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カートゥーン ネットワーク
世界のアニメがここにいる!「カートゥーン ネットワーク」は世界178ヶ国以上、約3億6千万世帯が視聴する世界最大級のアニメ専門チャンネルです。永遠の名作「トムとジェリー」をはじめ、「チャーリー・ブラウンとスヌーピー」、「きかんしゃトーマス」など大人気のアニメやオリジナルアニメ「パワーパフ ガールズ」や「ベン10」...

Found an amazing resource today for those wanting to use cartoons with your students (likely in ESS) or practice your Japanese. But this youtube channel has TONS of old and current Cartoon Network shows in Japanese !!! 

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I love love love Glasgow AU and that last prompt (of J and C discussing adopting Fergus) got me thinking of how Fergus reacts to this thought by our Frasers. They deserve all the bairns! And Fergus deserves all the ❤️ thanks ladies! You all are amazing!

Anonymous said: Could you please do a sequel to today’s prompt- Fergus going back to Glasgow with the Frasers and how he settles in?

Modern Glasgow AU

Jamie quietly closed the door to his bedroom and leaned back against the door, watching Claire nurse their wee son.

William was nearly a year old, and he’d long ago graduated to solid foods – but he still nursed right before bed. Claire had weaned the girls by their six-month birthday, but she’d wanted to stay closer to William for a bit longer. Perhaps it was because they’d decided there would be no more children – perhaps it was because she hadn’t done so with the girls – or perhaps it was because she just loved the peace and calm it brought to her, now that she was knee-deep in her challenging new job as a surgeon.

But whatever the reason, Jamie didn’t mind. It soothed both his wife and the lad, and also meant he could still have a wee taste of his own every now and again –

“Are they asleep?”

Claire didn’t look up, mesmerized by William’s tiny features – the perfect mix of the two of them, with her dark curls and his piercing blue eyes.

“They’re bathed and dressed for bed. Fergus asked to read to them again – it’s good for his English, and the girls certainly dinna mind.”

Jamie settled his thumbs in the belt loops of his jeans, reflecting. Five months since the papers had been finalized and Fergus had become a Fraser, arriving via train in the company of Jared, wide-eyed with nervousness and excitement. At the end of that first trip to Paris when William had been so small, they’d spoken to Fergus about joining their family. The lad had been so overwhelmed that he’d sat there, stunned, on the lumpy couch in Jared’s sitting room, with the girls singing to their stuffed toys in the other room.

Jamie was worried his French had not been up to par – that perhaps the puir lad had misunderstood him – but then Fergus had wiped his nose on his sleeve, nodded, and said in a strong voice, “I would be honored.” Then he’d hesitantly looked at Jamie and Claire – seated on either side of him – and very slowly sank into Claire’s arms.

It had taken some work after that – Jamie had made some trips down to Paris to sign all the necessary documents – but he was here now. Still struggling to learn English, but blossoming with the love showered on him by his parents – and his adoring siblings – and Murtagh.

Truth be told, Jamie feared Murtagh would disagree with their decision. When they returned from Paris and announced that not only would they be adopting another bairn, but that it was a ten-year-old boy, with no English - the older man had had to sit down to process the news. But he’d clapped Jamie on the back, congratulated him, and praised him for being so selfless – for opening his heart to a child in need. For showing compassion, when he had no obligation to do so.

And Murtagh had been the most diligent of Fergus’ teachers since he’d arrived in Glasgow – showing him around the city, each pushing a pram with one or two of the three wee Frasers he cared for during the day. Introducing him to different foods. Showing him the parks where he could push one of his sisters on the swings or hold his brother while Murtagh followed Faith and Brianna around on the playground. And helping him with his English, despite the fact that Murtagh had zero command of the French language.

Fergus had made astonishing progress – his speech was still halting, and he struggled with the Scottish accents, but he was a remarkably bright and resilient lad. He could speak basic English now, and put in as much practice as he could every day, speaking with Murtagh or reading picture books to his loving sisters.

“He’s so good with them, Jamie. More patience than I have sometimes.”

Claire shifted William to her other breast and smiled down at him. Jamie softly crossed the room to sit beside her on the bed, reaching an arm around her back and resting his chin on her bare shoulder, watching his son gently knead Claire’s breast with his tiny fist.

“Mmm.” He kissed her shoulder. “We Fraser men are patient wi’ our women. Even this one, greedy wee thing he is.”

