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Okay, I have a question. Like, idk if this sounds rude, but like I genuinely wonder how the American Revolution is taught in England, like what is the attitude(?) around it I guess you could say? I know that sounds weird but I always think about that

It’s not. We learn about English history lmao why do you people think you’re at the very center of existence other countries have their own history to learn about.

Hetalia Headcanon ~ America [Speak Your Language Day]

This is why Alfred knows so many languages. For anyone who thinks he would not understand a language

The United States does not have a national official language; nevertheless, English (specifically American English) is the primary language used for legislation, regulations, executive orders, treaties, federal court rulings, and all other official pronouncements; although there are laws requiring documents such as ballots to be printed in multiple languages when there are large numbers of non-English speakers in an area.

As part of what has been called the English-only movement, some states have adopted legislation granting official status to English. As of January 2014, out of 50 states, 28 had established English as the official language, and Hawaii had established both English and Hawaiian as official.

Census statistics[edit]

Language Spoken at Home
(U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009)


According to the American Community Survey 2009, endorsed by the United States Census Bureau, the main languages by number of speakers older than five are:

  1. English – 229 million
  2. Spanish – 35 million
  3. Chinese languages – 2.6 million + (mostly speakers of Yue dialects such as Taishanese and Cantonese, with a growing group of Mandarin speakers)
  4. Tagalog – 1.5 million + (Most Filipinos may also know other Philippine languages, e.g. IlokanoPangasinanBikol languages, and Visayan languages.)
  5. French – 1.3 million
  6. Vietnamese – 1.3 million
  7. German – 1.1 million (High German) + German dialects like Pennsylvania GermanHutterite GermanPlautdietschTexas German
  8. Korean – 1.0 million
  9. Russian – 881,000
  10. Arabic – 845,000
  11. Italian – 754,000
  12. Portuguese – 731,000
  13. French Creole – 659,000
  14. Polish – 594,000
  15. Hindi – 561,000
  16. Japanese – 445,000
  17. Persian – 397,000
  18. Urdu – 356,000
  19. Gujarati – 341,000
  20. Greek – 326,000
  21. Serbo-Croatian – 269,000
  22. Armenian – 243,000
  23. Hebrew – 222,000
  24. Cambodian – 202,000

Additionally, modern estimates indicate that American Sign Language is signed by as many as 500,000 Americans.[14]

The total sample size for these figures is 286 million people.