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you know when mario gets the star? mario fuckin’ CHEATED to get that star

dirk does not own any video game consoles of his own but he has been roped into several sessions of gaming with roxy, who owns literally all the consoles. even the ones that aren’t out yet for us. that’s right. she absolutely has a ps5. anyway roxy is a nintendo gal at heart and one day she lends dirk and jake her gamecube for some fun and gives them a few games. they make their way through a few rounds of super smash (literally the game they were playing in my most recent fic chapter, obviously) and a couple bouts of mario kart. they poke through some of the other games she handed over, but most of them appear to be single player ones they’d have to take turns at.

“oh, here we go,” jake says, and hands one over.

it’s fuckin mario party. 

dirk loses. dirk loses every round. it should not be humanly possible to be this bad at minigames. jake keeps getting items that let him steal dirk’s stuff. dirk keeps landing on spaces that make him lose coins. dirk lands on a star and doesn’t have enough coins to buy it thanks to a bad landing last round. meanwhile, jake is swimming in coins. the star moves and through happenstance jake ends up catapulted to the other side of the board and lands on the star 2 turns later. jake wins every bonus condition star. once, the game gives dirk exactly one pity star for having the fewest stars. 

jake is delighted. he’s not BAD at video games, but this is the first one he’s been genuinely good at! every time dirk grouses and suggests they play something else jake begs off one more round. he starts making bets with dirk to keep him engaged. “all right strider, if you win this one then I’ll do all the dishes for a week!” “ok dirk this time what’s on the line is trash duty. are you going to be able to bring it for real?” dirk cannot back down from a dare. unfortunately for him, his luck never improves. he has a week’s worth of chores on his shoulders and the only reason he doesn’t make jake sleep on the couch is because jake is very persuasive when he tries to be. (there may also have been a bet involved with that too. dirk isn’t telling)

ID #34658

Name: Victor
Age: 19
Country: USA


I’m looking for a bud to have nice conversations with. Honestly I’m not too picky what about as long as we’re both enjoying it.

I’m a mechanical engineering student entering my second year of college this fall. I love music and I play guitar and ukulele and I’m beginning to dabble a little in piano. I listen primarily to stuff that spins off of different forms of alt rock, like Arctic Monkeys, the Smiths, Dead Kennedys, and pop punk stuff like MCR, P!atD, FOB, and Paramore, as well as weirder stuff like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mystery Skulls, and Caravan Palace. Mostly just stuff with some nice flippin’ melodies, but I’m open to listening to all sorts of music.

My other interests include video games, card games, philosophy, literature of all sorts, art, history, art history, and soccer. I’m willing to talk about anything you’re passionate about too, of course!

Preferences: I’d prefer people who know other languages besides English. I know English and Spanish and trading vocabulary would be neat, but it’s not necessary by any means!

Really, just as long as you’re not a jerk, I won’t mind talking to you!

Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-1797)
“A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrey”
Oil on canvas
Located in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby, England

An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons.

Close observation of the adult faces in the picture reveals that each one of them demonstrates one of the main phases of the moon – new moon, half moon, gibbous moon and full moon.

Sweet Elite’s Infinity Meter!

We’ve been waiting until we got the full details of the mechanics down before showing this to you, but now that Courtney has finished the design, it is time for us to reveal how Sweet Elite’s affinity meter (aka, the Infinity Meter) will work!

Here’s a character’s Infinity Meter: 

One of Sweet Elite’s key gameplay mechanic planned since the beginning of this project has been to allow your Scholar to choose whether they’d stay friends with a character, or move into the romance route. 

For that, we needed some clear indicators of what would separate a friendship route and a full-blown romance route. Most other otome games only have a one-dimensional meter, as in, precise lines between where a character is friends with the player and starts to fall in love aren’t really there. The meter just…fills up. 

In Sweet Elite, however, the limit is a lot more distinctive: The heart and handshake options! 

When it’s time for a dialogue choice, the two buttons below will appear for you to choose from:

1) The handshake/friendship option

This is the icon that will appear in front of an option for a friendship affinity-raising dialogue. Choosing this option will lead you to three other dialogue choices in which you will have to choose the correct dialogue to raise your affinity and befriend students!

