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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was originally discovered in men commuting in groups by car in 1950s New York City. The stress from driving through gridlock traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel caused problems in the hand bones of the drivers due to gripping their steering wheels so tightly, eventually leading to the name Carpool Tunnel (or Carpal-Tunnel) Syndrome.

whale bone arch ▴ whitby, north yorkshire, england

the 20ft arch was erected in 1853 (with the most current replacement established in 1963) to commemorate the town of whitby’s tradition of whaling, dating before the 18th century. it frames the town’s cottages from one side and the ancient whitby abbey from the other side.

What if Bart came back from 100-150 years further in the future. What if the language had changed more than just picking up a few reach terms as slang.

What if Bart came back to the past speaking the bastard child of English and whatever the reach use, English bones with a lot of reach clicks added in for additional vocab (you know like how many English academic terms come from Latin or French while the bones of the language and words more used around the home are more purely Germanic.) He tries to hide it because he can distinguish which parts don’t belong in 2016 English, but he curses in it and there are some things that either never had an English word or the word was just forgotten after 100-150 years of occupation and enslavement.

So even though Bart tries, sometimes he slips into reach clicks that scare the shit out of everyone, which is frustrating because he’s just trying to talk. It would be terrible cumbersome and frustrating for him to even have a minor language gap.

Jaime’s the only one who can fully understand it because the scarab translates (which draws them even closer) but when the reach make themselves known, the team figures out what kind of future Bart’s from a lot faster.

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Do you speak any language other than English?

German and Chinese (I’m half Chinese, a quarter English and a Quarter German).

Witchy books selection

* This is just a personal selection, and I only put the first book of a series if it was part of one. I really tried only to put books with actual witches, people with magical powers, and not just magic. I volunteerly put aside fairy tale like books. This will be for another time. All the books bellow are books I read or want to read.*

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Hey there I know you're real busy with school these days so feel free to ignore this or whatever but have you ever done anything where the trio met as kids/teens?? I love you, your blog and your writing!!! 💖💖💖

Okay I know I’ve done something like this before but I can’t find it. It’s lost in my Tumblr forever probably. :(

