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The style of “Villains” reminds me a lot of the style of “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, so I needed to draw this crossover.I still remember the time when Cartoon Network was a big city with all the cartoons characters living and interacting there. Were very good times~
(Pd: Espero que “Villanos” se estrene pronto como serie o voy a morir c:)

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Didnt mighty Maggie swords start out as shorts before being turned into a show? If so I hope that happens with this show. While I think it's cool that Arin Hanson played a few characters in that show. I couldnt get into it. But this show. This gives me a Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy meets Dexter's lab on crack. I wanna see more i hope they do more I hope it gets a english dub and black hat still has a deep voice in the english dub.

Villainous DOES have an English dub! :D You can catch the English versions of the episodes on CN right now! They just haven’t been posted online like the Spanish versions have, hopefully they will be, eventually!

This show is like a GOOD, BIG OLD BREATH OF FRESH AIR from CN’s usual content. The style is so distinct from what’s airing right now, it’s sharper, not round and squash and soft like a lot of other shows?? (which of course there’s nothing wrong with that art direction, but man I can’t wait to see upcoming art kids drawing like this???) It feels like everything I loved about shows like Billy & Mandy except with modern humor, if that makes sense?? Less gross-out, more just situationally funny stuff and ridiculous reactions?? I hope so much that this gets a full series, which is why I’m obnoxiously sharing it fricking everywhere right now LOL


because cartoon network america hates everyone and won’t upload the rest after airing them only once


Villainous OFFICIAL English Dub #3 Black Hat Board


We dubbed the first episode of the Mexican show villainous.



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Ahhhh, there’s a dubbed version out!