2) The heart/romance option

This is the icon that will appear in front of an option for a romance affinity-raising dialogue. Again, choosing this option will lead you to three other dialogue choices in which you will have to choose the correct dialogue to successfully flirt and seduce the character of your choice.

Choose wisely! 

But how exactly do these options work with the overall Infinity Meter? Well, your relationship with a certain student will be divided into two specific stages, depending on your dialogue choices: 

Stage 1: Blooming Friendship

This stage runs from 0 to 51 affinity points. 

During this stage, your Scholar is working to befriend the character, regardless of whether their final intentions are to pursue a romance with them. 

ALL dialogue choices, whether they are on the romance option or the friendship options will contribute to raising your Infinity Meter with that character. 

And your meter will keep rising…until you hit 51. At that point you have to make a game changing choice…

Stage 2: Blooming Romance

So, your Scholar and that character are BFFs now! 51 whole affinity points! But…what if your Scholar starts developing feeling for them? How do they get to change their relationship? 

Well, starting at 51 affinity points, you Scholar can decide whether or not they want to pursue a romance with that character or not. All they have to do is start choosing the romance options! The moment your Scholar chooses the romance option, the heart on their Infinity meter starts to fill, and it’s time for love to bloom~

If you are at and above 51 affinity points, then friendship choices no longer raise the meter. Thus if you are at 51 affinity and keep choosing friendship options, you will not be able to get to more affinity points!

So let’s recap shall we?

  • Sweet Elite’s Affinity Meter is called the Infinity Meter.
  • You can choose between romance and friendship dialogue options. You’ll know since one has a friendship icon before and one has a heart icon before the dialogue.
  • You can have two stages in your relationship with a character, and thus, in your Infinity Meter: 
    • 0 to 51 Affinity: Friendship Stage. Both romance and friendship options raise your meter until 51.
    • 52 to 100: Romance stage. You can only get to that stage if you chose the romance option at 51 affinity. If you keep choosing friendship options, your meter will not go up!

If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for following the development of Sweet Elite. 

A Single Touch of Jealousy

rating: T

The responsibilities of a Paladin of Voltron were, surprisingly, few by the contrast of the Princess of Altea. Simple matters of diplomatic involvement, enforcing peace and fighting the injustice and tyrannies of Zarkon’s forces, the more one thought of it–they were no more than glorified space bodyguards.

Had Lance not mentioned this one day after a particularly exhausting diplomatic meeting with the leaders of a triad planetary system, Shiro would’ve never given it much thought.

It didn’t bother him, though, Shiro thought. A responsibility was just that, be it unwillingly taken or divinely given (as far as divine intervention goes). It didn’t bother him…

It shouldn’t bother him.

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a long rant about The 100 fandom, bellarke fic, Raven Reyes, and coded language

It weirds me out when people write modern AU fics for The 100 and have the characters calling each other by the last name, like Blake, Griffin, or Reyes.  Particularly Bellamy calling Raven as “Reyes”.  Buckle up because this is a long rant that is very biased within my understanding of English. If you think I’m dead wrong, reblog and tell me.  But… I kinda think I’m onto something here, even if I lack some of the language to best explain it. Bear with me, this gets a little long…

It weirds me out when they use last names, because in the fic this is typically presented as a thing people do between friends… but that is not a thing that I’ve ever seen people regularly do in American schools, or even that often in professional environments. Not in my upbringing on the west coast, and not in most books or television presentations of American high school culture. It stands out glaringly to me when I read bellarke fic.

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anonymous asked:

The Victorian WHAT?

