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Hi! I love your blog and was wondering if you could help me with somethings about SJ. After 2 years I finally managed to get a friend to become an elf and she asked me vs to watch with SJ, but I only have been able to point out Explorers of the Human Body and a few others, but I don't remember much of programmes to recommend. Could you help me with some tips of what to show her? Thank you and I'm sorry if I made a mistake with my English, it's not my first language and sometimes I get confused!

Hello! Thank you so much! Here is a list of some of their shows since 2005:

Super Junior Show
Super Adonis Camp
Mystery 6
Full House
Super Junior Mini-Drama
Super Junior Animal Farm
Super Junior’s Music Diary
Explore The Human Body
Unbelievable Outing 
Attack on Pin-Up Boys

Star King with Super Junior 
Strong Heart with Super Junior
Super Junior Kiss The Radio
Let’s Go! Dream Team with Eunhyuk
Intimate Note with Super Junior
Super Junior Foresight
Super Junior Star Life Theater
High Society with Super Junior
Shinhwa Broadcast with Super Junior
Super Junior Guest House
Super Junior Devil’s Feast
One Fine Day (in Switzerland)

Boys in City 1 - Kuala Lumpur
Boys in City 2 - Tokyo
Boys in City 3 - Hong Kong
Boy in City 4 - Paris

Memories in Hawaii - Aloha, Mahalo
All About Super Junior (Treasure Within Us) 

SJ Returns 
Running Man with Super Junior 
Weekly Idol with Super Junior (ep 328 and 329)
Home Shopping with Super Junior 


I see my “Voltron using Earth memes” post and raise you “English is difficult and Coran and Allura don’t understand metaphors.”


Lance: “Yeah, I’m up for that!”

Coran: “Why are you up?”

Lance: “Oh, it just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: “Oh okay! Earth slang!”

*one week later*

Hunk: “Yeah I’d be down for that!”

Coran: “Why are you down???? Are you all right?!”

Hunk: “Oh no, I’m fine! That just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: ???????????????


Lance: “Coran, your mustache is on point today!”

Coran, looking around in confusion: “What point? Where is the point my mustache is on?”


Pidge, seeing Hunk’s new invention: “Dude! That’s sick!!”

Allura: “It is a machine, is it not? How can it be ill???”


*team sees Shiro’s muscles*

Hunk: “Oh my god I’m dead.”

Lance: “Deceased.”

Pidge: “Rip me.”

Keith: “I’ve been stabbed.”

Allura and Coran: “Is this??? Normal??????? To die from attractiveness on Earth??”


Hunk, teaching Allura and Coran to write in English: “Good job, Coran, but you spelled ‘eye’ wrong.”

Coran, frowning: “Pidge said it was the single straight letter with the lines on either side.”

Hunk: “That’s ‘I,’ like ‘I went to the store.’ You want ‘eye,’ like your eyeball.”

Allura: “Wait a moment, Lance told me you spelled it ‘aye.’”

Hunk, facepalming: “That’s like…for a pirate. We don’t use that one very often.”

Coran: “English is very confusing.”

Hunk: “Don’t even get me started.”


Pidge: “Hunk I would kill someone for this cheesecake you made.”

Coran: *yanks Allura’s cheesecake away and flings it at Pidge*

Pidge, covered in cheesecake: “What just happened”


Shiro: “I’ll just be a second, guys.” *comes back ten minutes later*

Hunk: “Give me a sec, Pidge.” *goes to help her five seconds later*

Lance, waking up: “I’ll be out in a sec” *half an hour passes*

Keith: “One sec, let me grab my bayard.” *returns in three minutes*

Pidge: “This program will only take a sec to download.” *finishes 13 hours later*

Allura: “How long???? Is a second????”

Coran: “I have no idea.”

Perks Of Being Multilingual

Made a new Korean friend online today and we are both Christian and were attempting to have a conversation about a Christian book in Korean. Well my Korean conversation skills are basic and her english is basic. We both were getting confused but guess what? New Korean friend lives in Latin America and speaks spanish fluently. I myself am basically fluent, so we ended up having our conversation in Spanish instead of either of our native languages. Moral of the story is you never know when your 2nd 3rd or 5th language may come in handy. So keep learning my friends

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Hi there! I've just recently started teaching myself spanish, and I was curious; what mistakes do you often see people learning Spanish make? Thank you!


