Enlightenment is a destructive process. It
has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the
crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing
through the facade of pretence. It’s the
complete eradication of everything we
imagined to be true.

~ Adyashanti


The ideas of the Age of Enlightenment in Poland were developed later than in the Western Europe, as Polish bourgeoisie was weaker, and szlachta (nobility) culture (Sarmatism) together with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth political system (Golden Liberty) were in deep crisis. The period of Polish Enlightenment began in the 1730s–40s, peaked in the reign of Poland’s last king, Stanisław August Poniatowski (second half of the 18th century), went into decline with the Third Partition of Poland (1795) – a national tragedy inspiring a short period of sentimental writing – and ended in 1822, replaced by Romanticism.

Polish Enlightenment, while sharing many common qualities with the classical Enlightenment movements of Western Europe, also differed from them in many important aspects. Much of the thought of the Western Enlightenment evolved under the oppressive absolute monarchies and was dedicated towards fighting for more freedom. Western thinkers desired Montesquieu’s separation and balance of powers to restrict the nearly unlimited power of their monarchs. Polish Enlightenment, however, developed in a very different background. The Polish political system was almost the opposite of the absolute monarchy: Polish kings were elected and their position was very weak, with most of the powers in the hands of the parliament (Sejm). Polish reforms desired the elimination of laws that transformed their system into a near-anarchy, resulting from abuse of consensus voting in Sejm (liberum veto) that paralyzed the Commonwealth, especially during the times of the Wettin dynasty, reducing Poland from a major European player to the puppet of its neighbours. Thus, while men of the Enlightenment in France and Prussia wrote about the need for more checks and balances on their kings, Polish Enlightenment was geared towards fighting the abuses stemming from too many checks and balances.

The differences did not end there. Townsfolk and bourgeoisie dominated Western Enlightenment movement, while in the Commonwealth most of the reformers came from szlachta (nobility). Commonwealth szlachta (forming the 10% of its population) considered the idea of equality to be one of the foundations of its culture, and reformers fought to expand it towards other social classes. Religious tolerance, was an ideal of the szlachta.

Ideas of that period led eventually to one of the greatest achievements of Poland, the Constitution of May 3, 1791 (second-oldest world constitution) and other reforms (like the creation of the Commission of National Education, first ministry of education in the world) which attempted to transform the Commonwealth into a modern constitutional monarchy.


A friend isn’t a friend until they acknowledge the fact that there will come a time when they will have to choose between what favors them and what favors you, and admit to knowing they won’t pick you. In life, people will always put themselves first. Even in relationships. They put the other person’s happiness first simply because once that person is happy life is that much more tolerable for them. People are selfish and it takes a realist to be up front with that.
—  (bvldior)
Chopin: Piano Concerto #2 In F Minor, Op. 21, B 43 - 3. Allegro Vivace
Emanuel Ax/Charles Mackerras: Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment

Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 2 In F Minor, Op. 21, III: Allegro Vivace

Performed by Emanuel Ax on solo piano and Charles Mackerras conducting the Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment

Muffs And Puns

I wrote this on my way home so in about two hours so I’m sorry if this is bad but my inspiration is crazy so yeah, a shot one shot based on Dan’s tweet.

summary: Based on Dan’s tweet ‘i ordered a muffin and the punny barista said ‘‘these are so muffIN RIGHT NOW’‘ so i replied ‘‘mmm get muffINSIDE ME’‘ and he just stared back’

or the fic where Phil is that barista but instead of staring back he giggles.

words: 692

no trigger warnings

read on AO3 - (x)

As soon as he opened the door of the café, Dan’s nostrils were invaded by the strong coffee smell, making him inhale for a moment the delicious aroma.

It wasn’t too crowded, but many groups of people were chatting about everything and nothing, meaning there weren’t much seats free to seat on.

He had come in there expecting to work on his next video ideas, get out of his flat for a bit and see if the gods of inspiration englightened him elsewhere.

Dan walked towards the line where two other people were waiting to grab their drinks, thinking what kind of drink could boost his creative juices. A cappuccino? Hot chocolate? Extra large americano?

He took some steps forward as the line got shorter when he noticed the few pastries on the counter.

Oh. Muffins.

They looked good and only three were left. They were a bit pricey but they seemed so delicious… Dan could tell that the blueberry muffin was just asking him to eat him.

‘A talking muffin’ yeah sure. Such a good idea, Dan, it could work in a video.

Just in time, the woman ahead of him took her drink and left by the door, leaving Dan breathless as he noticed the attractive barista in front of him.

Pale skin contrasting wildly with the jet-black surely dyed straight fringed hair. His cheekbones were sharp, along with his jaw, but they most amazing feature Dan was more drawn to were the blue icy eyes that where behind those black framed glasses.

Unconsciously, Dan’s gaze drifted down, checking his thin frame hidden by the yellow coloured apron where a tag was pinned, with the phrase ‘Hi! My name is Phil!’ written.

So, Phil was his name. It suited him. That was a name Dan could picture him saying… and moaning. God, that face and body was to die for. The counter was the only thing stopping him from jumping him right here and now.

