english mansion


Fancy a castle in the English countryside? 

Compton Castle, Somerset, for sale through knight Frank for £20,000,000

  • 1,270 acre estate
  • Grade II listed romantic castle, built in 1825 and extended in the 1910s
  • Coach house, 2 entrance lodges, 5 cottages
  • Gardens and lakes
  • Stables and tennis court
  • The castle is totally private, nestled in the centre of the estate
  • Excellent sporting potential
  • Arable, pasture and woodland
  • Beautiful interiors

Stratford Ontario ~ Canada ~ Beautful Victorian Architecture by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire, U.K. by Jose Maria Cuellar


Britain’s Country Homes-

Once a symbol of wealth, power and competition- the stately homes of the home nations were not only this, but a place of great pride. Sure, there was inequality in numbers that matched the build costs, but these places were not only homes for aristocrats and their guests but also those who worked within the walls.

Sadly, as the aristocracy tumbled, so did the available jobs and one of Britain’s largest employers ceased to exist as the homes did.

Some are lucky, like Harewood and Chatsworth where not only the owners but thousands of visitors a year get to enjoy the history, art and hard work that goes into making and maintaining such structures. Some though were lost to disaster (like Witley Court to fire), and others, more commonly, were lost to circumstance (as the great Trentham Hall).

So please, enjoy these views of a place many have called home.

They’re rather quite lovely after all.