A chance meeting (closed rp)

Schwarz was often one to wander far from his home into the wilderness and away from any people or civilization in general. He found the quiet comforting and found peace in simple sounds and smells of nature, forests, and open fields. Even in Winter, he would stay away from any source of heat except for when he found himself too cold. Such a moment had occurred when he was out on an early morning flight and he’d landed quickly. He rubbed his gloved hands together and adjusted his scarf before looking for any sheltered place that would keep the cold wind at bay. Eventually he spotted a sort of indent in a hill where he quickly huddled and wrapped himself in his wings, ignoring the outside world for a moment.

So this auto-correct happened....
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:Yeah exactly
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:I'm afraid to do italian
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:Job ela coming by your part of it download also it sunday is a new phone Paul mop your number lost on jazz at the Disco ol and Noble suck my c*** to Andy is Neil amigo mio de Chao
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:OMFG
  • Velvela Kasane:KSGFKSFGN
  • Velvela Kasane:THAT'S THE BEST ONE I THINK
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:NOOOPOOOO PHONE WHAY
  • Aðalbjörg/Hayley/Dagur:WHY WOULD UPU DO THAT