Well, there are so many kinds of mistakes.

I think the most common mistake of all time is to forget if a word is feminine or masculine. But I understand this can be difficult and even advanced students still get some words wrong, but they correct themselves right away.

Related to that, adjectives also have gender and number. Remember the adjective goes after the noun, most of the time.

And… articles, and possessive adjectives also have gender and number.

Articles: un, una, unos, unas (a, some); el, la, los, las (the).
Possessive adjectives: mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus, nuestro/a, nuestros/as.

Remember the important thing here is the noun, and the adjectives, articles and possessive adjectives will change depending on the noun.

For example:

  • Tengo una flor bonita. - I have a pretty flower.
  • Tengo unas flores bonitas. - I have some pretty flowers.
  • Mi amigo es simpático. - My friend is nice.
  • Mis amigos son simpáticos. - My friends are nice.


The word problema. This word ends in “a” but it is a masculine word. So we say:

  • el problema - the problem
  • un problema - a problem
  • muchos problemas - many problems

I made a post of the most common words that end in “a” but are masculine. here.


The word gente (people). In English the word “people” is plural, but in Spanish “gente” is feminine and singular because we use it as a group of people. So we say:

  • la gente - the people
  • mucha gente - many people
  • poca gente - few people

I also made a post about this here. :)

Remember it is:
¿Cuál es tu nombre? - What is your name?
And not: ¿Qué es tu nombre? (X)

In English, when you have two nouns you just put them together, as “action movie” or “orange juice”.

In Spanish we need de in between these two nouns. For example:

  • película de acción - action movie (movie of action)
  • jugo de naranja - orange juice (juice of orange)
  • clase de piano - piano class (class of piano)

Also with people:

  • el hermano de mi amiga - My friend’s brother (the brother of my friend)
  • la madre de mi novio - My boyfriend’s mother (the mother of my boyfriend)

In English you can say “I eat breakfast” or “I have breakfast” but in Spanish we have a verb to say this, So we don’t need the verb “eat” or “have”.

desayunar: to have breakfast

  • ¿Qué desayunaste? - What did you have for breakfast?
  • Esta mañana desayuné huevos y jugo de naranja. - This morning I had eggs and orange juice for breakfast.

We also have:

  • almorzar: to have lunch
  • comer: to have lunch/dinner (In Spain and Latin America the main meal is in the afternoon, around 14:00 to 16:00)
  • merendar: to have an afternoon snack
  • cenar: to have dinner

Visit my post related to this.

Many students get confused by these pronouns because in English you say “at school” or “at the party” but a is not at.

We use a when someone or something is going/moving to somewhere.
We use en when someone or something is located somewhere.

a = to
en = in/on/at

So we say:
Hoy fui a la escuela. - Today I went to school.
Estoy en la escuela. - I’m at school.

Voy a ir a una fiesta. - I’m going to a party.
Hay mucha gente en la fiesta. - There are a lot of people at the party.

See my post about this.

Remember it is:

Gracias por _____ - Thank you for ___
Perdón por _____ - Sorry for ___

When we want to say that we like something, we always need an article before the noun.

  • Me gusta el chocolate. - I like chocolate.
    Me gusta chocolate (X)

  • Me gustan las películas. - I like movies.
    Me gusta películas (X)
    Me gustan películas (X)

Remember “gusta” changes to “gustan” when the noun is plural.

When we want to talk about someone else’s likes. We use le.

le gusta / le gustan

And we also need A before the person that we are talking about:

  • A ella le gusta el café - She likes coffee.
  • A mi hermano le gustan los dinosaurios - My brother likes dinosaurs.
  • A mi amigo le gusta el fútbol - My friend likes football

(I think I should make a post only for “gustar”)

These are Spanish words that look very similar to English words but have different meanings.

See the post here.

