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On this day in music history: May 17, 1965 - “Maiden Voyage”, the fifth studio album by Herbie Hancock is released. Produced by Alfred Lion, it is recorded at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, NJ on March 17, 1965. Issued as the follow up to the classic “Empyrean Isles”, the album is completed in just one day, at legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder’s studio. All five tracks are composed by Hancock, and follow a unifying theme related to the sea and marine biology. The album features the then twenty five year old jazz piano virtuoso along side musicians Ron Carter (bass), Tony Williams (drums), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet) (who are also members of Miles Davis’ band with Hancock at the time), and George Coleman (tenor saxophone). The songs “Dolphin Dance”, “Eye Of The Hurricane” and the title track all become jazz standards and among Hancock’s best known material. Herbie re-records “Dolphin Dance” and “Maiden Voyage” during the 70’s and 80’s on various studio and live recordings. “Maiden Voyage” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999.


On this day in music history: April 24, 1980 - “Cameosis”, the fifth album by Cameo is released. Produced by Larry Blackmon, it is recorded at H&L Studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ in Late 1979. Riding high off of the success of their fourth album “Secret Omen” and the back to back hits “I Just Want To Be” (#3 R&B) and “Sparkle” (#10 R&B), Cameo quickly return to the studio in the Fall of 1979 to record the follow up. The resulting album sees nine piece R&B/Funk band enjoying their first taste of pop crossover success, and becoming their best seller to date. It spins off two singles including “We’re Goin’ Out Tonight” (#11 R&B) and “Shake Your Pants” (#10 R&B). The album also marks the final appearance of vocalist Wayne Cooper, whose distinctive falsetto vocals are heard on several of Cameo’s hits (including the two singles from “Cameosis”), leaving the band after the albums release for an abortive attempt at a solo career. Cooper passes away in 1984 at the age of 28. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1996. “Cameosis” spends two weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, peaking at number twenty five on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

John Coltrane

John Coltrane recorded 『A Love Supreme』 50 years ago today. 『A Love Supreme』 is often listed amongst the greatest jazz albums of all time.


  • John Coltrane - tenor sax
  • McCoy Tyner - piano
  • Jimmy Garrison - bass
  • Elvin Jones - drums
  • 1964/12/09, Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

On this day in music history: May 18, 1981 - “Knights Of The Sound Table”, the seventh album by Cameo is released. Produced by Larry Blackmon, it is recorded at H&L Recording Studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and The Power Station in New York City from December 1980 - January 1981. With their sixth album “Feel Me” in record stores only two months, Cameo continue their break neck pace of recording and touring, returning to the studio between tour dates to begin work on yet another. Like many of their previous releases, bandleader and drummer Larry Blackmon has a hand in co-writing all of the material. When the album is released in the Spring of 1981, barely seven months after the previous one, the funky horn driven first single “Freaky Dancin” (#3 R&B, #45 Club Play), gives Cameo another hit right out of the box. It is followed by the breezy funk of “I Like It” (#25 R&B). Though not released as a commercial single in the US (UK only), the track “Don’t Be So Cool” featuring singer Nona Hendryx as a boastful and haughty socialite, begins receiving play on radio and on club dance floors as an album cut. Well received by fans at the time of its release, it becomes their fourth consecutive Gold album. But like its predecessor, “Knights Of The Sound Table” is seen as a “transitional” album for the New York City based funk band. It is also the last Cameo album to feature the bands large self contained line up of ten members. That number is cut virtually in half with the release of the next album “Alligator Woman” in March of 1982. “Knights” makes its long awaited CD debut in Japan in 1992, and is remastered and reissued in the US in 1995. It is remastered and reissued in Japan in 2008, with UK reissue label Soul Brother Records re-releasing the title in 2013. Universal Japan reissues it a third time in 2015, as a limited edition SHM-CD as part of their Universal JB & Funk 1000 Best Collection series. “Knights Of The Sound Table” peaks at number two on the Billboard R&B album chart, number forty four on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter during Shorter’s Speak No Evil session, Englewood Cliffs NJ, 1964

In the middle of his 6-year stint with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter recorded several of his own albums. 1964 in particular was a busy year for this New Jersey born saxophonist. Fresh off the release of Night Dreamer and Juju, Wayne began recording the album Speak No Evil. Pushing away from the sound of Lee Morgan, and Miles Davis, Wayne decided to bring in Freddie Hubbard. What they recorded together on Speak No Evil is perhaps the greatest documentation of their work together. While Speak No Evil hints at the style of Miles Second Great Quintet, it has a sound that is truly authentic. With Elvin Jones, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter, this quintet recorded some of the most cohesive, playful, recordings of its time.

anonymous asked:

Not sure if you've already gotten an ask on this (sorry if you have) but have you seen the latest issue of J14? I was in the market today with my 12 year-old daughter and since she's a huge 1D fan, she wants anything and everything on them. Harry is on the cover with a caption that reads "Harry tormented by rude rumors" The article talks about H/L gay "rumors" that are tearing their friendship apart. It even has "quotes" by Louis saying that "he and Harry can no longer hang out together".. cont

and they “have to pose apart in photos”! He was also “quoted” as saying “it’s affecting his relationship with this long-term girlfriend”. I didn’t read any more past that because I was appalled by it.

My daughter is still upset thinking that H&L aren’t friends anymore and I’m upset because this magazine is pushing homophobic ideas on to it’s readers! I’ve spent the better part of the evening trying to convince my daughter that H&L are still best friends (thanks a lot J14!). I’m thinking of sending an email to the editor about it (not sure how much good that will do though).


What. The. Fuck.

You should definitely, definitely write a letter to the editor.

I checked their site and couldn’t see an article about this, so I can only guess that it’ll only go online after the magazine has been on sale for a little while, but I did manage to find the ‘sneak peak’ of the cover.

Has anyone got access to this magazine and could take a photo of the offending article? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist in Australia.

Completely setting aside that it doesn’t matter if you think Harry and Louis genuinely are or aren’t in a relationship, there’s nothing rude about these 'rumours’ and telling teens and pre-teens that is an appropriate term to apply to discussions about same sex relationships is so damaging. They’re welcome to think the rumours are wrong, they’re welcome to think that they’re funny, or surprising, but they are not, nor will they ever be rude.

So congratulations J14 on providing these children with judgemental  language to use as a weapon, both towards other members of the One Direction fandom, but also to any gay or questioning youths they might know in their real lives.Further congratulations for potentially making any child questioning their own sexuality feel even more out of place than they already might; I’m sure they’re going to love applying words like 'tortured’ and 'rude’ to themselves and thinking about how their own friendships and relationships are going to suffer (and if you’d like to know the statistics on gay youth suicide, I’m sure The Trevor Project can help you out).

Boy howdy, instituationalised homophobia geared towards children sure does put me in a life ruining mood. Who’s with me?

J14 Magazine

And failing a suitable response, maybe Lynette Gallagher, Vice President of Bauer Publishing’s Teen Division would be interested in hearing about this. Or, you know, The Trevor Project.