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I want to talk about the importance of names in Hidden Figures.

  • Katherine being told not to write her name on the reports and doing it anyway
  • Katherine being introduced as Katherine during the Pentagon meeting and having her name repeated by her boss to emphasize who she was and why she belonged there
  • Katherine proudly correcting people on her last name after she remarried
  • John Glenn avoiding Katherine’s name and calling her “The girl. The smart girl,” even though he darn well knew her name to contextualize her and recognize that she, a woman, is smart (I never expected to hear “girl” as a sign of respect, and yet…)
  • Mrs. Mitchell finally calling Dorothy “Mrs. Vaughn” to give her the same level of respect
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Name: Kay
Age: 17
Country: United States 

well this was a recommended blog on Tumblr, and i kinda miss writing to a pen pal? in my middle school, my French class had a pen pal program and we’d write letters in French to kids our age. i speak decent French, but my first language is English. i love plants and gardening, and my favorite artists are panic! at the disco, fall out boy, and stromae.
(i’m also trans, so no transphobes please.)

Preferences:  people around my age (15-18), people who are comfortable w the lgbt spectrum

Counting Coins (High School Teacher!AU)

time to partyyyyyy :’)))))))

Shirayuki has just managed to settle down her Year 10 maths class when there is an unexpected knock on her door.

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Hanoi, Vietnamese Classy Coffins, Cooked Dogs Heads, Fresh Graves, Fresh Dragon Fruit, Skull & Crossbones, Mountain Fog, More Skulls & Love Hearts, School Boys English homework, A Chicken and a pig with great personality, A sweet shop girl with a sweet shop cat.

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a few posts floating around saying how terrible of a friend Kaneki is to have left Hide all alone and all that, so I thought I’d make sort of character analysis thingy to see Kaneki’s reasons properly before I start jumping to conclusions.

This ended up hella long so I’ll put it under the cut.

[Also there are spoilers and lots of baseless speculations, so please dont take some of it too seriously]

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [10/10] anime opening songs

Since 2002? or 2003 when I first started watching anime (Dragon Ball) until now, 2014, these are the anime openings I never skipped.