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Request: Can I request? Bucky pretending not to know English n only speaking Romanian/Russian and he overhears you talking about him so he’s like wtf but then he hears you saying some kinky shit and so he kind of plays along and when it’s all goin down he’s still talking in R/R and suddenly he whispers something in your ear in English and you’re like oh shit - @oh-my-gerd


You’ve gotten used to hearing Bucky’s language now. It surprised you at first when he greeted you in a Russian language, one which you couldn’t speak or understand. You thought he spoke English, but you were definitely wrong. You tried to understand what he would say, sometimes you’d even call Natasha and ask her what Bucky was saying, to which she would translate happily.

The fact that Bucky couldn’t speak English had you thinking that he definitely couldn’t understand it. So, you talked about Bucky, with Natasha mostly, about how nice and kind he was. Other times, for example: after a hard training session when Bucky’s all sweaty and shirtless, you’d blabber on and on to Nat about how badly you wanted him to just take control and have his way with you.

You were currently having one of those many moments.

You breathed out as you entered the kitchen for some water. Nat was leaning against the kitchen island, munching on some apple slices. You had just worked out for the morning and Bucky had walked in during your last ten minutes. He was shirtless, like always, and this time he wore sweats instead of his usual basketball shorts. When you say you could see everything, you meant everything. There was no hiding what he had.

Nat greeted you with a smile, but it turned into a smirk when she saw your lust blown eyes and red tinted cheeks. “What is it now, Y/N?” Nat asked in her usual sultry tone. You sighed again and shook your head as you remembered Bucky’s jumping jacks and what the movement caused. “Oh my god. Bucky’s body will be the death of me.” You said with a small giggle. Nat blushed and coughed into her hand.

You smirked as you got a bottle of water and started chugging it. “Y/N, that’s so weird.” Nat said, her voice clearly giving her away. You stopped drinking and looked at Nat, scoffing. “Oh come on, you know you’d say yes if he asked you to bend over the weight bench and let him fuck you until your abdomen bruised from how hard he was pounding you into it!” You said rather loudly. Nat gasped and threw an apple slice at you, her cheeks flaming. “Y/N, you do NOT think about that do you!?” Nat asked, her face full of entertainment.

It was your turn to be red in the face now. “I mean.” You said, drawing out the words, your eyebrows raised. Nat gasped again. “God, Y/N! You’re so lucky he can’t speak English.” Nat said with a giggle. You sighed. “Yeah, I doubt he’d know what I meant if I asked him to bang me.” You said, not noticing the shadowed figure near the door now.

Nat nodded and finished her snack. She crossed her arms and bit her lip. “I could always ask.” Nat said, a smirk on her face. You threw your empty water bottle at her and she quickly blocked it. “Hell no! He would not do that. It’s just a fantasy anyways.” You said a little quieter now.

Nat suddenly cleared her throat and your eyes followed hers. You saw Bucky walking in, his body coated with sweat and his sweatpants pulled up to his knees. Your face burned red and even though you knew he couldn’t speak or understand English, you felt embarrassed thinking he might’ve heard what you just said.

Bucky gave you and Nat a small smile and a nod, moving past you to get a water bottle. You looked at Nat and she had her hand over her mouth, holding in her laughs. The silence in the room was awkward and your heart was pounding in your chest.

You shot Nat a glare and stopped when Bucky turned to you. “Могу ли я поговорить с вами?” Bucky asked, capping his water bottle. Your eyebrows raised and you tried not to look down at his shirtless body. You looked at Nat for translation help. She smirked. “He wants to talk to you.” You gulped and turned back to Bucky.

A small “Uh huh” fell from your lips and a simple nod was all it took and Bucky had gripped your hand and he was pulling you out of the room. Your eyebrows creased together and your nervousness grew as you looked back at Nat’s shocked face. You had no idea where Bucky was taking you or what he wanted.

“Bucky?” You asked softly. He turned to you and stopped at the open doors to the gym. “Хотите тренироваться со мной?” Bucky asked, leading you into the gym. You didn’t understand what he said and Nat wasn’t here to help you out. You looked around the gym and sighed. “Friday, can you translate what Bucky asked?” You quietly questioned.

