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☆ Isogai & Maehara ( Maeiso ) from Assassination Classroom ‘s Op

Well this was hard to make. Bottom gifs has Maehara cute expression but at the same time the frame is bit darker than rest of the frames. That’s why made the top gifs with out it. As the two different gifs next to each others i just reverse the frames ( doesn’t look reverse to me oh well ). :|

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Hello everyone! 👋🏻
Recently, I made a new friend who happens to speak Japanese and so he has been translating things for me. This karmagisa doujin happened to be one of them. I did the cleaning and typesetting, so that more people can enjoy it like we did! However, I don’t know the original source, and can’t imbed links on mobile anyway, so if you know it, please feel free to add it if you reblog.

Just a quick page I found floating around Instagram that my boyfriend translated for me. It was cute, so I cleaned and typed it up to share here.
As always, if anyone knows the original source and can link it, please do!

Karmagisa Week - Day 4 - Dare

“Nakamura dared you to do what?” Nagisa asked, disbelieve in his voice. On the train next to him sat Karma. He had just told him about a little bet he had with Nakamura. Kissing someone of the same sex, taking a photo of it as proof and that’s it. The winner would get invited to ice cream. If both did it they would brag to the class how great they were.

“And… you wanted to ask me? Why?”
“Well, your first place on Bitch-sensei’s kiss list! And I only settle for the best, you know?” Karma’s grin was wide, self-confident, arrogant… It made Nagisa crazy. Was this a joke? Who would kiss anyone without a good reason? And interrupting someone’s bloodlust to save their life was a damn good reason, thank you very much.

“You know, Karma, I don’t really care why you came to me.” Now Nagisa sounded defeated and Karma’s grin just grew wider. How was that physically even possible?

“So you’re gonna do it?”

With that simple answer he stood up, leaving the redhead dumbfounded on his seat. As soon as the train stopped and Nagisa got out, the other boy followed him. It seemed like this time he wouldn’t surrender.

“Oh come on! It’s not like it would be your first kiss! Just a quick peck. Unless you want more, which you certainly will, because my kisses are fantastic.”
“Yeah? So why am I ranked higher than you?”

What happened next was kind of unexpected. Whistling wind, a colourful blur and in the next second Nagisa was pinned against a wall in a rather quiet alleyway. For a second he was shocked but within a second his instincts kicked in and he wanted to go for the others throat. Really, that was his intention. But realizing it had been your best friend who whipped you away and against a wall was a bit distracting from the original plan.

Being kissed by said best friend was kind of mind-blowing.

“Don’t you dare say I’m not a good kisser ever again” Karma growled after he had pulled away from Nagisa. The smaller boy was looking dumbfounded at the other and took a few seconds to answer.

“Wow.” That word boosted Karma’s ego tenfold but the next ones destroyed it soon again. “No wonder your ranked so low.”

“What?! You-!”

“Let me show you how it’s done.”

Such a tone was new. Full of promises, temptation and passion. Even Bitch-sensei couldn’t sound more seductive.

Karma was pulled down and their lips met again. This time Nagisa was in control. He wasted no time with being soft or slow, immediately going for Karma’s wekapoints. He grabbed his hair with his right hand and pushed his left against his chest, clutching the fabric there. His tongue traced the taller ones lips, then nibbled a bit. Just like he was trying to leave a ghost touch there for the rest of his life.

Karma couldn’t help but gasp at this sensations. A stupid mistake leading up to his defeat. Nagisa pushed his tongue inside Karma’s mouth, rubbed it against Karma’s tongue. He followed the contours of the roof of his mouth, making the redhead shiver. He wanted to relax and lose himself in the kiss, when suddenly it ended.

“So did you take that picture you needed?” What a low, erotic voice. That Nagisa could ever be capable of leaving goosebumps on Karma’s skin was nothing the taller one had ever thought possible.

“Or… should we go to your place to make it look more… realistic?”

“My place. Now.”

Karma had to admit defeat in two battles. Nagisa was the better kisser but he was a willing student now. Concerning the bet… He just couldn’t bring himself to share this side of his best friend with anyone else.