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“Damn Yankee”

The damned Yankee usage dates from 1812. During and after the Civil War (1861–65) Confederates popularized it as a derogatory term for their Northern enemies. 

In an old joke, a Southerner alleges, “I was twenty-one years old before I learned that ‘damn’ and 'Yankee’ were separate words”. In fact, the spelling “damnyankee” is not uncommon.

It became a catch phrase, often used humorously for Yankees visiting the South, as in the mystery novel, Death of a Damn Yankee: A Laura Fleming Mystery (2001) by Toni Kelner. Another popular although facetious saying is that “a Yankee is someone from the North who visits the South. A damn Yankee is one who moves here.”

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Overwatch has an amazing, diverse cast of characters in a genre of games so overloaded with “army dudes” or “dudes / dudettes in space armour.”

There are 21 total characters right now. 9 human men. 8 human women. 2 robots and a gorilla. There are genetically enhanced characters, cybernetic-enhanced characters. People in power armour, people with no armour. Time travellers, builders. Scantily clad characters, over-dressed characters.

And from a wide variety of backgrounds too. Australians, Americans, English, French, Indian, South American (who is a DJ AND a hockey player), Swedish, German, Russian, Japanese, Eqyptian, Chinese and Korean. We’ve got black characters (though one is dressed as the grim reaper), whities, brown and asian people. And a gorilla raised in space.

And they are varied in field of expertise as well. Soldiers, sniper, criminals, reformed criminals, gamer, ninja, monk, mechanic, doctor, DJ, scientists (several!!), and pilot.

Well done, Blizzard. I’m impressed by a shooter. Only time I can say this has happened before was with Splatoon, another departure from “realistic” gritty gritty bang bang.