I don’t know why some beginner Spanish students just skip these verbs or they take too long to learn them. We use them all the time and knowing how Reflexive Verbs work will help you understand many common phrases as:

¿Me veo bien? - Do I look good?
Te quiero ver. - I want to see you.
Nos vamos a la playa. - We’re going to the beach.
¿Cómo se dice? - How do you say it?

See my post: Introduction to Reflexive Verbs.
And here’s a video :)

I think that’s all for now!
People make all kinds of mistakes depending on their level and their first language. But these are the mistakes that I see repeating over and over again in all kinds of students.

However, don’t let mistakes stop you from talking. We can’t be perfect and we were not born knowing everything. And besides, people understand and they are glad to know you are making an effort learning their language.



a twitter compilation of a sudden and inexplicable werewolf au (click images)

Don’t look at Heiji, look back at me, and say “he doesn’t even act like a dog” with a straight face

My favorite thing about SKAM is seeing Americans get all confused when characters use English randomly in their sentences, and be like “Is this what it’s like NOT living in an English speaking country?”, like hell yeah, we use like three different languages at the same time, it’s a fucking wild ride. 

GOT7 - You’re a foreigner.

Request: Got7 reaction: you being a foreigner but dating them

Mark: That would never be a problem for him, because he’s American too. You two would get on very well and always speak english together. “Baby, let’s speak english around members so they get confused?” He would say excited. “But… They speak english too.” You looked at him laughing. “Oh… Yeah,shit. Forget it." 

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Jaebum: "Baby … Speak slowly or I will not understand you” You said to him, that spoke without stopping. “Sorry, sorry, I forgot.” He laughs. You weren’t fluent in Korean and he knew it, but sometimes it was difficult to talk to him. But this has never been a problem for any of you. He always helped you and taught you when possible. “Great, that’s the correct pronunciation, you deserves a kiss.” He says when he was teaching you some expressions.

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Jackson: OH MY GOD HE WOULD LOVE THAT! He would ask you about your country all the time, ask about the culture, about music… EVERYTHING! “Princess, you HAVE to teach me to speak your native language so when I visit your family, I can talk to them.”

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Jinyoung: In the beginning, it would be kind of strange for him, it took him a while to get used to your manners and your way of speaking. Even if he loved it all, it would be a little stranger for him. But he loved the fact that you were different from the others and that’s what made him fall in love with you.

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Youngjae: Sometimes, in interviews, some people tell some bad jokes about you for him. And he definitely hated it. Because to him, it was totally normal that you were a foreigner and he loved it. He loved to know about your culture and whenever you could, you were going to visit your country and your family. Youngjae always posted pictures of you in the instagram, telling how beautiful you are and always defending you from stupid and silly comments.

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Bambam: Actually, he would be so pround to everyone the fact that you are a foreigner. “So, my girlfriend is from another country and she’s so HOT!” And you thought that was very funny, he always said he’d never seen anyone as beautiful as you.

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Yugyeom: Like Jackson, he would love to know about your culture and about your family. Sometimes it took him a while to understand what you were saying because you were not totally fluent in Korean and English. So you wrapped up in both languages so you could talk to him. But he was always understanding. This was never a problem in your dating, and he loves it, he really did.

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Italian/English ‘False Friends’

False friends: Words that looks the same, sound almost the same BUT they mean different things.

I really hope that this post will help a lot of people that want to learn italian or either italian people that want to learn english and get less confused by this words.

Also there are a lot false friends but I only wrote the ones that for me are the most confusing.

