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Thoughts on Kuro Ch. 125

a simple bean’s simple thoughts on kuro since im up to date for the first time in years:

  • Poor Agni!! Does he really think Ciel was involved with the murder? Ahh it was horrible to see them fight ;O; Also that moment between Seb and Agni at the end was wondrous~ 
  • Bravat, who is possibly English nobility, is becoming more sinister by the day and I love it. Who is the pale star???? 
  • It was so pretty to see Violet cry :D Poor soul, just wants his friends to be happy. 
  • Edward getting dragged off stage by his mother. best thing but, shouldn’t she care about getting her daughter back by whatever means necessary? :I 
  • oh wait ALSO it’s fascinating to learn that the blood transfusions were an archaic form of dialysis to treat renal failure. yooooo
  • since the listed deaths in the To Die book only change if an external force is manipulating things (such as a demon or a reaper), is undertaker or a demon perhaps involved?? idk 

    wow that’s all thanks for listening ~ uwu

The Vicarage, Edensor, Chatsworth Estate

Home of the late Debo, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire after the death of her husband, the Duke

Photos: Sotheby’s Auction House


4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 52:

Osterley Park, London, England. 

The original Elizabethan house was extensively remodeled in the 18th century by the architect Robert Adam, who also designed the beautiful Etruscan room. 


Emma McQuiston, Viscountess of Weymouth, with her husband the Future Marquess of Bath.

Old news to some but still worth noting here on our blog. Emma is destined to be Britian’s first “Black” Marchioness. She will become the Marchioness of Bath when her husband (Viscount Weymouth) obtains the title. The couple has one child. Emma McQuiston is the half-sister of Iain McQuiston, and he is married to Lady Silvy Thynne, half-sister to the current Marquess of Bath. Many of the English Royal and Noble centered blogs won’t blog about this too often, if at all.