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And here we have it, the BSD Fandub Episode 2: “A Certain Bomb”

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Thank you to all of the amazing voice actors and crew members with their work on this episode. And a huge thanks to all of the support and attention this project has received!

Episode 3 is already in production

whale bone arch ▴ whitby, north yorkshire, england

the 20ft arch was erected in 1853 (with the most current replacement established in 1963) to commemorate the town of whitby’s tradition of whaling, dating before the 18th century. it frames the town’s cottages from one side and the ancient whitby abbey from the other side.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was originally discovered in men commuting in groups by car in 1950s New York City. The stress from driving through gridlock traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel caused problems in the hand bones of the drivers due to gripping their steering wheels so tightly, eventually leading to the name Carpool Tunnel (or Carpal-Tunnel) Syndrome.

Ok… Here I go with some silly Servamp AU:
- Bones AU: “ Sleepy Ash, ex sniper known by the code name of Sloth, is the laziest and uncooperative FBI Special Agent who has ever existed and risks dismissal if he won’t be able to resolve at least ten cases until the end of the year. He is barely interested in keeping the job anyway, but his brother Lily disagrees with his decision worried about his future. That’s why he decide to submit one of the case to Shirota Mahiru, a forensic anthropologist who leads a team of researchers in Alicein Institute Medico-Legal Lab, well known for his interest in helping others. Due to the resolution of the case, the two end up in a strong relationship, while Mahiru will give his own self in order to change Kuro’s attitude and help him overcome his despicable and sad past, Ash will try everything in order to protect him and, at the same time, not to fall in love with his first partner. ”

- Reverse AU: “ Sleepy Ash is a normal teenager and loves spending his time playing video games and eating junk food. Everything, unfortunately, changes when he find out that the little black cat he adopted when he was just ten years old, is actually a Vampire. Mahiru, that’s how he called the cat, in fact, is the first Servamp ever created, known as the Commandment of Selflessness, and is actually searching for his eight brothers in order to stop Sakuya, known as the Commandment of Truth, from killing people and starting a war. Despite both of them desire not to involve the human, Kuro, that’s how Mahiru calls him, unavoidably ends up stipulate a contract with the Servamp and help him overcome all his fears and lies, in order to thank him from saving him from his own sins and loneliness. ”

- Roaring 20’s AU: “ While he is coming back home from another hard session of medicine lessons at university, Mahiru Shirota find an injured guy along the streets, who refuses to tell him his name constricting him to call him Kuro, and decides to take him home in order to treat his wounds. The day after, talking with his friend Sakuya, a police officer, he finds out that the guy is actually one of the seven members of the most feared Mafia Family which controls the town, known as Servamp, and that he is known as Sleepy Ash of Sloth, due to his ability to kill people and make them look as they are simply sleeping. Unfortunately, another Mafia Family, ruled by Kuro’s unknown step brother, who calls himself Who Is Coming, aims to control the city and avenge his father, killed by Sleepy Ash several years ago. That’s why Mahiru, targeted by a group of assassins, ends up working for the Servamp’s as family doctor, in order to keep his life safe and take care of Kuro. ”

- Hogwarts AU: “ Mahiru Shirota is a third year Muggle-born student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, whose parents have been killed by a dark wizard cause of their blood status, and spend his days quietly with his friends Sakuya, Koyuki and Ryusei and his black cat Kuro, which he found the year before sleeping along the corridor and decided to keep him. During their trip to the school, they end up sharing a compartment with a sleepy and mysterious Slytherin student, whose baggage are signed with the name of Sleepy Ash, and Sakuya reveals Mahiru that he is part of one of the most powerful pure blood family in England. The Dementors suddenly attack the Hogwarts Express and Sleepy Ash is constricted to wake up and cast a Patronus Charm in order to save Mahiru’s life, before disappearing in the chaos generated. Unhappy of not being able to follow his friends during their trip in the village of Hogsmead, cause of the absence of his uncle’s written consent, Sakuya gives Mahiru the Servamp Map in order to find a way out of the castle. That same day the Servamp Map, a magical document written by seven anonymous people who referred to themselves as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, reveals Mahiru the presence of a known feared muggle murder around the school. ”

Being a Mixed Girl #7: Mixed Girl Problems: What Only We Can Understand

1. Omg you’re so smart for a ___________girl!

2. “You don’t sound like a __________ girl at all …”

3. “Wait, why do you like white guys?”

4. “Why don’t you like (insert what they consider your ‘own race’ here) guys?”

5. People of darker skin thinking you’re stuck up (if you have light skin)

6. The “light-skinned girls never respond to texts” ordeal with dark-skinned guys (again, if you have light skin)

7. The never-ending search for the perfect non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner

8. The EVEN WORSE never-ending search for a leave-in conditioner

submissions by myself, mickey-mouse-vanished and ambitiousollie .Thanks girls! Y'all know the drill. If you have any, send em in.

The Different One

Fandom: Star Trek AOS (into darkness)

Pairing: Leonard “Bones” McCoy X Reader, friendship (that could be seen as more)

Summary: As Khan wants his crew back, he threats to kill everyone on the Enterprise. What if this happends?

Warnings: angsty, major character death(s)

Word count: 1551

Big Thanks to @dirajunara who was a lovely Beta.


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Witchy books selection

* This is just a personal selection, and I only put the first book of a series if it was part of one. I really tried only to put books with actual witches, people with magical powers, and not just magic. I volunteerly put aside fairy tale like books. This will be for another time. All the books bellow are books I read or want to read.*

The “classics:

Hits of the Moment: 

Less known ones:

What if Bart came back from 100-150 years further in the future. What if the language had changed more than just picking up a few reach terms as slang.

What if Bart came back to the past speaking the bastard child of English and whatever the reach use, English bones with a lot of reach clicks added in for additional vocab (you know like how many English academic terms come from Latin or French while the bones of the language and words more used around the home are more purely Germanic.) He tries to hide it because he can distinguish which parts don’t belong in 2016 English, but he curses in it and there are some things that either never had an English word or the word was just forgotten after 100-150 years of occupation and enslavement.

So even though Bart tries, sometimes he slips into reach clicks that scare the shit out of everyone, which is frustrating because he’s just trying to talk. It would be terrible cumbersome and frustrating for him to even have a minor language gap.

Jaime’s the only one who can fully understand it because the scarab translates (which draws them even closer) but when the reach make themselves known, the team figures out what kind of future Bart’s from a lot faster.