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Some doodles from BATIM chapter 2.

This chapter was very good ,I really was surprised about some things (jeje, don’t worry, no more spoilers)

I wish this was a real cartoon :( so I could know more about the character’s interaction .For the moment I can only imagine it … :/

Avatar vocabulary (English - Dutch)

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🌊Water - water (het)

⛰Earth - aarde (de)

🔥Fire - vuur (het)

🌪Air - lucht (de)

🌊Waterbender - watermeester (de)

⛰Earthbender - aardemeester (de)

🔥Firebender - vuurmeester (de)

🌪Airbender - luchtmeester (de)

🌊Fire Lord - vuurheer (de)

⛰Four nations - vier naties (de)

🔥Spirit World - geestenwereld (de)

🌪Water Tribe - waterstam (de)

🌊Earth Kingdom - aarderijk (het)

⛰Fire Nation - vuurnatie (de)

🔥Air Nomads - luchtnomaden (de)

🌪Air temple - luchttempel (de)

🌊Elements - elementen (de)

⛰Avatar - avatar (de)

🔥Bending - sturen 

🌪Waterbending - watersturing

🌊Healing - genezen/helen

⛰Energy bending - energiesturing

🔥Bloodbending - bloedsturing

🌪Earthbending - aardesturing

🌊Metalbending - metaalsturing

⛰Lavabending - lavasturing

🔥Firebending - vuursturing

🌪Lightning generation - bliksem sturen

🌊Airbending - luchtsturing

⛰Reincarnate - reïncarneren

🔥War - oorlog (de)

🌪Boomerang - boemerang (de)

🌊Polar bear dog - ijsbeerhond (de)

⛰Otter pinguin - otter-pinguïn (de)

🔥Flying bison - vliegende bizon (de)

🌪Winged lemur - maki (de)

🌊Badgermole - dasmol (de)

⛰Goat gorilla (aka Flopsie) - Gorillla-geit (de)

🔥Ostrich horse - struisvogel paard (het)

🌪Dragon - draak (de)


heres the cartoon with english subs :D @aapotskinaisahkomaapi and anyone who wants to see the cartoon ^^

I would love Bliss if she was in the original show when was was a child but her current design is really….bad off, so I made this one for myself and loved it. A black powerpuff girl is a really good idea! This version was based from a little girl from my neighborhood and she is so cute <3
originul character donut steel