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Alice and Dinah

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 1951

I drew a Keith (^__^) And I love his hair!


I desperately needed to sketch something cute; since I’ve still got a ridiculously various playlist, painting another cartoonish John Segundus to some German not-quite-punk-and-not-quite-rockabilly felt REALLY good - so I hope I can share it with this image…

…aaand yes, that is somehow on the same shelf with painting another weird dark version of Ed Hogg; the process is rather meditative, mind that ;3


¡Feliz cumpleaños Átomo Network! Happy first birthday to our sister channel! Let’s party with the top birthday celebrations in animation! http://frdr.us/2mWSNEd

96: The Fiskerton Phantom

What a fun show, sad that it didn’t catch on that much :c

Requested by: sumerian-legend

Anime is not a genre

Not all anime is porn
Not all anime is stupid
Not all anime is childish
Not all anime is suitable for kids
Not all anime is shallow

Anime can be funny
Anime can be beautiful
Anime can be deep
Anime can be philosophical
Anime can be thought-provoking
Anime can be inspirational
Anime can be moving

Anime is a medium
Anime is an art form

So don’t look down on someone just because they like anime


I’ve been a little blue lately, so I felt like drawing some Tintin fluff to cheer me up. Also a certain someone mentioned on my one ‘tintin reading’ gif, that they could see haddock reading to him too, and yessss its adorable. Also I love it when he gets all close and protective of Snowy, that’s pretty dang cute too. But yeh. tintin fluff.