You watched Bucky shut the wooden gym doors and turn the lock. Your heart started racing again. “English translation: Do you want to train with me?” Friday said, answering your question. You sighed out and looked at Bucky. He walked over to you and gently grabbed your wrist, pulling you over to the weight bench.

Your stomach dropped and he pointed for you to lie down under the weight bar with 20lb weights on the ends of it. You looked up at Bucky from where you were lying down. You knew something was up because Bucky worked out just before and you were there doing the same. So you weren’t sure why he wanted to continue training with you. He could’ve chosen Steve or even Sam.

Going along with it, you gently wrapped your hands around the bar. Bucky was standing above you and you had a clear view of his crotch if you tilted your head back just a tad. You could feel yourself getting wet already. Bucky’s hands guiding yours brought you out of your dirty thoughts. He helped you lift the bar and you breathed in and out steadily, lifting the bar up and down.

You and Bucky trained for about ten minutes more and the whole time, he had his hands on your body in some way or another. He helped you do your squats and lunges, he held your feet down when you did your crunches, and now he was helping you with push ups. You didn’t need the help, but his hands were a blessing to you, so you allowed it.

Bucky’s flesh hand was resting on your lower back as you did your push ups and you felt it move down slowly, giving your ass a light squeeze. You gasped and dropped your body down onto the mat, turning your head to look at Bucky. He had a smirk on his face and you sat up on your hands and knees. Bucky’s eyes trailed down your body and he tugged his bottom lip in between his teeth.

You stood to your feet and sighed out, wiping the sweat from your brow. “Is that why you wanted to train with me? To stare at my ass and try to feel me up?” You asked, knowing he couldn’t understand you. You were unsure of what Bucky’s intentions were. It’s not like he could just tell you, he can’t speak English. Bucky smirked again, though his features showed confusion. Bucky then looked into your eyes. “Я хотел бы ебать.” Bucky said, his voice low.

A frustrating sigh left your lips. You couldn’t understand him once again, so you asked Friday. “Friday, translate that, please.” You said, watching Bucky step closer to you. Your heart started to beat even faster as your cheeks burned red. “English translation: I’d like to fuck.” Friday said, causing a gasp to fall from your lips.

Bucky closed the distance between you two and he captured your lips in a kiss. Bucky’s lips were moving roughly against yours, his hands pulling you closer to his shirtless body. You moaned into the kiss and felt Bucky bend down to pick you up. Bucky pulled away, gasping for air as his blue eyes stared into yours.

He looked like he was asking for approval so you nodded. Bucky smirked and carried you over to the weight bench where you both undressed. Thinking he thought it was better than the mat and not that he understood what you said about him earlier, you smirked as Bucky set you down on the weight bench. He was about to hover above you, but you smirked and got down on your knees, bending over the bench like you’ve fantasized about many times.

Bucky chuckled and came up behind you, rubbing your soaked pussy with his flesh hand. You gasped and moaned softly, moving your hips back against his hand. Bucky moved behind you and you could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against the opening of your pussy now.

You whimpered as you moved your hips back and forth, getting impatient. “Bucky, please.” You moaned out. Bucky’s hands now rested on your hips as he slid into you, immediately starting to pound into your pussy. Your body jolted against the bench and you squealed, feeling just how big Bucky’s cock was. You never imagined it’d feel this good.

Bucky was grunting and his hips were slapping against yours hard and fast. You gasped as he hit your g-spot and Bucky chuckled deeply. “That feel good, Princess?” Bucky asked, making your face turn red and your moans come to an embarrassing halt. “Wh-what?” You asked, your heart racing in your chest.

Did Bucky just speak English or were you hearing things? Bucky bent over your back, his sweaty chest molding onto the skin of your back. You could feel Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you and you gasped slightly. Bucky’s mouth was beside your ear now and his breath was warm against your skin. “I asked if that felt good.” Bucky said in clear English, not a fault in his phrasing.

