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I’ve heard it’s hard to forgive
the ones that hurt you
but what about you
when you’re your toughest critic
when you overthink your mistakes
and question why you did it
how can you forgive yourself
for knowing you should’ve done better
thoughts to myself
while staring at my ceiling
learning to take to heart words from my mother
and never comparing myself to another
because your life is your life
and no one can compare
you can’t control it all
but you can control your attitude
make every loss a lesson
and every win a blessing
learning to be grateful for everything
because once I believed in me
I had everything.


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English Major Class
  • Professor: *writes the word 'canon' on the board*
  • Me: *whispers to the girl next to me* "oh my gosh"
  • Professor: "Do you have something to share with us?"
  • Me: *looks around and sees classmates smiling*
  • Me: "Well, I mean, we're all thinking it... You know, canon, not canon, headcanon..."
  • Another Student: "You know, like in fanfiction?"
  • Me: "Fandoms...on the Internet..."
  • Professor: "I guess I'm the only one who doesn't get the joke."
  • *Then we all tried to explain it to him and he was really happy to hear that our generation knew the word canon and was using it correctly.*

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* Hi Dukesie, I’m relatively new to Tumblr, is there a network of English major tumblrs?

*Curtsies* There’s not really an official network for anything but I have a list of students/lit blogs here and more under my ‘who to follow’ tag, which might be a good place to start. Other ideas would be to track the tag ‘English major’ (God knows I use that one a lot) or the names of authors you’re particularly interested in, because that’ll help you find other people with similar interests.


wounded, vulnerable, sensitive
all words I’m becoming to get used to
I used to look at all these as weaknesses
it’s what we’re used to
in a hyper masculine world where males need to
man” up
stop acting like a bitch
but somewhere along the line
I learned these were strengths
to be wounded and let your hurt show
to let in people and be vulnerable
to be sensitive
it’s okay to be emotional.
it’s okay to be yourself.
never let these things cloud your judgements or decisions
but.. accept them. don’t push them away.
I felt pain & instead of pushing it away I put it on pen
and honestly it’s been my therapy.
sometimes I fall off and forget it
other times I rush to it because it’s all that can calm my thoughts down.
it’s turned a weakness into a strength and for that
ill never look at being emotional
as weak

I’m assuming this is a scam (a new version of the “i wrote something funny about you on this blog lol” trying to get your password), but “your account can be terminated” is stressful as hell. I was working on this blog from several devices yesterday (7/22/16). So, that’s creepy.

Can confirm the link goes to a simple page asking for login info, and not exactly a professional-looking one. (I used my least important device to check the link.) It also asks for username in addition to email and password, which, it’s all obvs shady af already but that’s even more so. The blog itself just has a link labeled as “the last step to verify your account” and “re-confirm” (so, more phishing) with poor and inconsistent grammar.

I couldn’t find anything by searching or googling about it. Anyone else gotten one of these?


anonymous asked:

*Bows to the Duke* Just wondering, what are you planning to do after grad school? I'm interested in English, and might major in it, but there seem to be very few secure and well-paying jobs out there. I'm not trying to say being an English major is a bad decision (it's awesome!) but I'm just curious.


I can almost guarantee that the people who tell you an English major isn’t practical did not major in English. You know what literally every company and corporation and institution in the world needs? People who can write well. Whether or not you’re a creative writer, an English major will teach you read critically and to write coherently and anyone who needs customer service, marketing, and public relations people will value those skills. It’s no more limited than biology or economics. The application of the English fucking language—one of the most prevalent business languages in the world—is not useless, foolish, or a waste of time. 

The truth is that something like 80% of people end up doing something unrelated to their college major as a career. If what you’re good at and what you love is words and storytelling and the mechanics of language, do a fucking English or comp lit major. Majoring in something ‘practical’ like econ or bio is just going to make you unhappy and in the long run, the idea that it’s more ‘useful’ is not based on anything concrete. The idea that an English major isn’t lucrative or useful is perpetuated by people who know nothing about it. And your college major matters a hell of a lot less than what you’re determined to do with your education. Any college major is what you fucking make it. And your college years are the last years you have to devote exclusively to personal growth and exploration. Do not waste them studying shit you don’t care about. 