“What can I get you?” the chirpy tone from the barista startled Dan, getting out of his daydream to finally order.

“Erm, just a medium sized cappuccino,” Dan said, coughing a bit trying to recover from this weird instant crush.

Phil showed him a smile and was about to turn around when Dan just rembemered.

“Oh, and the blueberry muffin on the counter!” he pointed at the one he wanted, even though it was the only blueberry one left.

“Right up!” Phil said, his smile getting wider, pink lips almost hiding.

Dan followed Phil’s graceful movements, fast but concentrated, following each step thoroughly. He didn’t want to, but Dan’s gaze went straight to Phil’s hips and bum, really appreciating how those blck uniform trousers hugged his assets.

“These are so muffIN right now!” Phil jocked with a laugh, making Dan turn his attention back on those eyes as the barista handed him his carboard cup of coffee and pastry.

Picking his order, Dan laughed with him, staring at Phil’s happy expression, making the barista look even more attractive than before.

God, Dan wished those lips would kiss him all over…

“mmm… Get muffINSIDE me,” Dan said, not realizing how that must have sounded for Phil. He wanted the floor to eat him up and bring him straight to hell.

A now red-faced Dan was about to apologize when Phil giggled. He freaking giggled. Oh my god. Dan was sure that was the cutest sound he had ever heard. How did Phil even manage to be attractive and adorable at the same time? It wasn’t fair!

He watched Phil blush a bit and bit his lower lip as he picked up something from the counter, as if he had forgotten to give something else to Dan, “here,” Phil reached and handed him a folded white napkin, “call me, maybe that can be arranged.”

Phil cheekily winked at Dan before turning his attention to the two teenagers that had been waiting in line, letting Dan reach one of the few free seats where he opened the napkin, scribbled numbers and a name with a drawn heart staring back at him.

Yeah, that muffin was worth it.

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Wow, nearly a year ago, I had never even heard of Tumblr!

But, after a major restructure robbed me of my place in an organization to which I had sacrificed 8 years of sweat, blood and tears, I found myself adrift and seriously questioning my confidence, skills, etc. Especially after experiencing the soul-gutting cycle of countless job applications, interviews with no feedback, and just plain more rejection.

That was when my good friend, who is a very englightened young man, and my former colleague and employee, recommended that I finish watching MFMM to help boost my spirits. I had started a few eps, but never had the chance to return to it in the midst of my former workaholic life.

So…I binged-watched them on Netflix…and found a new purpose and meaning to my existence that had been seriously wanting. After Phryne flew away in the rusty plane, I couldn’t bear it! I had to find more ways to feed my renewed zest for life and brimming obsession somehow. So, I started to Google episode reviews for lack of any other ideas.

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Boggarts (Draco x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary: Draco has to face a boggart for the first time

Word count: 763


“Today, as many of you may have already realised, you will be facing a boggart. I know this will pretty much be recap for the most of you sixth years,” said Proffessor Lupin, “but I think it’s always helpful to touch up on old skills.”

A ripple of excited murmurs went around the classroom as all eyes were drawn to the large cabinet at the front of the room, that seemed to ominously shake of its own accord. There were gasps of excitement and chatters as the box made a large bang, and you scoffed.

“This is practically third year magic.” you sneered, turning to your boyfriend.

“Teaching at this school is pathetic.” spat Draco in reply. “At times I think you’re the only reason I stay.”

You smiled, an icy, Slytherin smile, and pressed your lips breifly to his cheek, watching as his white, pureblood skin turned delicately rose. Leaning your head on his shoulder, you sighed.

“This is ridiculous.” muttered Draco, rubbing circles on your back.

“Problem, Mr Malfoy?” asked Proffesor Lupin from the front of the room.

“Yes actually, there is.” he replied haughtily.

Hearing a mutter of ‘bloody Malfoy’ from behind you, you turned to give Potter an icy glare, before averting your gaze back to the man stood at the front of the classroom.

“Care to englighten us?” drawled the Professor, leaning back on a desk.

“This is third year magic Professor. Frankly I’m insulted by the fact that you feel the need to teach us how to repel a boggart.” huffed Draco, fooling his arms in a defiant manner.

“Well Mr Malfoy, seeing as you feel so strongly about my teaching methods and so comfortable in your own magical ability, it should be no problem at all for you to come and give the rest of us a demonstration.” replied Lupin, with a smirk in his voice.

Without another word, Draco stood up and strode purposefully to the front of the classroom, wand at the ready. He’d been studying boggarts for three years now. This would be no problem.

Professor Lupin slowly undid the lock, and finally swung the doors open, as every student watched closely to see what the great Draco Malfoy was scared of.

Out stepped Lucius Malfoy, and Draco was rooted to the spot. Whispers erupted from behind him, but he did not turn to defend himself, nor raise his wand to repel the figure stood in front of him.

Draco’s own father was his greatest fear.

“Use the Riddikulus spell Draco! He’s not real!” you yelled from the back of the classroom.

Your call seemed to pull him from his trance as he dropped his wand on the floor with a clatter, causing a collective gasp from the other students as he bolted out of the door.

