english is irrelevant

I was tagged by #1 allura fan, @keeith

I’m so late to this forgive me lily

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better!

relationship status: taken for granted. Also I have the best boyfriend in the world ily al.

favourite color: rn yellow and pastel pink!

lipstick or chapstick?: none lmao, lipgloss all the way

last song I listened to: You Are Going To Hate This by the Frights, check em out bc they are ~amazing~

last movie I watched: Coraline, personal favorite!

top three tv shows: lmao this is going to be hard but I guess The Get Down (Jaden Smith is my kink), Brooklyn 99 and Adventure Time (with a special mention to Over The Garden Wall!)

top three characters: bruh. Lance McClain from Voltron, Luna Lovegood from hp and Dizzee from The Get Down

top three ships: percabeth, klance and everlark

books I’m currently reading: The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, The Catcher in the Rye by Sallinger and No Word From Gru by Mendoza (Spanish lit yaay)

Tagging: @phereinnike @astraera @hyppogriff @prankchanyeol @dionyxus @ginnyv @1bus and idk whoever else wants to do this!

All I want from the final upd8:

• Johnrezi
• Karkat and Terezi to be close again
• more!! (Vriska)!!!!
• Roxy x John
• Karkat to be happy
• Dirks gotta be alive man
• Dad & John reunion
• let gamzee out??
• Jake to be ok with all his buddies again
• bring back Feferi guys
• more AraSol
• one last smile from Dave