Personally, I have no idea what I’ll do after grad school. I haven’t even decided where I’m going to grad school and that’ll make a big difference. But I can tell you with complete honestly that I have never wished that I majored in something more ‘practical.’ The only thing I don’t like about my English major is how much time I have to spend justifying it to people who think they’re smarter than I am because they majored in environmental science. 

Sorry if this is overly aggressive; I’m not exactly sober. Hope this helps, sort of.


I admit
sometimes I give it thought
when I know I shouldn’t
second guessing my decisions
and reminiscing
on what couldn’t be
let it be
is what my mind says
you’ll never forget
is what the time says
but maybe an erasing of my memories
is not for me
but a constant reminder of
what’s not for me.

Web Series Wednesday!

There are so many great web series out their that are just begging to be watched! So here’s a nifty list of what to watch now/what to look forward too because their are a TON of amazing web series coming out soon with FANTASTIC PLOTS!


The Veronica Exclusive - one of four web series based on the musical based on the movie Heathers. The Veronica Exclusive films using web cameras which is unlike any web series I’ve seen online. It’s a creative way to film and allows for their production company Stream Vaudeville to get actors and participants from literally anywhere. This web series perfectly combines humour and darkness as the original Heathers movie and musical does plus every actor is amazing and is perfect for their role! Plus they’ve been amazing at promoing us and CWS! #webserieshug

The Late Nell Avery - When I watch a web series 9 times out of 10 it’s based off of a book or has some ties to literature. The Late Nell Avery is the first original web series I’ve seen and it’s fantastic! The premise is that a university student named Cassie documents the strange hauntings going on in her dorm room, harmless hauntings caused by Nell Avery, a ghost and former occupant of the room who can’t leave. The effects for this show are INCREDIBLE and I wish I knew how they made a transparent ghost using a camera! The second season comes out September 3 so catch up on the first season while waiting!

Classic Alice - Alright a lot of people know about this one but I’ve only just started watching it! Basically a girl named Alice gets a “bad mark” on an essay and decides to make all her future decisions by placing herself as characters from Classic novels! It’s a creative and fun web series that’s perfect for book lovers and English majors (like me ;)).

Carmilla - This one already has quite the following on Tumblr but who can blame them?! Based on the novel of the same name, Carmilla is a fun series that brings back that love of vampires and the supernatural that Twilight destroyed. The show has a diversity of characters and relationships and doesn’t make fun of any of it but is rather really accepting and inclusive of everything and everyone!


Beth and Charly - This one is a very new web series but it’s already hilarious! Beth, friendssistant to Charly, a former child star, works to try to bring Charly back to the spotlight she left behind. There are only a few episodes of Beth and Charly but the actors work so well together making the show hilarious, you’re guaranteed to laugh!

Playing Pirates Vlogs - an upcoming web series based on another musical (I’m loving these musical themed web series) Spring Awakening! I’m really excited to see what they’re going to do with their show and how they’ll show all the characters and serious issues in the musical! 

Very Veronica - Another Heather the musical web series! After the success of TVE I’m super excited to see what this one will be like and how they bring the show to vlogging style!

The Heretics - An original web series about witches? Hell yeah!  I am super pumped for this web series because 1) I love witches and the supernatural and 2) IT SOUNDS AMAZING! Super pumped for this!

How Very - ANOTHER HEATHER THE MUSICAL VLOG! I love the dedicated fans of the Heathers fandom and can’t wait to see what happens in this web series! 

Outlaws from Texas - An original historical web series about Bonnie and Clyde! Super excited to see what they’re going to do with this one and how they’ll bring it to the vlogging sphere!

Mission True Love - Another musical adaptation vlog but this time of Legally Blonde! This is the first Legally Blonde vlog being done and I can’t wait to see how they portray Elle and all the other characters! 

Happily Never After - The kids of Disney villains! This sounds so cool and I’m excited to see how they envision and embody these children of villains!

Charlotte’s Web Series - Shameless promotion of self. :P


- Sarah


for some reason
sixteen wasn’t what they made it on tv
I already saw what the world had to offer
better yet, the realities of my world
babies having babies
children harming children
at sixteen we would fiend for the green
our focus unfocused, we teamed for the greed

how old is sixteen really?