english racing

Well I like to design myself as a viking. She’s (okay me :P) from the Haddock family. But I haven’t yet decided on her role hehe (Twin -yes my eyes are brown-, sisters, cousin etc.) I can’t say I’m very good in my digital drawing but I hope you like it. Maybe I can design a dress for you and find you a role. Because I love to do this haha. :)

I can appreciate any horse.

-the legs on a thoroughbred

-the beautiful head of an Arabian

-the feathers of a draft

-the colors of a pinto

-the booty of a quarter horse

-the neck of a hunter

-the cuteness of a pony

-many more.

Every horse is special and I don’t understand why some people cant see it. Just because you’ve never ridden/shown that breed of horse, doesn’t make them a lesser breed.

‘My people’ - the people who knew about oppression, discrimination, prejudice, poverty and the frustration and despair they produce - were not Irish Americans. They were black, Puerto Rican, Chicano. And those who were supposed to be 'my people’, the Irish Americans who knew about English misrule and the Famine and supported the civil rights movement at home, and knew that partition and England were the cause of the problem, looked and sounded to me like Orangemen. They said the same things about blacks that the loyalists said about us at home. In New York I was given the key to the city by the mayor, an honour not to be sneezed at. I gave it to the Black Panthers.
—  Bernadette Devlin McAlister
  • Non Equestrian: So you ride horses?
  • Me: Yes I do! :)
  • Non Equestrian: So you race right? Or are you a cowboy? You're a jockey!
  • Me: ...
  • Them: ?
  • Me: No, no I'm not, *goes on a rant about the different disciplines of riding, and tells them how just because I ride it doesn't mean that I race or ride Western, amd that riding Western doesn't necessarily mean you are cowboy*
  • Me: See?
  • Them: But you do race right? Or do you ever want to race?
  • Me: *sigh*
  • Me: No not really.
  • Them: Okay.