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pjo language headcanon dump:

  • Nico is a linguist of sorts, he loves studying different languages - how they work and what makes them uniquely them.
  • Hazel studies and studies and practices Italian until she’s sure she’s got it, and then surprises her brother the next time they meet by greeting him in his mother tongue
  • Frank is so surprised the first time he freaks and starts going off in Mandarin and Nico is there quietly answering and reassuring him in Mandarin as well. He learns later that Nico has spent quite a bit of time in China.
  • Hazel tries to learn Mandarin from Nico and Frank but they end up verbally stumbling over each other at first - Nico has different words for some things and Frank’s pronunciation is distinctly from BC Canada which trips Nico up, especially because Frank grew up in a blended English and Mandarin environment while Nico learned it because no one around him at the time spoke English. Hazel does eventually get a decent grasp on the basics though
  • Reyna and Nico swap vocab and phrases in their respective languages, slowly getting a feel for the new languages together
  • one day Piper is over and Nico comes shadowtraveling in, Reyna isn’t quite sure what to do with the awkward atmosphere until she gets a genius idea, they spend the rest of their stays making a French-Italian-Spanish hybrid language that only they can understand. The icebreaker seems to work great as a few weeks later she hears of a prank they pulled off at camp half-blood. she can’t help being the tiniest bit proud.
  • Leo gets a kick out of Nico’s meager Spanish and takes delight in teaching him a bunch of curses that might send Reyna on a manhunt later
  • Nico and Reyna referring to each other as sorellona and hermanito. they know it sounds immature and childish to some, they couldn’t care less. 
  • Percy actually speaks moderately good Spanish, he picked it up during his childhood.
  • a greek demigod teaching Ancient Greek in new rome, a roman demigod teaching Latin at camp half-blood
  • children of Apollo being able to understand a song’s meaning despite what language it’s in and whether or not they can speak that language
  • Nico learning languages from ghosts while in the underworld
  • all of the multi lingual demigods having those disorienting days where they just say whatever word pops into their head first that fits the meaning they were looking for. it results in a lot of multilingual sentences and a lot of confusion and frustration for all parties involved.

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Superman was born on krypton, so I immediately felt like that clue was misleading. So I searched up people who play Supes in movies, Henry Cavill was born on a tiny Island off the coast of the UK, about 100 miles away from Hampshire, with French and English blends in their culture. A place self-governed but still under the crown. That place is Jersey!

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Well done, Sherlock

Tuesday’s With Sammy

Sammy loves Tuesdays and thus this day will forever be devoted to him! 

Sam Winchester x Reader


Warnings: None really, gets a little steamy but it’s all PG

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines​ #Hashtag Heather

Between The Lines

Your eyes seemed to blur the more your eyes stared at the pages in front of you; words were no longer making sense and your brain felt like a hurricane of chaos. Latin was blending with english and you could feel the migraine coming on; all this research was starting to wear on your sanity. You heard his footsteps before he entered the room, you knew him better than you knew yourself, the millions of hours researching together meant you even knew the way he breathed not that you’d ever tell him that. 

He placed a steaming cup of chai on the corner of the tome you were currently going through, only allowing your eyes to turn to him when you finished the page; his head already buried within the pages of another book. 

His perfectly thick hair hung over his eyes before his hand pushed it off his face, concentration forming lines on his brow, his moss coloured eyes scanning the pages with purpose. His shoulders tensed as his brain processed all his thoughts. “Thanks Sammy,” You murmured as his eyes finally found their way to yours. 

“Always welcome.” He responded, his beautiful smile shining through his face, the dimples on his cheeks deepening. “So how’s the research coming along?”

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