SOMEONE read the tags. But yeah so, in the late 1800s, like the 1870s/80s/90s there was a brief time where ladies (and some guys, and mostly in England and France) would pierce their nipples with “bosom rings” or “breast rings”. It went out of fashion after that, but it’s a fact that Victorians were horny, horny people and if you don’t believe me google Victorian porn because it exists and is… really funny. 
I’ve got receipts for this nipple thing because I’m a goddamn professional who cites sources, so there’s a magazine article from 1888 in English Mechanic and the World of Science that started as a letter a man wrote in telling how he and all his school friends did it together in college, and that got a whole bunch of other readers, male and female, sending in their stories of their own, like this gem: “I have had personal experience of the matter, and have still several places where rings or wires could be inserted. But I should not like to have rings in my breasts, because I like a good rub down with a rough towel.” and a woman named Fanny who said her “intimate friend” told her to get them. There’s also a German text that translates to “John Bull in Upbringing: A Collection of Letters from Supporters and Opponents of Corporal Punishment and the Corset-Discipline in English Education” that’s from the turn of the century and talks about the women who go to get them pierced in Paris, since that’s where they were most common, and that they started appearing on “Society ladies”. 

Those are the primary sources and if you want secondary, I will provide, but those are the most relevant to this and please enjoy this knowledge. Honestly, as someone who wears a corset on the daily, idk how they would feel with nipple rings but maybe they liked that those kinky bastards

Non-Binary Options for your Scholar

Yes, this is something that we will be implementing!

However, there is a distinction we’d like you to make, and that is between the pronouns options and the body types options:

  1. Pronouns options: We will be offering 3 different pronouns that will be used by characters in game to refer to your Scholar, those will be:
    1. “Mr.” For Scholars who identify as boys. They will be referred to as he/him in game. 
    2. “Ms.” For Scholars who identify as girls. They will be referred to as she/her in game.
    3. “Mx.” For Scholars who identify as non-binary. They will be referred to as they/them in game. 

  2. Body Types: Cecile is only going to make a male body sprite and a female body sprite. Despite choosing the non-binary pronoun, you’re going to have to choose one body type that will remain permanent. Thus, there will be no custom non-binary body type for Scholar. Sorry :(

Hope that clears it up for you guys! 


A Movie Masterpost in Progress (Updated)


Note: This list includes numerous MegaShare links, which do not seem to be working for me at the moment. This will take a while to fix, but it does help to tell me the name of the movie if you come across a link that does not work. It helps me to fix the issue quicker

Westerns, and Disney, and Studio Ghibli, and comedy and lots more! I will continue adding to this list constantly to make it even bigger, please let me know if any links are not working or if you want a specific movie added.
(Some movies, such as Hounddog (deals with rape), may be triggering. Be careful viewing movies you have never seen before.)

10 Years // 101 Dalmatians // 12 Years a Slave // 127 Hours // 21 Jump Street // 50/50 // 500 Days of Summer // 8 Mile

A Beautiful Mind // A Christmas Carol (1984) + A Christmas Carol (2009) // A Cinderella Story // A Clockwork Orange // A Fistful of Dollars // A Walk to Remember // Air Bud // Airplane! // Akeelah and the Bee // Aladdin + The Return of Jafar + Aladdin and the King of Thieves // The Alamo (1960) + The Alamo (2004) // Alice In Wonderland (1951) + Alice In Wonderland (2010) // All Dogs Go To Heaven + All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 // All Roads Lead Home // Alpha & Omega // The Amazing Panda Adventure // American Graffiti // Anastasia // Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy // Angels in the Outfield // Apollo 13 // Aquamarine // The Aristocats // Atlantis: The Lost Empire + Atlantis: Milo’s Return // Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery + The Spy Who Shagged Me + Goldmember // The Avengers

Babe + Pig in the City // Back to the Future + Back to the Future Part II + Back to the Future Part III // Balto + Wolf Quest + Wings of Change // Bambi + Bambi 2 // Beastly // Beasts of the Southern Wild // Beauty & The Beast // Because of Winn-Dixie // Beethoven + Beethoven’s 2nd + Beethoven’s 3rd + Beethoven’s 4th + Beethoven’s 5th + Beethoven’s Big Break + Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure // Best Years of Our Lives // Big Daddy // The Big Lebowski // Big Miracle // Black Beauty (1971) + Black Beauty (1994) // The Black Stallion // Blackfish // The Blind Side // Bolt // Bonnie & Clyde (1967) // Born Free // Brave // Breakfast at Tiffany's // The Breakfast Club // Bridesmaids // Bridge on the River Kwai // Bridge to Terabithia // Brother Bear + Brother Bear 2 // Brothers // Bubble Boy // Bruce Almighty + Evan Almighty // Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid // Bully

