english crush quotes

If I don’t like myself,
How do I expect you to fall for me?
How selfish I am to expect such a thing from you,
You imperfect being.
—  || selfish request
I look at couples around me,
How they hold each other’s hands with such gentle care,
How they lean on each other as if they were their last stable support,
How they kiss each other with their eyes closed and smiles upon their faces,
How they look at one another silently but with unspoken words of love between them.
And I look on with envy and ask myself why I can’t have such love in my life.
Then I remember I have fallen for someone who doesn’t want such things with me.
—  wanting something i will never have with him
| Y
I wants to make blanket forts and watch movies till dawn. Hold your hands till it gets sweaty and make funny jokes till our stomachs hurt.
Watch the sun set and rise too.
Take silly photos and go for long walks while raining, stuff our faces with food and too have impromptu jam sessions in the middle of no where,
there’s so much more.
And there is all.
But there’s one thing missing.
And that one thing is
—  /unspoken words//
You’ve taken my heart
Crushed it
Stood on it
Tore it
Ripped it
Burnt it
And from those ashes
It will grow back again
Stronger than ever
But still loving you
—  a never ending cycle
| Y
Find somebody who asks about more than just what you’re doing at the weekend. Find someone who asks about how your day was, but genuinely wants to know. Find someone who asks you about your views on the world and life and everything in it and wants to know every single route through your mind and will follow each one over and over again. Don’t settle for someone who is satisfied with small talk like the weather. You are more than just small talk about the weather.
4-10-'17 (pt 2)

What I really loved is when me and my friend entered R’s classroom she was like “heey E, are you joining?” and she shortened my name and I’m frankly quite a bit proud of the friendship me & R have so that made me rlly rlly happy like fuck yea that’s my chick that’s my girl mhm this teacher who doesn’t rlly talk to most students just shoRTENED my name (I’ve never heard her do that with anyone else ever I am #blessedt)

Overall I’m rlly glad my friends and also my sister have been seeing me talk to her more, I’ve talked about her quite a bit and now it’s getting more and more visible :)

Your laugh
Is by no means
A voice of the angels
A melody from above
So why is that when I hear you laugh,
I want you to laugh more?
Your laugh is true and genuine
It reflects what amuses you.
Even if you do laugh when I make a fool of myself in front of you
If that’s what it takes, I’ll be the biggest fool for you.
—  || laugh