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Your Lie in April uses visual metaphors and symbolic imagery to add layers of meaning and foreshadowing to the story. In fact, if you know what to look for, they foreshadow the ending in the very first minute of the show.

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Happy Tolkien Week and an early happy Hobbit Day, friends!*

Did you know that the Dwarves of Middle-earth drew maps with East at the top?  Thrór’s Map is a great example, with lots of Old English runes to boot!  I spent some time examining the great red dragon Smaug, but I was fascinated most of all by the moon-letters.  Do you think these moon-letters could help me find a stash of neverending dandies?

* Hobbit Day, aka the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and the day that determines when Tolkien Week is, is actually tomorrow, Sept. 22.  We are celebrating a day early because we have some other special photos lined up for tomorrow!

I want a movie about a struggling American actor who tries out for a major British motion picture based on a famous British series of books. Something like a cross between Harry Potter, James Bond, and Sherlock Holmes. This totally iconic British hero with a name like Basil Herringbone. He does the entire audition in-character, nails it without the directors realizing he’s American, signs the contract, and then learns later that the author’s dying request was that Basil Herringbone could only be played by an English actor. He doesn’t want to lose the job, so he goes along with this charade of pretending to be British in his daily life, and his career begins blossoming.

Actual English stars are booted aside for not representing the ‘classical English values and cut-glass accent’ of this dude. Everyone casts him for highbrow projects because they respect the 'rigorous training’ that English actors receive, even though he never took an acting class or even went to college. He gets voted the sexiest man alive. He asks out his celebrity crush, and she accepts. After they’ve been dating for six months, he finally decides to break it to her that he’s American, but before he can say it, she says, “Can I say something crazy to you? A psychic once told me that I would marry a British man… I just feel like we’re meant to be!” and then he has to keep up the charade.

Eventually ,someone he knew his high school talks to the press, and he freaks out, thinking they’ll reveal he’s actually American, but instead, the high school friend says, “It was so tragic! He was afraid he wouldn’t fit in, so he pretended to be American. I never would have guessed he was British. How sad that the thing that made him so special– his legendarily sexy English accent– was what he sacrificed to be 'normal!’” The actor then takes a role as a normal American dude and wins an Oscar for his note-perfect American accent and his courage to tone down his incredible sex appeal to play a non-British person.

Eventually, his secret is discovered when his firstborn child learns to speak with an American accent. “Everyone knows English accents are the dominant gene!” the press argues. The actor is confused as to how people think this work, but he is blackballed from the industry and never works again, except in community theatre.