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[ENG] 170804 KBS Music Bank World Tour in Singapore (Recording) - Fancams (MC Key)
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

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You have shitty parents if they actually named you "Joke" like...wtf? What kind of name is that? I feel sorry for you...

Hey ho!
I don’t live in an English speaking country. I actually live in Belgium where the main languages are Dutch, French and German.
My name ‘Joke’ is a common dutch name and is derived from 'Johannes’. My name is pronounced completely different from the English word, so when you would speak my name out loud, you would not hear in any way the pronouncuation of the English word.
My parents didn’t think of what english people would think when they read my name, but that would mean people from other non-english countries would have to think twice before giving their baby a native name cause it may have a different meaning in English? That’s ridiculous.
Nonny, it’s not your place to judge my parents just because they didn’t gave me an english sounding name.
If you have trouble with my actual name, you are free to call me mimi or whatever you like. But don’t go insult people, including my parents, like that. You don’t know them or their motivations.


Okay, so maybe you, native English speakers, don’t see learning Esperanto as something really useful (maybe you even consider it useless), due to its low amount of speakers. And that’s okay, because you actually don’t need to learn any other language: you already speak the most spread one on the world, thanks to the USA being the first global power. There’s only this little thing: there are much more countries that doesn’t have English as their official language, and we are all supposed to -or better said, bound to- learn it. For you it’s very easy, as it’s your mother tongue, but not for us. For example, I, as a Spanish guy, don’t even know which mistakes I’m making during this post, because I don’t have the required level to correct myself, and I just can hope to be doing it well.

Maybe you don’t understand this claim and you think I’m just against you or jealous at you because you don’t have to learn the language I will be demanded to if I want to get a good job; but I assure you I’m not, and I assure you this post isn’t about that. Imagine having to learn Chinese for getting a job; imagine learning it in the school as a mandatory subject, the same as Literature or Math. All right, English isn’t as difficult as Chinese, but you got it, didn’t you? And I know some of you receive classes of other languages, but you don’t have the rush that we have, the need of improve it and improve yourselves, and, while you take them as calmed as you want, like if it was a hobby, we have to reach the highest level we can, and people must go abroad to practice and get better on it, just like a competition.

And of course everybody should learn languages. I think learning anything (whatever) is good, but I just don’t like the way we have to make it with our English classes, because we tend to forget what languages are for: comunicating, meeting people, evolving… Esperanto would solve all these problems. Easy grammar, perfectly defined prepositions, mainly Latin and Germanic vocabulary. Every country would be at the same level, due to its international character, and no country would ever be above any other (as I’m afraid to say you are). It couldn’t be easier. So why wouldn’t you learn it? You would definitely make our foreigner life a way much simpler.