means to take advange of
(to) abuse = insultare, maltrattare

to face
(to) affrontoffendere, oltraggiare

this doesn’t mean to annoy but to bore
(to) annoy = irritare, dar fastidio

means to wait for
(to) attend = frequentare, partecipare

means garage, parking space
box = scatola or fare pugilato

pure, innocent
Candid = schietto

means to compare
(to) confront = far fronte a, affrontare

means good value
Convenient = comodo, adatto, opportuno

means disappointment
Delusion = illusione

doesn’t mean disgrace but misfortune
Disgrace = vergogna, disonore

means to amuse
(to) divert = deviare

to ask, to require, to wonder
(to) demand = pretendere, esigere, insistere

Editor = direttore (of a newspaper) or curatore (of books)

good manners
Education = cultura, istruzione

means real
Effective = efficace

necessary, possibly
Eventually = alla fine, finalmente

means factory
Fabric = tessuto

means farm
Factory = fabbrica

means big
Gross = grossolano, rozzo

inconsiderable, filmsy
Inconsistent = incompatibile, incoerente

accident, crash
Incident = evento, episodio

to understand, to hear
Intend = often traslated as destinare

oral test (scholastic)
Interrogation = interrogatorio

Library = biblioteca

Misery = sofferenza

means soft
Morbid = morboso

means to name
(to) nominate = candidare

means oyster
Ostrich = struzzo

means relatives
Parents = genitori

means licence
Patent = brevetto

Pavement = marciapiede

contraceptive, condom
Preservative = conservante

means turnip
Rape = supro

to look again, to be about, to exmine
(to) regard = considerare, stimare, riguardare

To answer, to come up to
(to) respond = essere sensibile a, contraccambiare

rough and ready
Rude = maleducato, offensivo

means sensitive
Sensible = ragionevole, di buon senso

press, print
Stamp = francobollo

terrifying, fringhtening
Terrific = eccezionale, fantastico

Vacancy = posto di lavoro disponibile

means wine
Vine = vite, rampicante

Can I just say…

I love coco. Like I remember all the negativity about it when the trailers came out. But I was really excited. I saw my grandmas face light up when we saw that trailer. Now fast forward to when we finally saw it. For some context let me say. I live on a border town. Brownsville. The majority of the people here are all Hispanic. Our signs are in Spanish and English. Many of us get really confused when we travel up north. If you don’t know at least some bit of Spanish you might have a difficult time.

While watching that movie. I looked around. And just the beginning. The intro! With the Disney castle! Had people chocking up. Because it was our music! Kids were excitedly doing gritos along with the characters. My ma was telling me and my friend how right they got this movie and giving us background knowledge on some of the things in the movie. People were laughing. And for once I could take my grandma to a movie and watch her get excited because she really understood what was happening. Me and grandma were able to understand. We were on the same page!!

A whole row of boys were in front of me crying. When the movie ended the theatre erupted in applause. I was so surprised.

Coco is fantastic. For the first time it really felt like representation of my culture. It had our music it had our language and culture. The characters looked like us! As much as I love the book of life(and I do I really really do- much respect to that movie.)

Coco touched us on such a deeper level. Representation. I’ve never felt it and now I can see first hand. How important and impactful it is.


I’m sorry if this came out confusing as hell but it was keep in my chest for way too long and I just needed to get this shit out ;; (also if anyone knows how to put things into read more in the mobile version please let me known)

Oh God Tumblr is just so fucking unhealthy to victims of bullying it’s disgusting. We all need to have self destructive habits and never ever smile because if not, we don’ have any mental illness, we are just some neurotypical that “thinks that has some problem” BUT at same time you need to be a pure and perfect angel that cries at night because oh boy looks how tragic even though we are so good to people we only gain beatrayal and pain in return. And if you’re not like that? Then you are a disgusting bitter person that don’t know when to grown up. (The same goes on how people thinks bitter posts are funny but when someone actually acts like that then they are a horrible rude person)

But guess what? That’s what abuse and bullying does, you can overcome it? YES. But even so, it leaves marks. And it will slip when you least expect. It takes a LOT of work to go through everything and says “It doesn’t affect me anymore, I am not what this x thing did to me”, and it’s a constant fight, SPECIALLY when you are emotional, to not the way you are treated your whole life. It’s not that you are a bad person, you learned to act this way. We know it’s bad and most of times, we will not act like our abusers but IT TAKES TIME AND IN MOST OF CASES FUCKING PROFESSIONAL HELP. No one who go through shit and just keeps smiling, when you are bitten you learn to bite, and be damned if you are not going to use it as self defense.