Ignoring the furious shouts of your professor, you took off after him, watching as he barged into the Syltherin common room. Carefully, you made your way over to the enterance and uttered the password, slipping inside as the door opened. Broken sobs reached your ears and you felt your heart clench.

As you sat down next to Draco, you felt him stiffen up.

“It’s okay to cry Draco.” you said softly, as another sob escaped his lips.

“He’s my father Y/N. I’m a sixteen year old boy, and my greatest fear is my own dad.” the boy whispered, attempting to steady his voice.

You didn’t press, only wrapped your arms around his slender frame and felt your heart break with every sob that wracked his body.

“I’ve never stood up to my father, not once. Did you know that? He’s told me what’s expected of me, what’ll happen if I don’t fulfil his bloody stupid expectations, and I’ve never questioned it, not once. Because I’m too bloody scared, Y/N. I feel like nothing I do will ever make him proud of me.” Draco whimpered, holding on to you as if you were his lifeline.

Pushing him away from you, you wiped his cheeks and kissed him hard, pulling back only when you both needed air.

“I love you Draco. Fuck his expectations, fuck trying to please him. Just be Draco Malfoy, because you’re honestly bloody perfect without his bullying. You’re perfect.” you said firmly.

He sniffed and dabbed his eyes with the sleeve of his robe, then stood up, pulling you up with him.

“You okay?” you asked softly, and he answered with a brief but passionate kiss.

“Now,” he said, resuming his strong outward appearance. “I believe I have a boggart to face.”

raindrops (hoshi)

type: fluff :^)
synopsis: soonyoung + rain = me dying

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Rain is not really Soonyoung’s favorite thing. Sure, it is calming and relaxing. But, he couldn’t bare the cold breeze cressing his skin and not to mention the thunders that suddenly roar out of nowhere. He’d make himself a cup of coffee as he wrapped himself with blanket, writing new choreo on Hoshi’s note.

That was then, before he met her. In the rain.

He knew her love for the rain. He was told about how raining is relaxing and englightening. It allows her to think about all the things normally looked over every day. It also allows her to appreciate of what’s around her, it’s lulling, pulsing rhythm, beating against the drum called the Earth. He was told the rain brings better cup of tea. “The rain is also the reason I am with you today.” She said, playing with his fingers as they both cuddle on the front porch. The sound of the rain being their background song.

“Oh God, that was an embarrassing moment to remember!” He whined, earning a laugh from her. “I can’t believe I slipped and fall face first that day.”

“That’s one of many reasons why I love you,” she said, giggling after. He turned to her, smirking. “You love me?”

She rolled her eyes, “I take it back. I hate you.” He pouted, showing his puppy eyes as he leaned closer to her, making crying noises while doing so. He pushed his face away, laughing. He took her hands in his and plant a soft kiss on her lips. His cold lips met her warm one, sending chills down his spine. Her presence is enough to make him light headed and her touch makes his skin trembles, and craving for more the second she lets go. Her lips, honestly, it drives him crazy and creates this weird sparks and butterflies whenever they touch his skin.

She pulled away and stands up, making him do the same. Smiling, she drags him, looking at the rain and back at him. “You can’t be serious.” He said, she shook her head then drags him with all her power to the rain. He let out a panic shriek as she starts spinning around with him.

Her laughs echoed through his ears, they sound like an old favorite song he knew all the words to. They stopped spinning and he examine her face. “You’re beautiful.” He saw her cheeks turning pink as she shoved him away playfully.

“Stop flirting.”

“I am not flirting, it’s just the truth.” He smiled, taking her hands in his, swinging them for no particular reason. He loves holding her hand, anytime, anywhere. As long as he got the chance to, he will hold her hand, lacing their fingers together. She giggles at his action and unlacing their fingers only to wrap her arms around his waist, burying her face in his chest. He hugs her back, moving side to side as if they’re slow dancing. Her laughs vibrating through his chest, and she could her his heartbeats.

And so, the two of them started dancing, muttering some random melody from an old song they both knew. The rain keep falling down, touching their skin, leaving them damp. In this moment they know they wouldn’t trade this with anything in the world.

“I love you.”

Simple three words. But, when it slips off her tongue, it creates so many feelings in his body. He wants her to say it over and over again, and it will still effect him the same way. He just couldn’t get enough of her. She was the sun and he is revolving around her, she was his center. And he’d tend to keep it that way.

“I love you, too.” He pulled away from the hug and cupped her face, planting a soft kiss on her now, cold lips. They just stayed there, as he kissed her once, twice, or three times. He had lost count.

You can say that rain is on his list of favorite things, now.

Prussia in Enlightement attire

Prussia debating with Voltaire, cracking jokes with him

Prussia walking through Sanssouci dressed to the nines just in time for a huge social gathering

Prussia helping a woman fluff up her wig and making it a bit higher before a party

Prussia sipping wine and relaxing during one of Frederick the Great’s concerts, happy as can be

Prussia racing up all those stairs to burst into Sanssouci to tell his boss something really exciting and trying not to scuff up his shoes in the process

Prussia trying his best to out-fab Austria with his wardrobe

Prussia living in Sansoucci


Englightenment Prussia