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D_Klein_Glienicke_Potsdam_02 by Julian Weyer
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Classical ruins in the parklands. Schloss Glienicke was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, with gardens by Peter Joseph Lenné, from 1824 and 30 years onwards. The romantic gardens are interspersed with numerous features and architectures such as the Casino Villa, a cloister courtyard, romantic classical ruins and belvederes.


This Georgian rectory in the Cotswolds

 is an historic property. In the late 1800’s the Reverend Edward Litton lived here, and was sometimes visited by his friend from Oxford, Charles Dodgson - better known as Lewis Carroll. It is said that Litton’s daughter, Alice, was the inspiration for the heroine of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Images Nicola Browne & Dan Pearson Studio


Jugendstil aka Art Nouveau in Darmstadt Germany

Darmstadt was a centre of the Art Nouveau movement. Surviving examples of the Jugendstil period include the Swimmingpoolhouse, the Rosenhöhe, a landscaped English-style rose garden from the 19th century, recently renovated and replanted,[16] the Mathildenhöhe,[17] with the Hochzeitsturm (‘Wedding tower’, also commonly known as the 'Five-Finger-Tower’) by Joseph Maria Olbrich, the Russian Chapel in Darmstadt and large exhibition halls as well as many private villas built by Jugendstil architects who had settled in Darmstadt (Wiki). http://casaboa.tumblr.com/