Look, my father isn’t exactly abusive (I refuse to call it abuse tbh), I know he loves me but he simply don’t know how to show it very well, he has an untreated borderline and we all understand that. My mother isn’t exactly the most sensible person in the world either. Because of this I actually don’t know how to fucking express that I like someone, I don’t even know how the fuck hugs even *work*, so I decided to show it through actions. People who don’t know me very well thinks I am cool hearted, or egoist, or bitter at life and et cetera, but those who do knows that I will do everything to be at their side helping with at I can. I just don’t know how to help people emotionally because I never learned it in my house very well AND that is counting the fact that I overcome my father’s “abuse” through therapy and lots of research and help from my friends.

Now, Snape? Severus Snape didn’t get that. Because people didn’t even *try* to help him. Snape didn’t even “make all the wrong choices”, Snape simply didn’t got CHOICES in the first place. He was bullied and abused and nobody fucking cared. He learned how to be strong alone. There was only defense for him and it was to attack. I love how people say that he should just be quiet in a corner that the bullying would stop eventually because it’s OBVIOUSLY THOSE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BEING BULLIED. It will not stop if you keep quiet, you are just making yourself a better target. And remember; Snape was almost killed in a prank. He could have told to his housemates about it and get revenge, but he choose to talk to Dumbledore and the only think he got in return? A “Shut up and don’t tell anyone about it”. You know who was the only person who promised a better life for Snape? Voldemort. And don’t lie saying that if you are in his place you wouldn’t choose it because we all know it's​ not true.

Also, his only canon friend besides Lily was Lucius (and Dumbledore, I guess), and when he turned into a spy he betrayed him. He choose a life with no friends and no family because of *guilty*. And remember again; Snape changed sides but he never got the help he needed to come through all of this shit alright. And you know what happens when you go through this much shit and don’t overcome it? Yes dude, you grown​ bitter, depressed and guess what? You don’t fucking forget easily. People love comparing him to Harry but SNAPE ISN’T HARRY. SNAPE WASN’T SORTED INTO GRYFFINDOR AND SNAPE DIDN’T HAVE FRIENDS. Harry and Snape share a lot of personality traits? Yes. They are abused by their family? Yes. They both are bullied by jerks? Yes. But Harry got lucky and people love to forget that. Harry isn’t who he is because he was a better person than Snape or a cinnamon roll who only has good in his heart, Harry is who he is because he got a shit ton of help, their stories are different, period. I feel so angry when people compare him to Snape as some sort of “Look how better he is as a person”, because how ignorant you have to be to think that you are born bitter or positive, that you are inherent good or evil? I mean, do these people even *read* Harry Potter?

And no, I am not in any ways excusing Snape actions towards students who are way more young than him, but the chances that he didn’t even thought about the damage he was inflicting to them is VERY HIGH. Also, what’s the point in loving a character that is a unrealistic fluffy ball all the time? cough

Anyway, TL;DR; the thing is I fucking hate how Tumblr treats abuse victims. If you’re not there to people who don’t cope with their bullying, if you are not there for people who are bitter because of it, if you are not there for people who are actually the majority in those cases, then don’t pretend to be there for “pure cinnamon rolls who didn’t deserve what happened to them” because you are just a disgusting person who contributes to the problem.

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The bulk of this sudden appreciation of tkc seems to center around cartercy, so ... Sadie Kane headcanons? Any thoughts on our magic girl?

tbh I think it started with ladie/ladizel, but I think people did hop upon the Cartercy ship a lot quicker. That aside, sure!

