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What big rule do you think it is that they're going to have to break in the finale of legends ( my English is bad. So sorry)

(Your english is fine, no problem :) )

As the Legends are about to take off for their next destination, a massive timequake rocks the ship. In order to try and fix what has happened, they are forced to break the one cardinal rule of time travel. But if they are able to destroy the spear, they will face the ultimate consequence.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and I still don’t know. I know that @calmandcalculating has had some ideas, but I can’t think of one major rule about time travel they could need to break that they haven’t already. 

For isntance, Martin’s already interfered with his own timeline and caused an aberration, even if it was an accident.

One thing they might need to do is do that deliberately? Interfere with their own timelines? I mean, Ray, Kendra, and Sara were left in the past and when they were picked up two years later, Rip said he couldn’t drop them back off and go back by two years and re-collect them before they’d had to wait so long, solely because you’re not supposed to interfere with your own timeline and they’d already been picked up.

Another would be to return to the same moment they’ve already changed, which is a big rule they’ve established. They only have a single shot to fix something in time, right? Even if they’ve returned to the old west to see Jonah Hex more than once, it hasn’t been at the same moment or for the same calamity. So maybe that’s it?

Other than that, I’m really not sure…


I can’t get over this 😂😂😂



This is one of the short films made as part of the Legendy Polskie cycle (”Polish Legends”). Directed and designed by a CGI artist acclaimed worldwide, Tomasz Bagiński, the cycle aims to present Polish folklore in a new manner, and to prove that fantasy films can be done well (or better!) outside of Hollywood.

The goal is to combine modern, world-class filmmaking with… some of the more typical aspects of Polish-ness, not only where legends are concerned.

This installment in the series does not require knowing any particular legend, the English subs are passable (though it’s less funny, some of this stuff is not very translate-able), so it’s pretty accessible to general public.

Also, really cool.

For explanations of some things that may perplex foreigners, see below.

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Przeraża mnie ta chwila,
która jej wolność skradła. 
Jaskółka - czarny brylant,
wrzucony tu przez diabła.
[Jaga - Polish Legends by Platige Image]
[official song cover]


Translation for all you English speakers~

Permission was granted for reproduction by the original artist. Editing and redistribution without permission is forbidden.

This picture is after the battle with Zant in the twilight realm. I want from the bottom of my heart for Link and Midna to say things like this as true companions. By Midna’s side the whole way, Link grew from a young man from the countryside to a hero of light, and from there I dream of him becoming Midna’s partner and prince (though he would be a rugged prince…)

I think Link was the one who lifted the curse on Midna’s heart.

Translation by yours truly


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKbuFYd468w)

Polish Legends: Yaga with english subs


I loved it. As always, watch till the very end, there’s always a scene after the final credits.

Idols who can speak English at a conversational level or above

I’m bound to have missed some idols who can speak English. I’ll update my list if I find anymore. Feel free to tell me if I missed any!

  • Tablo - Epik High (has a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and a Master’s degree in creative writing from Stanford University)
  • Danny - 1TYM
  • Teddy - 1TYM
  • Kevin - U-KISS
  • AJ - U-KISS
  • Eli - U-KISS
  • Alexander - U-KISS (ex-member)
  • Vernon - Seventeen
  • Joshua - Seventeen
  • Casper - Cross Gene
  • Amber - f(x)
  • Krystal - f(x)
  • Eric Nam
  • Jimin - 15&
  • Yerin - 15&
  • Key - SHINee
  • Wendy - Red Velvet
  • Bobby - IKON
  • Mark - Got7
  • Jackson - Got7
  • BamBam - Got7
  • Jaehyuk - LEGEND
  • Changmin - 2AM
  • Nickhun - 2PM
  • Taecyeon - 2PM
  • Jay Park - 2PM
  • Rap Monster - BTS
  • Peniel - BtoB
  • Aron - NU’EST
  • Benji - B.I.G
  • James - Royal Pirates
  • Moon - Royal Pirates
  • Sooyoon - Royal Pirates
  • Hanbyl - LEDApple (ex-member)
  • Henry - Super Junior-M
  • Tiffany - SNSD
  • Seohyun - SNSD
  • Jessica - SNSD (ex-member)
  • Sooyoung - SNSD
  • Park Bom - 2NE1
  • CL - 2NE1
  • Dara - 2NE1
  • Ailee
  • G.NA
  • G-Dragon - Big Bang
  • Taeyang - Big Bang
  • Kris - EXO
  • D.O. - EXO
  • Rome - C-Clown
  • Kevin - ZE:A
  • Haewon - X-5
  • Thunder - MBLAQ (ex-member)
  • Kyung - Block B
  • Cory - 24K
  • Jude - BIGSTAR
  • Yoon Mi Rae / Tasha (not an idol)
  • Tiger JK (not an idol)
  • Verbal Jint (not an idol)
  • Brian Joo - Fly to the Sky
  • San-E (not an idol)
  • Microdot (not an idol)
  • Typhoon - TRAX
  • Sam Carter - Lunafly
  • L.Joe - Teen Top
  • Hani - EXID
  • Jay Kim - BTL
  • Prince Mak - JJCC
  • Eddy - JJCC
  • Jung Joon Young (not an idol)
  • Yuna - The Ark
  • Jane - The Ark
  • Brian - DAY6
  • Jae - DAY6
  • Sera - 9Muses
  • Sungah - 9Muses
  • Andy - Shinhwa
  • Eric - Shinhwa

Edmund Leighton (1852-1922)
“The King and the Beggar-maid” (1898)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

“The King and the Beggar-maid” tells the story of King Cophetua and his love for the beggar Penelophon. According to tradition, Cophetua was an African king known for his lack of any sexual attraction to women. One day while looking out a palace window he witnesses a young beggar (Penelophon). Struck by love at first sight, Cophetua decides that he will either have the beggar as his wife or commit suicide. Walking out into the street, he scatters coins for the beggars to gather and when Penelophon comes forward, he tells her that she is to be his wife. She agrees and becomes queen. The couple lives a “quiet life” but are much loved by their people. Eventually they die and are buried in the same tomb.