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David Bowie and Dana Gillespie photographed by Michael Stroud on May 17, 1971.  

Gillespie performed backing vocals for the song ‘It Ain’t Easy’, from Bowie’s album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’. She was also a British water skiing champion. Both singers were managed by Tony DeFries’s Mainman management company.

Andi and Markus at “Avia Skisprungtalk”

so here is a short summary of the avia talk with andi wellinger and markus eisenbichler 

- andi mentioning ski jumpers as a big family who support and respect each other while talking about kamil’s dedication of his win to andi at raw air final and how much it meant to him
- krafti and his family talked to andi after raw air and said they wanted it to end in a different way 
- short discussion whether they are silly or drunk (because of jumping so far)
- andi saying he doesn’t do any interviews after he’s been drinking two beers
- markus and karlchen are early birds
- room lellinger are late sleepers 
- markus calling andi “justin bieber of ski jumping” (because he doesn’t have a beard)
- they both have girlfriends
- andi mentioning kasai as a role model when he is asked about ending his career
- “markus, are you two mates?” - “a bit.”
- andi quoting football player per mertesackers with his legendary comment “we are no carnival club” and meaning by that that everyone who’s in world cup jumps pretty good, not only the first ones
- andi defending andreas wank in the a team
- welli is the best sheepshead player of the team
- andi suggesting Laura Dahlmeier as the sportsperson of the year
- andi went to school for 14 years, but he “only” has 12th grade (reason: he first went to middle school and then to high school where he had to repeat year 10)
- andi went to boarding school for 7 years and often got into trouble, mostly innocent as he says
- markus’ dream job after his career as a jumper is being a coach
- andi studied business studies for one semester, and at the same time says about himself he cannot deal with maths
- both suggesting to build up a team germany 2 so everyone can compete at the olympic games
- interviewer making fun of eisis bavarian accent all the time and wanted to see him in traditional clothes and dancing “schuhplattler” which he also did in the end

Skiing Vocabulary List

Ski - Ski - Esquí 
Ski pole - Bâton (de ski) -  Bastón
Mountain - Montagne - Montaña
Snow - Neige - Nieve 
Slope - Pente - Cuesta
Turn - Virage - Giro
Snowplow - Chasse-neige - Quitanieves
Skid - Dérapage - Derappe 
Helmet - Casque - Casco
Gloves - Gants - Guantes
Mask - Masque de ski - Máscara 
Bindings - Fixation - Fijaciones
Powder snow - Poudreuse - Nieve en polvo
Black ice - Verglas - Hielo
Ski lift - Télésiège - Teleférico
Platter lift /Ski tow - Téléski - Telesquí
Slalom - Slalom - Slalom
Bump - Bosse - Bulto
Jump - Saut - Salto
Ski resort - Station de ski - Centro de esquí
Ski pass - Forfait de ski - Equipo de esquí 
Piste - Piste - Pista
Off-piste skiing - Hors-piste - Fuera de pista
Downhill skiing - Ski de piste - Esquí de pista
Cross-country skiing - Ski de fond - Esquí de fondo
Ski touring - Ski de randonnée - Esquí de travesía
Ravine - Ravin - Barranco
Speed - Vitesse - Velocidad
Slide - Glisser - Deslizar


Kayla’s sunset by Cees

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you recommend any good Indian/South Asian lgbt movies?

Hi there! Here are some you could check out:

  • Fire (Hindi movie, lesbian characters)
  • The Other Love Story (web series on YouTube, lesbian characters)
  • Sancharram (Malayalam movie, lesbian characters)
  • Margarita With A Straw (Hindi movie, bisexual & lesbian characters)
  • Kaanchana (Tamil movie, is a horror/ghost film but talks about Indian trans women)
  • My Brother Nikhil (Hindi movie, gay character)
  • Aligarh (Hindi movie, gay character)
  • Chitrangada (Bengali movie, trans character)
  • Purple Skies (English documentary)
  • En Magan Magizhvan (Tamil movie, gay character)

Not Indian, but features South Asian lgbt characters:

  • I Can’t Think Straight 
  • The World Unseen

I’ve only seen some of these so I hope that this is what you were looking for. If anyone knows any other good movies, feel free to add them!

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can i ask for a relaxing walk in the beach at night fic? usuk of course. Don't feel pressured into writing it, anything is fine :) thank you dear

a/n: Thanks Ixie for making sure I didn’t eff up! Also… I hope this is somewhat relaxing lol (sorry for straying)

Worth Fighting For

It was on Crescent beach where Arthur had first met Alfred Jones, a man who had instantly proven himself to be as chivalrous as he later, on numerous accounts, boasted to be. He was a man who, the first time Arthur had seen him, had brows drawn together in fury, an uncommon expression on the otherwise gentle giant.

“Hey, asshole, he’s not interested.”

Of course, back then, Arthur hadn’t been… well, out. His mother had still put him up to numerous blind dates, with numerous alphas who got worse as their numbers progressed.