Your mouth fell open and Bucky chuckled again, his thrusts starting up again. Your face was red as can be and you could feel the heat rising around your neck. Bucky was able to speak English this whole time, meaning he understood every word you’ve ever said to him up to this very moment.

A moan fell from your lips and you decided to scold Bucky after he fucked you senseless. “It does.” You said softly, answering his question. Bucky groaned and continued to fuck you. Your abdomen was rubbing against the weight bench but it felt amazing. Bucky slammed into you and you moaned loudly, feeling your pussy clench as your orgasm got closer.

Bucky’s hands reached up to your ponytail and he tugged on it, causing your head to jerk back. “Oh, fuck yes!” You moaned and felt Bucky slap your ass with his metal hand. A growl escaped Bucky’s lips as your pussy clenched around his thick cock for the second time. “I’m gonna cum, Bucky.” You moaned out, feeling Bucky’s hand reach under you to rub your clit fast.

You started to cum around Bucky, broken sobs and moans falling from your lips as you felt Bucky’s cum shooting out inside of you in hot spurts. “You’re so good, yes. Oh my god. Fuck!” Bucky yelled, pounding into you as he rode out his orgasm. You moaned at the foul language coming from the man behind you.

A few minutes passed and you and Bucky lazily lied down on the mat, looking up at the ceiling. “How long?” You quietly asked, afraid to look over at Bucky. He chuckled. “Since forever.” You turned your head to look at Bucky, your face full of shock. “You idiot!”, you slapped Bucky’s arm, “Why didn’t you say something?” You asked shockingly.

You put your clothes back on and Bucky hurriedly did the same. You crossed your arms and stared at Bucky. His face turned red and he sighed. “I didn’t really feel like talking to everyone at first. Then I started hearing you talk about me and-I don’t know.” Bucky said, looking at you apologetically.

Bucky stepped closer to you and grabbed your hand in his. “That was fun, though.” He said softly with a smirk. Your face started heating up again and you rolled your eyes, though your lips formed a smile. “Ugh, you’re mental, Barnes.” You said with a giggle. Bucky smirked and leaned down to kiss your cheek.

“Am I still mental if I ask for a round 2 later tonight?”

Note: this was so much fun to write. I hope you like it and of course, you can request anytime you’d like, sweetie! feedback is welcome! .c

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Three Eyed Beast 【 Steven Universe Comic Dub 】

I found this new adaptation of my old comic “the three eyed beast” they made such an amazing job dubbing it! thank you so much!

oh gosh, I’m proud of overcoming my fear of making a comic in English and posting it… and at the same time, I’m so terribly embarrassed by my mistakes and lack of logic that I thought about taking that comic down a couple of times.

I won’t cuz it’s important to me, but geez writing something in your second language and sharing it is so damn scary. I did what I could.

Dyslexic Spot HC’s that turned into more a fic plot, but I cannot write yo

-I’ve seen in a couple of fics that some people have a Spot that can’t read, but what if he was dyslexic?

-Spot doesn’t like other people knowing he’s dyslexic, and will do everything he can to get out of reading things in front of people, and definitly out loud in front of people

-A lot of times though, he can’t get out of things, and growing up in Brooklyn, if you have something that other people see as a weakness, you’re gonna get picked on.

-It did not take long for Spot to lash out and hit people who would laugh at him in class when he had to read something out loud. 

-The kid loves math though, and it hella good at it

-So, freshman year of high school, a few months in he has already been suspended a few times for attacking other students (they say it was completely out of the blue, but it was always after these kids would be horrible to him for being dicks about his dyslexia), and it happens again.

-So he transfers to a Manhattan high school before he gets expelled, and promises his foster mum that he will try and stop the fighting.

-Spot wanting to avoid any conflict, just does not speak to anyone. And anyone that tries to speak to him get a super dirty look till they stop. and adopts a resting angry face

-poor Spot gets sat next to Race in English, who has no fear, and tries to talk to him. Just to receive a dirty look then be ignored

-Race tries to initiate conversations quite a few times every lesson, but every single one fails.