He felt her smile. “I know it’s been so overwhelming for him, but he’s so lucky to have so many lovely people supporting him.”

Jamie snorted. “About that. I have something to tell ye.”

Claire shifted William in the crook of her elbow. “Oh? A good something or a bad something?”

“Weel – a good something, I suppose. Fergus asked me a question tonight, and I didna have a good answer for it.”

“Did he?” Claire turned her head, craning her neck to look at him – and he took the opportunity to kiss her cheek. “Now I’m intrigued.” She angled her head to kiss him on the mouth – and it went on for a while.

He pulled back, grinning. “Oh God, Claire. If it’s what I think it is – you and I are in for a good laugh.”

She quirked an eyebrow. He shook his head.

“Fergus asked me if Suzette was Murtagh’s…woman.”

Claire’s mouth opened in shock. “No!”

Jamie’s grin went all the way to the creases of his eyes. “Yes! Can ye believe it?”

“But how? When?”

“Ever since ye introduced them, what – a month or so ago? She’s been stopping by Murtagh’s flat almost every day.”

“I had no idea! She didn’t tell me – and she hasn’t missed any of her shifts at the hospital, so  - ”

“She’s been such a good friend to Fergus – helping him understand how he can stay French but also be Scottish, ken? And Fergus told me that she and Murtagh have been taking lunch together almost every day, after he puts the bairns down for their nap and lets Fergus watch his learning English programs on the computer.”

Claire’s face-splitting grin matched Jamie’s. “Oh, that’s so wonderful! I never thought anyone would crack that hard shell.”

Jamie’s thumb ruffled William’s dark curls, cupping his tiny head within his palm. “He hasna said anything to me about it, though now that I think on it, he’s been quieter than usual.”

“Jamie, that man barely speaks as it is – I don’t see how he could get any quieter!”

He shrugged and kissed the tip of her nose. “So I told Fergus that ‘woman’ wasna the proper term – there are words such as ‘girlfriend,’ for example. And then it was difficult to explain why we use the world ‘girlfriend’ even if it’s no’ a girl, but a woman.”

William released. She handed him to Jamie, who expertly threw a blanket over his shoulder and began burping his wee lad as Claire buttoned her blouse.

“And what did he say to that?”

“He didna say much of anything, except that Murtagh looks at her the way I look at *you* sometimes.”

Tears suddenly sprung to Claire’s eyes – whether as a release from the nursing, or with joy for the dear man who loved her and her family deeply, she couldn’t say. But she gripped Jamie’s elbow – and as soon as William was finished and safely laid in a nest of pillows on the other side of the bed, she crawled into Jamie’s lap and wound her arms around his strong shoulders, forehead touching his.

“Was *I* ever your girlfriend?” she teased, winding her legs around his hips.

He kissed her closed eyelids. “No – ye went from being a stranger to my fiancée to my wife. And ye’re certainly no’ a girl, Claire.”

She hummed in pleasure against him. “You know what this means, right?”

He shook his head, gently grinding his hips against hers.

“Remember all those mornings he gave us looks over breakfast, right after we married? Or that time he came home early and found us on the kitchen counter? Or – ”

“Aye, that time when I left my phone charging on the table and he saw one of the pictures. I canna forget that one.”

She butted her nose against his. “So – now we get to give it all back to him. In spades.”

He swallowed her laugh, thrilled.

18.02.2016 - Exams Results

I know for many of you these results won’t be that exciting; they’re like two B’s (in Computer Science and IT for Business), one B+ (in Maths) and a A- (in Business Administration and Technical English) or something.


I’m so happy about these results because:

- I thought that I would have failed for sure at least 2 or 3 exams
- I also wanted to drop some exams I believed I’d failed.
- it was difficult studying in a foreign language (I’m Italian but I study in Germany), I know, it was my choice, but however, it wasn’t that easy.
- It was my first semester.


- I accepted the marks as they are. They’re not perfect, I could have done better and so on, but accepting these marks I somewhat accepted myself.
- I never put the marks before my sleeping schedule or my social life.
- I found my balance.
- I studied much but took breaks and had an extra college life (thing that I never thought it was possible in high school)
- I got healthier grades (because I didn’t stress me too much or pushed my mental and physical health)

So I didn’t just want you to know my grades. I’m not that egocentric; I actually wanted you to understand this:

Learn, study, exercise, sleep, eat, love,  get good grades and bad ones, try to get better but remember that you and your mental and physical health should be the most important things to yourself.

Love to learn 📚

Love yourself 💞