrap them up in their arms and tell them everything is going to be okay. People are so beautiful and no one should see anyone as anything less than that.
—  Just me pouring my heart out
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