-About a month into joining the school, Spot moves to AP(??? idk I’m english) Math, he won’t admit it ever, but he asked to be moved there cause the normal math was boring.

-Spot gets sat next to Davey [who has heard a lot about what Spot looks like from Race], and Davey, trying to be a nice guy, slips him a note in the middle of the lesson

-Davey writes in cursive, fight me on this

-So Spot cannot read the note for the life of him, and just scrunches it up before he gets too angry

-Davey is an observant lil shit, and noticies that when Spot opens the note, he gets a very confused look on his face, which quickly changed to anger, before the note getting scrunched up. 

-Which confuses Davey cause all it said was  “welcome to AP Math, good luck! - Davey”, however the anxious child does not even attempt communication again

-In English one day, a lil later in the year (Spot still keeps to himself and is lonely child), the class is reading 1984, and the teacher is making everyone read a page each. 

-When the teachers tells the class this, Race notices Spots face flicker with fear before going back to resting angry face. And Race passes him a note to ask if he is okay. (Race’s handwriting is literal scribbles)

-Therefore, Spot takes one look at the note and doesn’t even bother, but when he looks at Race and see’s that he’s worrying. Spot writes back a note saying “I’m dyslexic”. He writes it a few times trying to make it look right but gives up after attempt number 4 and just passes it to race anyway.

-Race reads said note, looks at Spot (Who is looking down at his hands with a nervous look on his face), leans into him, and says “I’ll get you out of this, just play along”

-Spot just gives a slight nod, he will do anything to get out of this. 

-So race just jumps up and starts shouting at Spot about how he is a horrible person and “I can’t believe you!!!” 

-Spot plays along and gets up and starts shouting back

-The teacher tells them to go to the principals office and sort it out

-Once they’re out the classroom, Spot walks next to Race to the principals office in silence, but just before they get there, he says a small “thanks”


That’s all I got. It’s very long, and I can’t write actual stories, so here is a shitty start to a plot thing?? (also, I am not dyslexic, so I don’t understand what it’s like, I just did some research, but please correct anything that is wrong!)

‘My people’ - the people who knew about oppression, discrimination, prejudice, poverty and the frustration and despair they produce - were not Irish Americans. They were black, Puerto Rican, Chicano. And those who were supposed to be 'my people’, the Irish Americans who knew about English misrule and the Famine and supported the civil rights movement at home, and knew that partition and England were the cause of the problem, looked and sounded to me like Orangemen. They said the same things about blacks that the loyalists said about us at home. In New York I was given the key to the city by the mayor, an honour not to be sneezed at. I gave it to the Black Panthers.
—  Bernadette Devlin McAlister

Yes, even I am able to create a fan character for fandom… And, excuse me for my poor English..

Name: EF
Gender: Female
A race of monsters: the Hidden flower (there Are several types, like Gold, Echo, and Strange flowers of Snowden. Hiding among these colors, which are similar in appearance)

Features Of EF:
Likes: Good humidity, the music, the sound drops, sweets, ride on someone’s back
Dislikes: Excessive heat, large companies, sour, when called short(too small for their species)

Notes: depending on the habitat, these monsters have peculiar only to them. For example, EF born in Ruins, she would have loved the darkness and would be secretive, as if there were in Snowline loved the cold and pale light

Features: Monsters this secretive race, and pretty observant, and also love to talk, they have a common feature. If the traveler finds them, they share with him their story, tell what you saw. If monsters of this kind meet like themselves by race, they decided to share information that sometimes is not enough time Their appearance depends on the habitat in which they were born, what species previously was much more than three, as it is now

Before and during the events of the war: once these monsters were one of the allies of the people, helped them to pass the message from state to state, but as soon as the war began, most of these monster was caught from the human race and planted in the cells performing the same function as before, but violently, causing them to wither because they do not like to tell something under the yoke, and can’t live without the freedom that so much. The surviving number of these monster is very small, which they most often settle in groups, and away from everyone, hiding from the eyes

anonymous asked:

Davey Jacobs headcanons???