Cadet Kelly // Captain Phillips // Cars + Cars 2 // Cast Away // Castle in the Sky // The Cat Returns // Chaplin // Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (2005) // Charlotte’s Web (1973) + Charlotte’s Web (2006) // The Christmas Shoes // The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe + Prince Caspian + The Voyage of the Dawn Treader // Cinderella + Dreams Come True + A Twist In Time // Cinderella Man // The Color Purple // Cool Hand Luke // Coraline // The Corpse Bride // Courageous // The Cove // Craigslist Joe // Crash // Crazy Heart // The Curious Case of Benjamin Button // Cyberbully

Daddy Day Care // Dances With Wolves // Dangerous Minds // Dante’s Peak // Dead Poets Society // Dear John // Despicable Me + Despicable Me 2 // The Devil Wears Prada // Dirty Dancing + Havana Nights // Dirty Harry // Django Unchained // Doctor Doolittle (1967) + Dr. Doolittle (1998) + Dr. Doolittle 2 + Dr. Doolittle 3 // Dreamer // Drive // Driving Miss Daisy // Due Date // Duma // Dumb & Dumber // Dumbo

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial // Edward Scissorhands // Eight Below // The Elephant Man // Elf // Emperor’s New Groove // End of Watch // Eragon // Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind // Evelyn // Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Facing The Giants // Fantasia (1940) + Fantasia 2000 (1999) // The Fast & The Furious (1955) + The Fast & The Furious + 2 Fast 2 Furious + Tokyo Drift + Fast & Furious + Fast Five + Fast & Furious 6 // Fat Man & Little Boy // Fight Club // Finding Nemo // Flags of Our Fathers // Footloose (1984) + Footloose (2011) // For A Few Dollars More // For Ellen // Forrest Gump // Footloose (1984) + Footloose (2011) // The Fox & The Hound + The Fox & The Hound 2 // Freaky Friday (1976) + Freaky Friday (2003) // Free Willy + Free Willy 2 + Free Willy 3 // From Up on Poppy Hill (English subbed) // Frozen

The Game Plan // George of the Jungle // The Giant Mechanical Man // Girl Fight // Girl, Interrupted // Gnomeo & Juliet // The Golden Compass // Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) + Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) // The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly // The Goonies // Gran Torino // The Grapes of Wrath // Grave of the Fireflies // Grease + Grease 2 // The Great Dictator // The Great Gatsby // The Green Mile // Guilty By Suspicion

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale // Hairspray (1988) + Hairspray (2007) // The Hangover + The Hangover Part 2 + The Hangover Part 3 // Happy Feet + Happy Feet 2 // Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone + Chamber of Secrets + Prisoner of Azkaban + Goblet of Fire + Order of the Phoenix + Half-Blood Prince + Deathly Hallows Part 1 + Deathly Hallows Part 2 // Harvey // The Help // Hercules // Hidalgo // High Noon // Holes // The Incredible Journey (1963) + Homeward Bound (1993) + Homeward Bound 2 // Hook // Hoot // The Horse Whisperer // Hotel Rwanda // Hounddog // Hours // How The Grinch Stole Christmas // How To Train Your Dragon // Howl’s Moving Castle // Hunchback of Notre Dame + Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 // The Hunger Games + Catching Fire // The Hurt Locker

I Am Legend // Ice Age + The Meltdown + Dawn of the Dinosaurs + Continental Drift // In the Line of Fire // Inception // The Incredibles // Independence Day // The Indian in the Cupboard // Inherit The Wind // Inkheart // Inspector Gadget + Inspector Gadget 2 // Into The Wild // Invictus // The Iron Giant // Iron Man + Iron Man 2 + Iron Man 3 // Iron Will // It’s A Wonderful Life // It’s Kind of a Funny Story

J. Edgar // Jobs // Jumanji // The Jungle Book + The Jungle Book 2 // Juno // Jurassic Park + The Lost World + Jurassic Park III