  • Leonard is 12 when he moves to Riverside, Iowa with his family. Jim feels bad for him, really. Born and raised in downtown Atlanta, Riverside must be a bore. And he speaks with a funny accent, that southern drawl is something he gets picked on in school. Leonard doesn’t give a shit about these other kids, though. He’s one of the smartest people in school, intimidating with words and an angry frown, and surprisingly strong, too. He likes Jim, and that’s the most important thing. They hang out together all the time after school, and they make homework together. Even though they’re not in the same grade, they just sit at the kitchen table in Jim’s home, and do their work until they’re done. Then they either play outside in the fields, or hide in the basement to play old fashioned board games. It’s just the two of them against the world, and that’s all they need.
  • Until one night, all of that changes. School’s out for the summer, and it’s close to midnight but still warm enough to roam the corn fields. Bones mans the flash light, but Jim is the one running ahead of him. They reach the end of the field, and climb a short hill that overlooks the small farm houses and the fields surrounding them. There, Jim sinks down on the grass and stares at the sky. Leonard joins in next to him. “I’m gonna go to space someday,” Jim says, and Leonard frowns. “What'cha gonna do up there? Very little air to breathe.” “Exploring,” Jim replies. “Aint no explorin’ when you’re dead,” Leonard says. “That’s the spirit, Bones,” Jim replies. 
  • They both look at the stars, and Jim’s pointing out different constellations - some real, some entirely made up. "What’s that, then, you smartass?“ Bones asks, pointings towards a flashing light in the sky. “A plane,” Jim says, “maybe a falling star?” But it’s neither. And it’s rapidly coming closer. By the time they realize it’s probably a meteor, it’s already too close to really run away from it. Jim almost automatically shields himself over Bones when it hits, landing in the field with a deafening crash, and the impact destroys the crops around it in an instant. By the time the dust settles, and grain and grass is no longer falling around them, Jim looks up. “That’s not a meteor,” Leonard says, sitting up straight, too, “that’s a-” “spaceship,” Jim finishes, jumping up on his feet and rushing towards it. 
  • Though the shuttle looks mostly destroyed, the alien inside of it climbs out in one piece. He looks young, barely any older than Leonard. Very human-like, too, except his ears are oddly pointy, and the few scratches he does have ooze a little green instead of red. “Oh my God,” Jim says, “you are an alien!” Bones, rather than approaching the alien with open arms, holds Jim back a little. He’s seen those alien movies, they don’t usually end well. “Yes,” the alien-boy replies. “You speak English?” Bones asks. “I speak many languages,” he replies. “Cool,” Jim says, “what’s your name?” “Spock,” Spock replies. “Are you okay?” Bones asks carefully, still not a 100% sure about this stranger. Spock eyes him with similar caution. “My ship crashed on a planet with only average intelligence,” Spock says, “I’ll be okay if I can rebuild my ship to fly out of here.”
  • Jim offers to help rebuild that ship, even though he has no idea how. Leonard is a bit more reluctant, but he, too, offers to try and find solutions to get Spock back up into space. “D'you think we can join you?” Jim asks curiously. He offers Spock a beanie to hide those pointy ears, despite it being way too hot for that. Spock doesn’t seem to mind, though, he actually looks quite cold. “No,” Spock says, “that would be illogical. My ship doesn’t have enough room, and you require different living conditions than we do.” “Who’s ‘we’, exactly?” Bones asks. They rummage through the shed in Bones’ garden, looking for useful material, but honestly, they have no clue what to look for. “Vulcans,” Spock explains, “from the planet Vulcan.” “I wanna go so bad,” Jim groans, grabbing a handful of wires from Mr. McCoy’s workbench.  
  • Come morning, they are no closer to finding Spock’s way home. Jim’s mom’s away for work and doesn’t mind strangers joining for dinner, so Spock just pretends to be human while they look for a solution. He sucks at it, too. He’s way too smart to be a convincing 12 year old, he can’t lie for some reason, so he blatantly tells Jim’s mom he’s a Vulcan. Jim laughs it off as a joke to get his mom less suspicious about it. Spock gets sick from the human food, too. Leonard patches him up with some bland tea and toast, which he somehow seems to love, so that’s most of what he eats when there’s no grownups around.
  • When summer comes to an end, they’re no closer to finding Spock a way home. Luckily, they don’t have to. The Vulcans find him. There’s a bonfire night in town and everyone’s having marshmallows and cold drinks. Leonard thinks it’s boring and there’s too many mosquitos, but Jim loves it and they drag Spock along to get to know humanity a little better, too. And it’s really just out of the blue that amidst the crowd of townspeople, a bunch more Vulcans beam down to pick up Spock. Spock gets up immediately, dropping his marshmallow sticks to rush over. “Father, you came!”
  • After the initial scare, the Vulcans talk to the people to try and explain, and Spock takes this time to say goodbye to his newfound friends. “Thank you,” Spock says, “for everything.” “No problemo,” Jim replies. “Yeah, just don’t forget us when you’re so busy studying,” Leonard says, “try and relax sometimes, too.” Spock smiles, nodding slowly. “I will,” he says. He takes off his beanie, and hands it to Jim. Jim shakes his head. “Keep it,” he says, “a reminder of your Earth friends.” Spock holds it tightly as he walks over to his Vulcan family, and he waves at the two of them before they’re beamed away.
  • It takes at least another ten years before humans actually establish alliances with Vulcans and other species alike. And then another ten before space travel is more easily accessible; the only reason it happened all so quickly is thanks to Vulcan funding. Bones, by then, graduated medicine and is easily accepted into Starfleet Academy. Jim’s a bit more of a troublemaker, a college dropout - though highly intelligent - and it isn’t until he receives recommendation from Captain Pike, he actually gets to attend, too, though the pressure to perform is definitely on.
  • Jim’s pretty smart - much more than he lets on, anyway, but even he is struggling to juggle classes, assignments, partying and sleep. There’s just not enough hours in the day. So on Saturday before exams, Jim and Bones are sitting outside on the campus, cramming for their exams, when they’re approached by a Vulcan. Tall and slender, as stoic as all the other Vulcans, but there’s a glint in his eyes. “Hello,” he says, and both boys look up from their books. “Hello?” Jim says. “It’s me,” Spock says, “Spock.” And as soon as he says it, both boys are up, and Spock gets a lesson in human greeting. A hug from both of them simultaneously, which leaves him a little flustered. “How have you been?” Bones asks, gently squeezing Spock’s shoulder, which really doesn’t make Spock any less distracted. “Good,” Spock says. “You’re a first officer!” Jim says, fingers pressing against the Starfleet insignia on Spock’s chest. “Indeed, I’m with Pike,” Spock says. “Did you convince Pike to talk the school committee into accepting Jim?” Bones asks curiously, and Spock shrugs casually. “It was merely a suggestion,” he replies, “after all, we want what’s best for the USS Enterprise.” “Yeah,” Bones huffs, “I’m sure it was just for the Enterprise.”
Being a Mixed Girl #7: Mixed Girl Problems: What Only We Can Understand

1. Omg you’re so smart for a ___________girl!

2. “You don’t sound like a __________ girl at all …”

3. “Wait, why do you like white guys?”

4. “Why don’t you like (insert what they consider your ‘own race’ here) guys?”

5. People of darker skin thinking you’re stuck up (if you have light skin)

6. The “light-skinned girls never respond to texts” ordeal with dark-skinned guys (again, if you have light skin)

7. The never-ending search for the perfect non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner

8. The EVEN WORSE never-ending search for a leave-in conditioner

submissions by myself, mickey-mouse-vanished and ambitiousollie .Thanks girls! Y'all know the drill. If you have any, send em in.