  • This boy!
  • Love of my life I swear
  • he’s a good teacher and will help anyone learn something he already knows. Jack comes for help with math, Race for English, Romeo for science, etc
  • He loves school because he gets to see his friends and learn for six hour, why wouldn’t he like it?
  • He also loves his family a lot
  • he and Sarah are identical twins and she’s trans and six minutes older and very bi and one of Jack’s best friends and she’s always like “haha Dave I’m cooler than you ‘cause I’m prettier and not a nerd” but she loves him a lot, is very much a nerd, and Davey loves her to pieces right back
  • Davey Jacobs loves space so much. So goddamn much. He cried when he found out he couldn’t be an astronaut. Sarah is the only person who is like “I see your moon fact and raise you my cooler moon fact” and she started learning them so he wouldn’t feel so alone in his interest but then actually got really into it and now wants to work for NASA Sarah is such a cool big sister
  • Davey was really jealous of Jack for a while because he and Sarah were instantly close and he and Les were instantly close and Davey though he and Jack weren’t as close and felt like Jack had kind of stolen his siblings in a way and then one day Jack introduced all three of them as “My friend Sarah, her littlest brother Les, and my best friend Dave” and he realized Jack cared about him just as much as his siblings and wasn’t just hanging out with Davey for his siblings
  • Davey is a mess but very good at hiding it
  • he uses a planner obsessively and Jack makes fun of him for but but secretly wishes he was as organized as Davey. Daver actually needs the planner because he would actually forget to do things like fill up his water before bed if he didn’t write it down every day.
  • He’s Jewish and very religious and one of the hardest things for him to do was reconcile his view of god with himself once he started to figure out he liked boys, because he’d heard so much about how god hates gay people. Sarah helped him the most because she’d gone through the same thing while figuring out her gender and sexuality.
  • He has a sweet tooth that he tries to control but he also gets hyper really easily from sugar so if he eats one sweet thing he ends up spiraling into a hyper, sugar filled mess as he eats more and more
  • he’s really, really tactile but that’s also something he tends to hide. Jack figured it out when he started to noticed how Davey would lean into Jack when he put an arm around him, and then he would scratch Davey’s back or give him a shoulder massage and Davey L O V E S  it
  • he’s the most protective person ever, over his friends, family, possessions he cares about, and he isn’t intimidating, unless you get him mad
  • very smart but doesn’t have much common sense and that’s not good because Jack doesn’t have much common sense either
  • when he found out Sarah was dating Katherine he didn’t know whether to take the “you hurt my best friend you’re dead” path of the “you hurt my sister you’re dead” path so he took both and threatened both of them
  • in canon era he teaches the younger newsies to read so they don’t always have to rely on older boys reading them the headlines
  • sometimes this backfires when they come up to him with something Race gave them and he either has to lie to them or teach them how to read swears
  • he genuinely, absolutely loves every single one of his friends and tells them all the time
  • he adores little kids because they don’t care if he’s different in any way, they just want to play with and/or hug him and he’s down for either
  • he’s highly allergic to cats but loves them and he and Crutchie bonded over owning cats even though they’re both allergic
Dear Ray Narvaez Jr

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

Ray was used to people speaking over him. It was a standard part of his everyday experience. Especially at High School. Whenever he spoke, it just felt like no-one was listening. Ray was easily forgotten. He was always on the outside of the social circles, always out of place.

His family could be the same sometimes. They didn’t mean to be. Ray knew that. But his brothers had so much more energy than him. They made so much more noise that Ray was easily drown out.

Sometimes the noise became unbearable. Everything would irritate him and he just needed to escape.

When that happened, Ray would grab his keys and drive away from the city to get some peace and quiet. He always left a note so his family would know where he had gone when they realised he had disappeared. They always understood.

Ray parked his car and decided to climb a nearby tree.

He always liked high places. For whatever reason, his thoughts were clearer at a higher altitude; especially when he had the sun shining on his face.

He sat alone for a few hours, relishing in the peace and quiet. After a while his phone rang. He swore when he noticed the name that had flashed on the screen.

Keep reading

“In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman, and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true, that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during “God Save the King” than stealing from a poor box.” George Orwell