Title: Chinese Treasures

Author/Artist: Me :3
Beta: No one
Characters/pairings: Pirate!England X Emperor!China, ImperialPrince!Hong Kong, Pirate!Spain, Pirate!Prussia, Pirate!France
Rating: 16+ (This will change to 18+ later on.. but until then.. 16+ XD)
Warnings: Yaoi, Pirates, Torture
Summary: Arthur, a fearless pirate captain, managed to find a map to the Chinese imperial treasures. There is just one thing that he need to get it. Blood from the Chinese imperial bloodline.

Chapter 6 is finally online! :3

LINK:: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7009949/1/Chinese_Treasures

Hetalia AU Ideas

I’m so freaking pumped for this Hetalia story idea I have. It’s kinda really simple, but I really tried hard in perfecting the details. ;w;

I’m just going to tell you that it’s an EnglandxChina fanfic, though I’m debating on like, how far the relationship will go into. I’m not gonna give like, any super duper details about the plot, but I feel really excited and proud so I’m gonna post character relationships with each other. There are about 23 characters involved, some more than the others obviously.

Okay, starting out on Yao’s side.

Yao is brothers to Hong Kong and Shanghai. Yao’s parents were foster parents who fostered Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, North and South Korea, and Thailand. Korea visits China, Hong Kong, and Shanghai frequently because he lives close by.

Now for England’s side. England’s family is Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, and the Republic Ireland. Pretty damn simple.

Now onto the more complicated part. Relationships.

England is neighbors with America.

America is friends with South Ireland, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

China is neighbors with Russia.

Russia is friends with Scotland and the Republic Ireland (It’s actually historical fdnfjks)

The Republic of Ireland is friends with America and Turkey (ALSO HISTORICAL FNDSJ)

Spain is Yao’s boss.

Hong Kong and Taiwan had a relationship, but they broke up during high school (Hong Kong is now in his third year of college and Taiwan is in her last year of high school because she failed twice.).

Yao is coworkers with Canada.

Canada is brothers with America.

There’s a few more things but shhhh they’re plot twists uwu I’m probably going to put in more planning for the next few days, because I spent most of my time working on the background story…hopefully it turns out well. ;w;“ If you’d like to give any suggestions on relationships or criticize constructively what I have so far please don’t be afraid to say anything.

BUT. I will verbally chew on your eyes then spit them out on ferret shit if you:

-Rudely hate on the main pairing of my story. I don’t mind if you just say "Hey this isn’t my ship but that’s cool I guess”.

-Just hate in general. Hate is not equivalent to constructive criticism. Fuck you.


But yes. I’m gonna be working on plot for the next few days. uwu; I can’t remember the last time I’ve done a fanfic, but I’ve read like, so many I can’t even fathom it. Andand so many adventure time gifs lol sorry.