interesting english words

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i. capricious - being unstable, unpredictable in changes of mood and/or behavior

ii. luminescent - the giving and presence of light not from a heat source

iii. incandescent - passionate, radiant, brilliant; may also mean light given from a heat source

iv. equestrian - of or relating to horse riding

v. repartee - banter or conversation, usually characterized by wit or snark

vi. altruistic - unselfish, concerned and invested in others

vii. ensconce - to place in a comfortable space

viii. avarice - essentially greed, usually a very strong want

ix. myriad - many, countless

x. predilection - a bias, or simply a preference for one thing over another

xi. ameliorate - to improve uponsomething, to make something originally bad, better

xii. eclectic - wide ranging, diverse, from all around

xiii. misanthropy - a disdain for humanity

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