bibliophile-extraordinaire  asked:

Kepler-22b and Enceladus, if you want :)

kepler-22b: if you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?

England!! to meet @amiedelabaisse!!

enceladus: who is your favorite person? what are they like?

…Okay I can’t really choose so I’m going to pick one of my friends but I like other people just as much!! (I just miss this one person a lot cause she lives far away now). She’s really cool I admire her style and she is constantly tired and sometimes she lets me cover her in blankets and she always has like three necklaces and this cool wrist guard thing and she can kick my butt and once she walked for SEVERAL KILOMETERS in ridiculously high heels and seeing her hold animals is the cutest thing ever (animals love her tbh). Her hair is really short and soft and she can unicycle and surf and do cartwheels. Also she can sew things!! She made her own medival-style dress cause she is amazing!! Also she is a giant fangirl and makes the most adorable faces when she is emotional about fictional things. Also she can cook! (..sorry I mean for this to be shorter but she’s just REALLY COOL and I miss her)

In summary, she is a tiny cute child who should be wrapped in blankets and protected and also possibly worshiped as a goddess??