she says i am not a feminist
i do not believe in feminism 
she spills out the words 
“i have the same rights and opportunities as the male counterpart in the united states" 
like it’s a sunday morning
and she just had breakfast in bed 
while in other parts of the world
women have organizations set up 
to fight for women to go to school
for women to take up industrial jobs
for women to take up jobs and protect their rights 
she says 
stop playing victim and seize opportunities 
but not every land is the land of freedom 
not every woman has opportunities knocking on their door
in so many parts of the world 
a 9 year old girl 
sits in her room 
and awaits her husband’s knock 
she then talks about 
how women want same rights as men 
when its convenient 
like as if 
women in the world 
want to cherry pick 
having equal job rights 
non discriminating pay laws 
and lesser women tax 
she says convenience and my blood boils a little 
she continues 
you can get a job 
no man is stopping you 
but society says 
marry a man 
not become a doctor 
society says 
you’re 35 
but no future partner
marrying is not only one stereotype 
but a man’s ego is so fragile 
women are accustomed to stay home after marriage
because leaving for a job means 
forsaking "home” values 
and you’re telling me nothing is stopping them 
but this is only one variable 
imagine the number of women 
unable to even get education 
because they’re females 
because that’s what society has imposed the gender to be 
but you then proceed to talk about slut shaming 
about how a woman who sleeps with 60 man 
is as much of a slut 
as is a man who sleeps with 60 women 
but girls out here get slut shamed 
even when their throats scream no 
even when they’re not sleeping around 
they become sexual objects 
like sex is not their right 
like a body is not of their owning 
the problem isn’t who you see as a slut 
the problem is women are being objectified as nothing but sexual object
that’s the problem 
i don’t understand why you would want to downplay both genders to get equality because if that what equality is to you 
i understand why you’re not a feminist 
she then goes again to say
america hires on job qualifications 
and i am happy 
you’re not one of many women 
who sit through degrading interview
get questioned cause they’re woman 
and still get asked whether they opt for the job
they still work 
cause food needs to be on the table 
despite their value being burnt in their office cubicles 
and you say 
okay but men can get falsely accused of rape as well,
that’s 5%
talk about the 95% you don’t see to care about
you don’t seem to care about your fellow sisters yet
so i see how you’re not a feminist 
when you overplay caring for one gender
and not both 
because feminism is about both genders
but if i have to talk about men 
to get your attention for feminism 
then it’s clearly not the point. 

you say all of this.
cause you’re american. 
you’re white. 
you walk the streets cause your privilege protects you. 
and this comes from an indian asian girl.
i have a roof over my head.
i have education.
and i am privileged as well.
but just because the sun shines where i live.
doesn’t mean it shines everywhere.

you have everything at your feet
so fellow women ancestors laugh
because you stand on their bones
and talk about rights
you don’t even know your other female friends have it hard 
so how are you gonna acknowledge
women of color struggles that continue 
and the bones that STILL pile up

you my friend
are gifted
in so many ways
ignorance is a bliss i guess 
in the saddest of ways

—  k, slam poetry in response to this tweet
Why sit/sat and not sit/sitted?

Ever wonder why we have words like sing when the past tense is sang, but other words like talk that have a past tense with the suffix -ed? Here’s why…

A little background: a primary derivation makes words using roots (that aren’t really words themselves) and a secondary derivation makes words based off of words that already exist in a language. 

In proto Indo European (PIE), a lot of roots had the form of CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant), with the V being interchangeable with different vowels to create different words.

Ablaut refers to when vowels alternate inside the root. 
Example: The root l_g in Greek exists. Within the space, vowels can alternate to create different words, such as logos (n. word) and legein (v. to speak). If I’m correct, Arabic is another example of a language that has this feature. 

If you see things like sing (v.), sang (v. past tense), and song (n.), then it’s a native English word. Another example of this includes sit/sat and run/ran. 

These are all primary derivations. 

Secondary derivations don’t have the ablaut feature, so these verbs have their past tenses with the suffix -ed that we all know and love. 

*sed- (PIE) –> sit (present) & sat (past)
 setl (Old Eng. “seat”) –> settle (present) & settled (past)

Here, setl is a primary derivation, and settle is a secondary derivation. Because settle is a secondary derivation, its past tense is settled with the -ed suffix.

Voila, magic. 

anonymous asked:

Hallo, I am on my 5th grade and I struggling to learn the english(standard) language. Because our school, we have to learn proper english when we are in 7th grade. I want to accelaret exam and one is to have a very good and high score in english accelrerating exam. Hope you cud suggest any books pdf or sumthing that I read to review and learn. Thanks.

Hello! I think a good place to start is just by reading fiction. If you don’t feel confident enough to read fiction for people your age, then start reading books for younger people. Here are some resources for learning English:

It’s my blog’s 3rd Birthday guys!!!🎂🍰 add more languages if you can.

Happy birthday
Zum Geburtstag viel Glück
Tavalodet mobarak تولدت مبارک
عيد ميلاد سعيد
Joyeux anniversaire
feliz cumpleaños
buon compleanno
শুভ জন্মদিন
יום הולדת שמח
צופרידן דיין געבורסטאָג
Поздравляю с днем рождения
gelukkige verjaardag
z okazji urodzin
grattis på födelsedagen
tillykke med fødselsdagen
pen-blwydd hapus

The Letter (c.1900). Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton (English, 1844-1933).

According to Linda Murray, “She was much influenced by Watts, and many of her subjects were of the allegorical or symbolic type which was his forte. Her drawing was solid, and she had a sculptural grasp of form allied to fresh, broken colour displaying affinities with Impressionism.”