That one, in particular, had arms as wide around as Arthur’s middle, so naturally, Arthur had thanked every god of every religion when Alfred had stormed across the beach to confront Arthur’s ‘date’- an alpha who had snapped at Arthur for flinching at the hand he’d placed rather high up Arthur’s thigh.

“So how about you put that hand of yours back in your pocket and leave him alone?”

It was admirable, Arthur remembered thinking. Admirable how some well-built- and he was certainly well built- alphas stood up for those omegas too weak-bodied to fight for themselves. Adorable, the way Alfred had grinned down at him after the alpha had left, jutting out a hand for Arthur to shake, “I’m Alfred, hi!”

“Arthur.” Arthur had said, and, “Thank you, I would’ve handled him if he wasn’t ten times my size.”

“I’ll bet.” A small chuckle. “Hey, you can thank me by letting me buy you a popsicle!”

And Arthur had winced because oh, he would really want to. He was sure Alfred was a great guy, who’d treat him like a pearl, who’d spoil him silly, an absolute darling, but-

“I’m sorry to be so forward but… I- I’m only, er, I only date omegas.”

Coming out to strangers was significantly easier because they weren’t his parents, they weren’t someone he’d have to see every day, and of course, he had been ready to hear something along the lines of- “Woah, that’s hot”, or “You need a strong alpha like me, who knows what you want!” He was used to it.

He was definitely not, however, used to the grin that followed, with Alfred pulling down the collar of his tee-shirt to reveal the small mark of an omega etched into his neck. “Well, what a coincidence! How about that popsicle?”

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Eating a cake and having a little food fight with Domen.

Y/N = your name

Domen: Y/N? What are you doing?
You: What? You look cute with cake on your nose.
Domen: Oh it’s a war now!
*laughs and starts tickling you*
: What! Domen! NOO! Hahaha, stop it!
Domen: If you do something like this you should be ready for consequences.

@bonbons3 I hope you like it :)


The Prevc brothers play the game “Most”

Zavarovalnica Triglav posted a version of the video with English subtitles! :)

#224 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “ You and Van have a little girl, Van has to start tour on her birthday but he’s able to walk her to school before he actually has to leave. then van calls you up and feels really bad that he couldn’t be there to celebrate with you two so you and Van set up an idea that when schools done & your lil girl starts summer holidays U 2 get 2 spend it all on tour w van & get to visit some of the places & do the cheesy tourist stuff altogether” and “one story in which the girl who van is dating is not english and one day he catches her sining songs in a language he cannot understand (any foreign language, really) and first he laughs but then he sees that she is homesick and he asks her to show him songs?”

Note: Okay, so at first these two prompts seem completely unrelated, but then… remember bilingual baby request? I said I wanted someone else to write it; someone that is bilingual. However, I gave it some more thought. When I got these requests a little beautiful bilingual baby kind of connected them in my head, so… here we… here we… here we fucking go!

A huge thank you: @chestinfect-me helped with the translating of Spanish and general info on the culture. It was important to me that I didn’t misrepresent anything or offend anyone. Iara was instrumental to that. Thank you so much! Thank you to the Anons that messaged with some details about Mexico, and to @emmvamo

The intention had never been to actually move to the U.K. You had fallen in love with London when you visited on an exchange in high school. When you went to university you did another longer exchange and saw more than just the one city. It was wildly different to everything you knew in Mexico; they were almost polar opposites. In your last month there you met Van and knew you’d never be able to stay away.

For two years you flew between Mexico, the U.K., or where he was in the world. It was exhausting for both of you but it didn’t make sense to move your entire life to his place in Chester considering he was hardly there anyway. But then, a baby. Sofía rolled into the world unplanned but very loved. She changed everything. A decision had to be made about where she would grow up. Her blue eyes and pale complexion called for English grey skies to not burn her precious skin. But your role as primary caregiver, the stay at home mum, called for the home you’d always known in Mexico.

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Contrails left by P-47 Thunderbolts of the 78th Fighter Group. Passed for publication 28 October 1943. Printed caption on reverse: ‘Thunderbolts - the “Guardian Angels” of Flying Fortresses. Here are pictures of Thunderbolts P-47s, the famous American fighter planes, which escort Flying Fortresses on their daylight missions over Occupied Europe. Photo shows:- High in the English skies our American Thunderbolts - P-47s, make long contrails as they set off for another mission over Continental Europe. The planes are up about 15,000 feet, gaining altitude rapidly. The contrails - what airmen call vapor trails - are caused by the freezing low temperatures at that altitude - nearing sixty below at 30,000 feet many times. It is a typically cloudy English sky, and all our American Air Force men are quite familiar with it by now.’ © IWM (FRE 3045)


This is the moment when two police officers claim to have captured a close encounter with a UFO on camera. September 2016

Two police officers say they had a close encounter with a UFO – and even managed to capture the unexplained phenomena on camera. The duo watched as the cigar shaped object moved slowly across the sky over the North East of England near Consett, in County Durham

Police detective Gary Heseltine has studied the footage and believes it is genuine. He said: “It was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett, in County Durham. On what was a bright clear day, the object was seen to rotate on its own axis in a vertical position.”