  • bi af, so freaking bi
  • Like she’s such a mess around pretty girls. She likes to think that she’d be super smooth, but nope
  • totally had a crush on Lacy
  • Her hair is actually incredibly frizzy, and she gave up straightening it after she left England
  • Will kick your ass if you make fun of her accent, but actually loves making fun of it herself. She’s allowed to of it, but you sure ain’t
  • Owns more leather jackets than socks, and loves wearing colourful and glittery shoes regardless of how impractical they might be
  • Carter bought her an electric guitar for her birthday once, and she spent the rest of the year learning how to play her favourite songs on it
  • Idc what Rick says, this girl is into Rock and Roll, not Adele
  • If a piece of her clothing has a pocket(s), then you can bet there’ll be a packet of chewing gum in there
  • Doodles on whatever surface she can kind when she’s bored and will use your arm if you don’t keep it close
  • She must have made some Harry Potter jokes sometime in her life, I mean come on, she’s magic and grew up in England. And if Carter never said ‘Yer a wizard Sadie’ then I’d be deeply offended
  • Can pick up new languages really quickly, which is good since she really wants to travel the world when she’s older
  • I’m sure she must have wanted to start a band sometime in her life, inspired by all those cheesy Disney Channel shows and films, regardless of the fact that she knew no one who could play an instrument
  • Likes using English phrases to confuse the fuck out of people
  • When she gets angry, her accent becomes so strong that no one can understand her, which just makes her more angry
  • Plays her music so loud that everyone around her can clearly hear it and worries about how that’ll affect her later in life
  • If she can’t think of a comeback, she’ll just flip you off
  • Rick Rolls people when she’s bored. Carter hates her for it
  • If you insult cats then she’ll pin you down and rant about how you’re wrong for an hour straight
  • Has five thousand pairs of broken earphones hanging around that she can’t be bothered to get rid of
wow I came out with a lot more than I thought I would…

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Do you know any other languages than Spanish and English?

Nope, i only speak those two languages. I get really confused when I get asks in Portuguese or Russian (I get those a lot)

Sportacus’s parents want to meet Robbie, so Sportacus invites them to LazyTown.

However, their English is not good. So Sportacus starts practicing his Icelandic to English translations because he still gets confused sometimes and he knows he’s going to have to help translate everything.

However, when he sees his parents and Robbie interacting, they are conversing in fluent Icelandic.

Sportacus has to go sit down for a moment because it’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen Robbie do.

In Korean, you don’t always need a verb. Some simple particles will do the trick:

The subject particles are: 은 and 는
The object particles are: 을 and 를

Words ending in a consonant get 은 or 을 while words ending in a vowel get 는 or 를.

Now, after your subject (and object, if you have one) comes your verb or adjective–which comes LAST. (If you want to learn conjugation patterns, check one of my recent posts) :>

Now, let’s put together my sentence.

Subject: I ~> 저
저 ends in a vowel so we add ~는
저~> 저는

Object: Cake ~> 케이크
케이크 ends in a vowel as well, but since it is the object (the thing that is acted UPON), we add ~를.
케이크~> 케이크를

Verb: to like~> 좋아하다
But I am liking in the present tense, because I am currently liking cake soooㅇㅅㅇ
We do some conjugating and TADA
좋아하다~> 좋아해(요).

저는 케이크를 좋아해요.
I like cake. :>

Hey, but guess what? Subjects can be implied, so:
케이크를 좋아해요.
Means the same thing!


What if I want to say my cake is yummy?
In this sentence you would only have a subject and adjective (no verb “to be,” like in English).

Here’s where it gets confusing. MORE particles: 이 (after words ending in a consonant) & 가 (after words ending in a vowel). Now, there’s no need to stress over the difference between 이+가 and 은+는 just yet. :> calm down~ it’s a small difference.

케이크가 맛있어요 and 케이크는 맛있어요. Could be interpreted in nearly the same way.
How I look at it is:
케이크가 맛있어요. The cake is yummy.
케이크는 맛있어요. As for this cake, it’s yummy.

Words used:
저 I (formal)
케이크 cake
좋아하다 to like
맛있다 to be yummy/delicious

Peace out~
특별한 짱보라. Exceptionally jjang bora.

So! Here’s a bit of the QN quizpuri, where Maenu (Camus) imitates Midorikawa Hikaru (Otori Eiichi), Yonaga Tsubasa (Nagi), Ono Daisuke (Kira) and Yamashita Daiki (as Shion)

It’s really subtle but I really enjoy every chance we get to hear how versatile seiyuu-san are when it comes to imitate other’s voices/charas and I wanted to share it in case someone missed it. Also here’s a link for the youtube ver if you get confused about their names, I added some english subs there. Enjoy!