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Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

Crazy quotes from this weeks Smackdown and 205 live☆3/10/17

☆Smackdown Live

•"Bobby Roode in action next. Can I get a hallelujah?“ “HALLELUJAH!”- Corey Graves and Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton

•"Sorry I got a bit excited there.“- Corey Graves after Bobby Roode’s music hit.

•"Not you Byron. You lower the value of everything.”- Corey Graves after Byron ‘hallelujahed’ again.

•"I’d rather listen to Miss Piggy sing nursery rhymes”- Tom Phillips about Aiden English.

☆205 Live

•"This millennium’s Galileo Galilee.“- Nigel McGuinness about Drew Gulak.

•"Read it together now, nice and slow, all the kids especially that weird one in the front row.”- Drew Gulak with his powerpoint presentation.

•"Do you know what I agree with, freedom of speech. Except when it applies to Akira Tozowa, he needs to shut up.“- Nigel McGuinness about chanting.


Devil’s Plantation by Nigel G. Pearson came in today, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of this book, I have two other leather bound editions from TroyBooks(Charmers’ Psalter and Devil’s Dozen) and they are so stunning.

Taking its name from the lost ‘black book’ of a famed Cambridgeshire witch, as well as plots of land sacrificed unto the spirits and the Old One himself, Nigel Pearson’s ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ guides the reader through the traditional witchcraft, old magic and folklore of East Anglia.

This is an ancient landscape, and a melding pot for the beliefs, culture and magic of the various peoples who have inhabited it over its long history. And yet, until very recently, East Anglia has been a land ‘set apart’ and isolated amidst impassable marshes, Fens and uncleared Forests.

Thus East Anglia is a landscape in which ‘the good folk’, land drakes, land wights, meremaids, giants, spectral hounds, saintly miracles, wort Cunning, toad lore, folk magic and indeed witchcraft have been nurtured and continue to play a part in the lives of the people of what has aptly been named ‘Witch Country’.

I am so excited to dig into this tonight. If you have the chance I’d recommend you grab a copy cause this book is going to be so amazing.

English voters be like

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a land devide
No escape from reality

Open your eyes
Look up to Sky News and seeee

I’m just a Brexit voter, I need no sympathy
Because I was easy come, easy go
Voted “Leave”, then felt low
Anyway the polls go, didn’t really matter to me, to me….

Mama, just killed my land
Put a tick inside a box
Handed it in, and now it sucks
EU, I thought I had a clue
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away

BRUSSELS, oooooooh!
Didn’t mean to make you cry
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
Don’t throw me out, don’t throw me out…. as if nothing really matters….

Too late, my time has come
Scotland’s almost gone away
We’ve let North Ireland gone astray

Goodbye everybody I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, oooo (anyway the wind blows)
I don’t want to leave
I sometimes wish I’d never voted at alllll

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Cameron, Cameron will you do the fandango?
Boris and Faragey, very very frightening me
Referendum, Referendum on the go?
No voters Noooooooo!

But I’m a leave voter and nobody loves me
He’s just ill informed, from a chav family!
Spare him his future from this monstrosity!
Easy come easy go, this time I’ll vote NO.

Bismillah! No! It’s too late to vote NO - let him go
Bismillah! It’s too late to vote NO - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go! Let me go
It’s too late to say no! let me go (never)
Too late to say noo
Too late to say noo

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh please Scotland, Ireland, Brussels don’t let me go
But Brussels now has a contract put aside for me
For me…
For me…!

*Epic EU anthem*

And the EU is like:

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Oh UK, don’t do this to me, UK
You just gotta get out… I’m just throwing you right outta here!

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters nothing really matters to a Leave Votee…..

Anyway the Pound goes…..