english folk punk

So help me get better because I haven’t been my best, she took a plain black marker started writing on my chest, she drew a line across the middle of my broken heart, and said come on now let’s fix this mess, we can get better, because we’re not dead yet

may or may not be proud of this demo from a upcoming… fulllength?

I feel bad when i sing about people

People that should do better

but anyones attempt to change is just feeble

when i write a song in the style of an open letter WHOA-OH


should’ve read the terms and conditions

when you were told to be yourself

cause those who didnt end up like us

alone, paranoid and worried for your mental health whoa-oh


Dont worry, it’s okay to be upset

dont worry, it’s okay to be happy

but dont ever think that it’s okay

to be a antisocal dickhead like me

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