The Karate Kid (1984) The Karate Kid Part 2 + The Karate Kid Part 3 + The Next Karate Kid + The Karate Kid (2010) // The Kid // Kiki’s Delivery Service // Kronk’s New Groove // Kung Fu Panda + Kung Fu Panda 2

Lady & The Tramp + Scamp’s Adventure // The Lake House // The Land Before Time + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 // Lassie (1994) + Lassie (2005) // The Last Song // Lean On Me // Legally Blonde + Legally Blonde 2 // Legends of the Fall // Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events // Liar Liar // Life of Pi // Lilo & Stitch // The Lion King + Simba’s Pride + The Lion King 1 ½ // The Little Mermaid + Return to the Sea + Ariel’s Beginning // Little Miss Sunshine // Look Who’s Talking + Look Who’s Talking Too + Look Who’s Talking Now // Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring + The Two Towers + The Return of the King + The Hobbit (1977) + The Lord of the Rings (1978) + The Return of the King (1980) // The Lovely Bones // The Lucky Ones

Madagascar + Escape 2 Africa + Europe’s Most Wanted // Magic Mike // Malcolm X // The Man From Snowy River + Return to Snowy River // Man On A Ledge // Man on Fire // The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance // Marley & Me // Mary Poppins // Matilda // Mean Girls // Men In Black + MIB 2 // Milk // Million Dollar Baby // Milo & Otis // Minority Report // The Missing // Misty // Modern Times // Monster’s Inc. // Monty Python & The Holy Grail // Mrs. Doubtfire // Mud // Mulan + Mulan 2 // My Dog Skip // My Fair Lady // My Girl // My Neighbor Totoro // My Neighbors the Yamadas // My Sister’s Keeper

Nacho Libre // Nancy Drew // Nanny McPhee // Napoleon Dynamite // Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind // New Year’s Eve // Night At The Museum + Battle of the Smithsonian // Nightmare Before Christmas // Nikki, Wild Dog of the North // Noel // The Notebook

O Brother, Where Art Thou? // The Odd Life of Timothy Green // Of Mice & Men // Old Yeller // Oliver & Company // Once // Once Upon a Time in the West // One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest // One Week // Only Yesterday (English Subbed) // Open Season + Open Season 2 // Osmosis Jones // The Outlaw Josey Wales // Over The Hedge

Pan’s Labyrinth // Patch Adams // Pay It Forward // Penelope // Perks of Being a Wallflower // Peter Pan + Return to Neverland // The Pink Panther (1963) + The Pink Panther (2006) + The Pink Panther 2 // Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl + Dead Man’s Chest + At World’s End + On Stranger Tides // Pitch Perfect // The Place Beyond The Pines // Pocahontas + Journey to a New World // The Polar Express // Pom Poko // Ponyo // Popeye (1980) // Porco Rosso (English subbed) // Prancer // Precious // Pretty Woman // Princess & The Frog // The Princess Bride // The Princess Diaries + Royal Engagement // Princess Mononoke // Pulp Fiction // The Pursuit of Happyness

The Quiet Man

Racing Stripes // Radio // Raging Bull // Rain Man // Raising Arizona // Rango // Ratatouille // Ray // Remember The Titans // Rise of the Guardians // Road To El Dorado // Rocky + Rocky 2 + Rocky 3 + Rocky 4 + Rocky 5 + Rocky Balboa // Rubber // Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

Samsara // The Sandlot + The Sandlot 2 // Saving Mr. Banks // Saving Private Ryan // Schindler’s List // School of Rock // Scott Pilgrim vs. The World // Seabiscuit // The Searchers // Secondhand Lions // The Secret Garden // The Secret World of Arrietty // Secretariat // Shawshank Redemption // Shoah (9 ½ hr. Holocaust doc., 1985) + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4 (English subtitles) // Shrek + Shrek 2 + Shrek the Third + Shrek Forever After // Silver Linings Playbook // The Simpsons Movie // Singin’ In The Rain // Sixteen Candles // Sleeping Beauty // Slumdog Millionaire // Smoke Signals // Smokey & The Bandit + Smokey & The Bandit 2 + Smokey & The Bandit Part 3 // Snow Dogs // Snow White & the Seven Dwarves // The Social Network // Soul Surfer // The Sound of Music // Speak // Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron // Spirited Away // Stand By Me // Step Brothers // Strike! // Stuart Little + Stuart Little 2 + Stuart Little 3 // Swiss Family Robinson // The Sword in the Stone

