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2PM said I love you to me........

Okay. Story time.

I decided I needed to make a last minute trip to Seoul to both see 2PM at their “2PM6Nights” concert and to get out of my apartment since it’s still making me sick. I was able to get a Standing 2 ticket and maneuvered my way up close enough to the stage that I could easily make eye contact with the men (they ain’t boys anymore hahah). And during one of the ments, they were greeting foreign fans. They went to the other side first where there were a lot of foreign fans. I’m on this other side surrounded by tiny Japanese fans (remember, I’m a giant here AND I’m a white chick), so I stood out. When they finished that side, I kinda raised on my tip toes and frowned, waving to get their attention. Taec saw me and pointed out that there were foreigners in my section. They came right up to my spot. And then BOOM. Magic happened. They were making Junho (my main boo!!!) speak English, so he was the one who started talking to me.

“Um… Where, where are you from?” (In English)
“(In Korean) *my province which is secret lmfao*”
“What?” (The rest in Korean).
“I’m an English teacher!”
“Ooooh! You know Korean??”
“…Are you really an English teacher?”
“Anyway,” says Taecyeon lmfao, “where are you from?”
“Ooooh. (Back to English) Thank you!”
“*me dying and nodding*”
“I.. I love you! *shoots some hearts*”
“*i die some more and shoot some back*”
“Love you!!”
“I love you too!”

And then we shot hearts at each other again and they went over to where some Thai fans were. And I had my own little freak out session. My face was also on the big screens apparently but I was so focused on them, so I didn’t notice. My friends who were in seated sections told me I was, though.


TalesFromRetail: "You're not keeping them in the back???"

To preface: So the campus bookstore I work at is in Canada, but we are not a bilingual university. We’re in a predominantly english speaking province. We have textbooks for french courses, but we do not have the french companion to every other regular textbook (for example, engineering or business books are only in english)

So in the morning my coworker © gets a phone call asking if we have nursing textbooks.

C: “Yes, we have books for undergrads in nursing.”

C: “No, we can’t just give you the books.”

Greaaaaat. So C goes on her lunch break, and these two women walk up to my customer service desk.

2L= two ladies M= me

2L: “Excuse me, where are your nursing textbooks?”

M: “Right this way, I’ll show you.”

They pick one up and look at it.

2L: “We’re buying books for nurses in Africa.”

M: (internally) that’s nice of you-

2L: “But the POOR, poor African nurse. How is she supposed to afford this on her salary?”

M: “Unfortunately the publishers decide the price-”

2L: “Do you know how much they make per hour?”

M: “…”

2L: “The poor nurses make 20$ a day. This book is 79$.”

M: “…”

2L: “So, where is the N-CLEX and Sanders exam?”

I point them out to them.

2L: “Where are you keeping the french copies?”

M: “We don’t carry french versions of those.”

2L: “You’re not keeping french copies in the back?”

M: “Uh, no. Sorry.”

I awkwardly go back to the desk while they look through the books. They come back with a few books in their hand.

2L: “So there are no french copies?”

M: “I’m sure you’d be able to find some online but we don’t have any here.”

2L: “You know, we’ve travelled all around the world and you know what people say? Canada is bilingual. The truth is that Canada is NOT bilingual and this bookstore is NOT user friendly. I can’t believe this bookstore doesn’t sell french copies!”

They then proceed to half shout at me IN FRENCH for the next two minutes. I don’t speak french. I don’t know what they were yelling.

2L: “We will be telling the embassy in Africa that Canada is NOT bilingual. Thank you lady.”

By: laurelaud