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Name: Nora
Age: 20
Country: Barcelona, Spain

I’m Nora, I’m looking for a pen pal because I want to improve my English, I’m from Barcelona, so I can help you with Spanish or Catalan, one day even show you the city, It’s a really nice place! I think meet people around the world is a really good experience for the both of us (Well, for everyone).
This year I’ll study to work on a lab, but I’ve studied art and I love to paint. I’m working on a bakery, weekends only.
I really like bikes (I go everywhere with it), well, until I have a car. I watch anime, but I’m not a huge fan of it.
Anyways, l hope we get along!!
Preferences:  Someone around my age would be fine. +19?

Sometimes I read Snowbaz fics and they are just so American
I don’t think people realise how different the UK is to the USA
I mean they live in South East England, a more accurate fanfiction would be:

-going for a cheeky Nandos

-trip to Margate (shitty beach, closest to London)(EVERYONE has been to Margate)

-or South End (Nearest beach on the northern side/near Essex)

-Baz having to deal with Transport for London’s tubes and buses and Oyster cards

-Borris Bikes!

-Disneyland Paris (euro star gets you there easy! 2 trains from London)

-Crying about University (not college!)(Baz goes to one of the best Universities in the UK)( are people going to ignore that?)

- Hipster tea house AU (which sell scones obviously)

- The West End! More theatre AUs

-Chessington World of Adventures (there best ride is called Vampire just saying)

-NORMAL AUs! They would go to Secondary school from the age of 11-16 (year 7 to 11)(exams from year 10-11 are called GCSEs)
And16-18 would be Sixthform where they would study four subjects to get them into uni (exams are called A-Levels)(This is what I do)(Message me if you need help there)

(Does anyone else in the fandom live in London? I feel lonely…)Add more to the list of just British AUs!

CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein

a passionate manifesto

by me, an obsessive fangirl

Elevator pitch: 

Lady pilot and lady spy in WWII become BFFs, as told by the lady spy via confession in a Gestapo prison in Nazi-occupied France.



  • lady spy
  • blonde
  • NOT ENGLISH (she’s Scottish and will heck you right up if you forget)
  • possibly related to William Wallace and it shows
  • has a bunch of nicknames bc she is Loved
  • coward
  • lying liar who lies (see: spy)
  • very attached to her orange jumper sweater thing
  • learned German bc it’s pretty
  • scared of heights
  • smokes
  • good at girl code
  • loves her brothers and her bff Maddie


  • lady pilot
  • English
  • Jewish
  • loves her bike and her granddad and her plane
  • is really loud when she cries
  • v v scared of gunfire/bombs/things that go boom
  • loves flying - like really really REALLY loves flying
  • good mechanic and handy with a bike
  • hides under an umbrella sometimes
  • loves roses
  • will knock your teeth out if you talk bad about Verity


  • Verity’s brother
  • also Scottish (obvs)
  • got shot up (not a spoiler)
  • pilot
  • hot (imo)
  • loves his mama
  • feminist (but 1940s so doesn’t use that label but is def a “I’ll hold your purse; get ‘em, babe” kind of dude)

Haupsturmführer von Linden

  • douchebag Nazi
  • dad
  • likes poetry
  • still a douchebag Nazi

Anna Engel

  • Complicated
  • smokes


  • French resistance fighter
  • code name means “submachine gun”
  • teen girl/young lady
  • tough as crap
  • angel

There are more, but you should just meet them.

Why you should read this book, the love of my heart, light of my life:

1. Ladies being awesome. There are some dudes, but this book is ladies ladies ladies all the time, and legit historical ladies at that! Spy ladies doing real historical spy lady things (through the SOE!) and pilot ladies flying real historical pilot lady planes (through the WAAF!) and French Resistance ladies wreckin’ Nazi crap! Alllllllll the ladies.

2. Besties being besties. There is no small amount of in-fandom debate about the status of Verity and Maddie’s relationship, and that’s okay, because no matter where you land, the foundation is the fact that they will heck up the world for each other. No cattiness, no letting a dude get in the way– they are ride or die in the best way.

3. The bad guys are bad and the good guys are good but everyone is human. No Nazi apologia or redemption, and the Allies are definitely doing the right thing. But the bad guys are humans with families, which is what makes their deliberate choices to do evil things to other humans even more horrifying. (No mustache twirling here, just a rampant and deliberate disregard for other people.) And the good guys don’t always make the right choices, because they’re also humans and are just doing the best they can.

4. Inhuman plotting skillz. Legit, I made two different people read this book, and they gave the same reaction: “How could a HUMAN have plotted this??? Too twisty, too intricate, parts moving like, wow, HOW?????” Y’know the conspiracy theorist guy with the corkboard and all the strings? I picture the author like that plotting this book.

