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Pride and Prejudice (2005)Locations

“Pride & Prejudice is a love letter to the English landscape from its director Joe Wright. It is a glorious rebuke to any underestimation of the power within our countryside. There are many smaller notes, where the film exults in the quieter glories of England. There are long wet meads with small tufts of reeds; modest rivers weaving through flat meadows; small woods perched on ridges over long fields; all moist, green and rich. It is a landscape in sympathetic participation with the human, and pleasantly unique to us. It is, as Hardy would put it, “majestic without severity, impressive without showiness, emphatic in its admonitions, grand in its simplicity”.”


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I wanted to do something Nyotalia related for this important event so…here we are! Their sexuality/romantic orientations - and also their gender- are only my personal headcanons for them, so please remember this little cute fact thank you.  Hope you like this little set.

Art: Himaruya | Edit: Mine.

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