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Sweet Elite’s Infinity Meter!

We’ve been waiting until we got the full details of the mechanics down before showing this to you, but now that Courtney has finished the design, it is time for us to reveal how Sweet Elite’s affinity meter (aka, the Infinity Meter) will work!

Here’s a character’s Infinity Meter: 

One of Sweet Elite’s key gameplay mechanic planned since the beginning of this project has been to allow your Scholar to choose whether they’d stay friends with a character, or move into the romance route. 

For that, we needed some clear indicators of what would separate a friendship route and a full-blown romance route. Most other otome games only have a one-dimensional meter, as in, precise lines between where a character is friends with the player and starts to fall in love aren’t really there. The meter just…fills up. 

In Sweet Elite, however, the limit is a lot more distinctive: The heart and handshake options! 

When it’s time for a dialogue choice, the two buttons below will appear for you to choose from:

1) The handshake/friendship option

This is the icon that will appear in front of an option for a friendship affinity-raising dialogue. Choosing this option will lead you to three other dialogue choices in which you will have to choose the correct dialogue to raise your affinity and befriend students!

2) The heart/romance option

This is the icon that will appear in front of an option for a romance affinity-raising dialogue. Again, choosing this option will lead you to three other dialogue choices in which you will have to choose the correct dialogue to successfully flirt and seduce the character of your choice.

Choose wisely! 

But how exactly do these options work with the overall Infinity Meter? Well, your relationship with a certain student will be divided into two specific stages, depending on your dialogue choices: 

Stage 1: Blooming Friendship

This stage runs from 0 to 51 affinity points. 

During this stage, your Scholar is working to befriend the character, regardless of whether their final intentions are to pursue a romance with them. 

ALL dialogue choices, whether they are on the romance option or the friendship options will contribute to raising your Infinity Meter with that character. 

And your meter will keep rising…until you hit 51. At that point you have to make a game changing choice…

Stage 2: Blooming Romance

So, your Scholar and that character are BFFs now! 51 whole affinity points! But…what if your Scholar starts developing feeling for them? How do they get to change their relationship? 

Well, starting at 51 affinity points, you Scholar can decide whether or not they want to pursue a romance with that character or not. All they have to do is start choosing the romance options! The moment your Scholar chooses the romance option, the heart on their Infinity meter starts to fill, and it’s time for love to bloom~

If you are at and above 51 affinity points, then friendship choices no longer raise the meter. Thus if you are at 51 affinity and keep choosing friendship options, you will not be able to get to more affinity points!

So let’s recap shall we?

  • Sweet Elite’s Affinity Meter is called the Infinity Meter.
  • You can choose between romance and friendship dialogue options. You’ll know since one has a friendship icon before and one has a heart icon before the dialogue.
  • You can have two stages in your relationship with a character, and thus, in your Infinity Meter: 
    • 0 to 51 Affinity: Friendship Stage. Both romance and friendship options raise your meter until 51.
    • 52 to 100: Romance stage. You can only get to that stage if you chose the romance option at 51 affinity. If you keep choosing friendship options, your meter will not go up!

If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for following the development of Sweet Elite. 

I already made a cup of tea as a procrastination activity, so I had to continue the procrastination process by reflecting upon - and making a handy infographic about - my tea-drinking habits. Right?


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