Tales from Earthsea // Take The Lead // Tangled // Tarzan + Tarzan 2 // This Is It // Thor + The Dark World // Thumbelina // Titanic // To Kill a Mockingbird // Tombstone // Toy Story + Toy Story 2 + Toy Story 3 // Treasure Planet // True Grit (1969) + True Grit (2010) // Two Lane Blacktop // Two Mules For Sister Sara

The Untouchables // Up // Up In Smoke // Uptown Girls

V for Vendetta // Vanishing Point // Vehicle 19 // The Visitor // The Vow

Waiting For Forever // Walk The Line // Wall-E // War Horse // The War Wagon // Warm Bodies // Water for Elephants // The Water Horse // The Way Back // Wayne’s World + Wayne’s World 2 // We Bought a Zoo // What’s Eating Gilbert Grape // Whisper of the Heart // White Fang + White Fang 2 // Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) // The Wizard of Oz // The Wolf of Wall Street


21) This weekend? Not much, probably try to stay cool, depending on the weather.

22) Kids? Two or three max, if any.

23) Piercings? That`s a big negative.

24) Best subjects? History, Mechanics and English.

25) Miss anyone? I never miss within 75 yards.

26) Craving? Not much but the same Huckleberry soda I had Friday night sounds damn nice.

27) Broken someone`s heart? Hmm, not as far as I know.

28) Cheated on? Three times by the same person. She called me too robotic, but if I let it happen three times I can guarantee I`m too merciful.

29) Made a significant other cry? Not as far as I know.

30) Irritating me? That I`m losing feeling in my foot because of how I`m sitting.

31) Does someone love me? Depends on in what way. Family of course, and a select few friends I`m sure.

32) Favorite color? Flat Soviet brown linen, especially paired with gleaming red and gold accent. Or flat OD.

33) Trust issues? Dunno, but I feel like I actually do. Will have to work on that.

34) Last dream? Family destroying things worth thousands and drowning me out when I spoke out against it.

35) Last person I cried in front of? Hmm, dunno. Been too long.

36) Do I give Second chances easily? Not anymore, depending on the offense.

37) I find it Easier to forget.

38) Best year of my life? Not really, it all just runs together.

39) First kiss? 17.

40) Been nude outside? Yup.


Persona 5: Game Mechanics Trailer[English]

Future Passed: When we dreamed of television:

“The rush to create television was started by a rumor.

"In 1880 Alexander Graham Bell, the famed inventor of the telephone, sealed documents related to his latest invention and gave them to the Smithsonian Institution. When word got out that his mystery invention was called the “Photophone,” many people assumed that Bell had figured out how to mechanically send pictures from one point to another. Many had no doubt gotten the idea that such an invention was in the works after seeing illustrations of the the fictional “telephonoscope” in the December 9, 1878 issue of Punch magazine.

"Word quickly spread and inventors rushed to guess at what futuristic technology would allow for sending pictures over a distance. People all over the world flooded the pages of magazines like Scientific American and English Mechanic, trying to guess in articles and letters to the editor just how Bell’s “Photophone” worked… More

Alright kids, it’s time for another episode of “What even is this class? The sun shining is a topic for science, right? But debate mechanisms are English class. Do we have other classes than this? We had art when we needed to fuck with Maya, right? Do we have anything else? Why has Cory been teaching us since middle school? Does Lucas have a family? Where is Brenda? What the fuck is this show?”

In other news, I started my second Physics semester a couple of weeks ago (University of Tartu). The courses I now have are Mathematical Physics, Mechanics, Heat, Practical Works on Mechanics & Heat, English for Students of Science, Security & Defence Technologies, and Environmental Protection (the last two were additionals I chose).
And here’s a picture I took of the physics building on a really foggy morning.