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Some doodles from BATIM chapter 2.

This chapter was very good ,I really was surprised about some things (jeje, don’t worry, no more spoilers)

I wish this was a real cartoon :( so I could know more about the character’s interaction .For the moment I can only imagine it … :/




heres the cartoon with english subs :D @aapotskinaisahkomaapi and anyone who wants to see the cartoon ^^

Watching movies in my target languages is really difficult for me because often everyone talks super fast and their speech is really slurred too but!
Disney movies are a lot easier to understand because 1) they’re aimed at children so the words they use aren’t too unusual or hard to understand and 2) the voices were recorded in a studio, with a microphone, rather than in front of a camera. This actually makes a huuuuge difference; I had the same realization when i had just started watching movies in English - cartoons or dubbed movies were super easy to understand but movies like Star Wars or Batman weren’t.

So if you feel like you can’t watch movies and it frustrates you, watch Disney, even if you think technically you’re supposed to be at a level high enough to understand movies like Batman.

Listening comprehension is a separate skill that needs to be practiced and not understanding a movie in your target language doesn’t mean that your speaking, reading or writing skills aren’t as good as you thought they were. It just means you need to work on your listening skills! If you watch a movie with subtitles in your TL you’ll often find that you know most of the words, you just can’t distinguish the individual words when you hear the actors talk and that’s something that’ll definitely get better with time!

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how come u live in thephilipinnes and are not good with tagalog? where didyou learn to grow up specifically with english in a country that means speaks tagalog? thismay be a cultural difference but im curious

the ph doesn’t necessarily have only one dialect, in fact there’s a whole lot more other than just tagalog :0c theres also a bunch of diferent versions of a certain dialect(for example: bisaya) based on where u are too
and im not rlly all tht fluent in tagalog bc i don’t necessarily live in a place in the ph where it’s the main dialect(the main here is bisaya)
also i learned english bc of disney cartoons and like…school’s a thing so