4.5 Really cool narrative structure. Like, really, really cool. But that’s a subpoint of the above.

5. You will cry. This is guaranteed. You will cry the first time you read it–level from misty eyes to howling in a corner depends on how stone cold dead you are inside. You will gut sob the second time you read it. This is also guaranteed. Happy cry and sad cry and “I love these characters” cry, all the cry.

6. Beauuuuuuuuutiful writing. I put this last bc it’s often what people say when there’s nothing else good to say about a book, but obvs there is. I would give examples but the very best ones are spoilery. Just trust me that this is prose you would happily sink into and drown in.

Bonus: The author is a legit sweetheart of a human being.


Okay, I think that’s it. @throwaninkpot this is for you.

I know what you must be thinking,

“Isn’t that just the closest national border to your house?”

“We’ve heard you try to speak French before and it was not inspiring”

“Are you just going to be stuck working Food-service in a kitchen where nobody speaks English?”

Yes, That’s right, and Hoo-Boy


This past weekend was my first time visiting a European country other than France (I mean, I guess Monaco counts, but not really). 
I completely fell in love with the architecture with its mix-n-matched appearance while still maintaining a fluid color combination throughout the whole city. 

The most noticeable difference was in the language. As soon as our plane landed, I habitually found myself saying “merci” and “pardonne” to the people around me… then realizing that this was completely unnecessary - everyone spoke English! Waiters and business owners immediately greeted us with a “hello” and everywhere along the streets I overheard conversations that I could completely understand for once. Of course, there was a huge mix of languages around us, but English was certainly the standard. I realize that Amsterdam is an incredibly touristy city, but then.. so is Paris. Even in Parisian museums or areas that are solely known for their tourism, you will always be greeted with a “bonjour” and sent off with an “au revoir”. In Amsterdam, I rarely heard dutch and when I did it was quickly translated into English. I’m not sure whether I like this more or less, but it was a weird feeling to be in a completely new country and yet feeling slightly more comfortable speaking to anyone around me.

We walked from the train station to our hostel, taking the extremely scenic route. It didn’t take long to realize just how much the culture here is surrounded by biking. Bikes literally everywhere. Tons of bike lanes and stoplights specifically for bikers. The three of us rented some from Mikes Bike Tours and spent the next few hours biking around to Vondelpark, the city center around the canals, and the I AMsterdam sign. Its been a shamefully long time since I’ve ridden a bicycle and I had such an amazing time seeing the city this way. Honestly, if you’ve been to Amsterdam and you didn’t ride a bike.. you did it wrong. 

We also made our way to Bloemenmarkt, the world’s only floating flower market. I ended up buying a bag of tulip bulbs and a packet of sunflower seeds, which I’m pretty anxious to plant. I would love to revisit The Netherlands in spring to see Keukenhof, the giant tulip gardens. 

We only spent two days here, but I really enjoyed walking around this beautiful city. We visited some museums, including the Anne Frank House, stopped in a few local bars, and checked out the red light district.. which was so different than anything I’ve experienced before. I would love to come back again at some point in my life. 

Next stop: London!


10 things that Danes do while biking

We know all Danes are born with bikes in between their legs. These guys are crazy about bikes and Denmark is one of the countries with most number of bicycles per habitants.

They bike every time, to every where and it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining or windy outside, (which is practically all the time). They will go somewhere biking.

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college tips: my edition
  • dedicate enough time to study outside of classes
  • protect your laptop from strangers
  • howl at the moon
  • go lay out on the pool table do it for the selfie
  • be polite but don’t let anyone touch you
  • sticking licked oreos on a douchebag’s windows is great in theory
  • it’s worth it when building a snowman with complete strangers
  • stay the fuck indoors when the weather gets bad
  • given the choice between saving a bee or saving classmate deathly allergic to bees…. i hope you do the right thing, even if he’s a jerk
  • boys suck. go nail their camping tent downhill on an angle.
  • in order to properly harass your freshmen: do throw water balloons. do challenge them to a lightsaber duel. do not throw full shampoo bottles.
  • protect your laundry at all costs
  • remember that you once had money and be fearful of your future
  • you are never too old to carve pumpkins or for haunted houses
  • bring a key with you to the shower. believe me, getting locked out of your dorm room while wet and only in a towel sucks
  • illegally keep cats
  • throwing rotten apples outside can be therapeutic 
  • so can busting open a tv in a dumpster with your english professor
  • don’t bike down a staircase jfc how was that a sound idea
  • run through the puddles barefoot
  • you know your friends are forever when you run around topless in the woods in the middle of a november night by the light of your cellphone
  • when you are sad, be sad
  • blanket forts are necessary to your survival. use your whole room. more pillows. more juice boxes. more stuffed animals. 
  • everyone’s too busy to hate you. you’re gonna be alright.

Soul Eater // Soul x Maka


Hope you all have a wonderful christmas time with lots of love from your family and friends and presents and nice food and just a great time. ;v; ♥