Today in Europe you have two markets. One for the English clubs and one for the rest of Europe. When the buyer is English, it is true that it multiplies the transfer fees by two or three or sometimes by 10. If an English club does not come in, he is worth £5 million but, if an English club comes for the same player, he is worth £35 million or 40 or 50. The danger of the English situation is that the English clubs can suffocate themselves in the long term. Why? Because they buy players at a very high price. That means there are very high wages linked with it and, if they are wrong, they will have these players with high wages who cannot move anywhere else.
—  Arsene Wenger
Mike Tindall removed from England elite squad and fined by RFU

Mike Tindall has been fined £25,000 by the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and removed from England’s elite player squad for his World Cup conduct.

The former England captain attracted negative headlines after a night out in Queenstown on 11 September.

“[His] actions [were] unacceptable and amounted to a very serious breach,” said RFU rugby director Rob Andrew.

Chris Ashton and James Haskell received suspended fines for a separate incident, with Dylan Hartley cleared.

While Ashton and Haskell - both given suspended £5,000 fines and warned as to their future conduct after making inappropriate comments to a female hotel worker - are free to continue their England careers, centre Tindall, at the age of 33, now appears unlikely to add to his 75 caps.

“These actions have not been taken lightly but we believe that, in all these cases, the sanctions are commensurate with the level of seriousness of what occurred,” added Andrew.

“Whilst we acknowledge [Tindall’s] previous good character it needs to be made clear that what he did will not be tolerated.”

Tindall, married to the Queen’s eldest granddaughter Zara Phillips, was defended by manager Martin Johnson following the night out but the player later had to admit to misleading team management about events from the evening.

During a troubled campaign that ended with a quarter-final defeat by France there were also claims that winger Ashton, hooker Hartley and back-row forward Haskell had made offensive comments to hotel worker Annabel Newton.

“Regarding the events in Dunedin, it should be stressed that the allegations of very serious wrong-doing made against Chris Ashton, Dylan Hartley and James Haskell by Annabel Newton, a member of staff at the team hotel, were entirely false,” said Andrew.

“We do not believe the players had any intention to sexually harass or intimidate Ms Newton. However, the incident is precisely the kind of dangerous, compromising situation the players were warned about prior to departure for New Zealand and that they were specifically told to avoid in the EPS [England Player Squad] code of conduct.

"While we found that Dylan Hartley played no part in the ill-considered exchange with Annabel Newton, Chris Ashton and James Haskell’s behaviour did breach the EPS code of conduct.

"Finally, these episodes and the subsequent disciplinary action should stand as a strong reminder that the highest standards of personal conduct are expected from any England player on and off the field.”

Wow! I did not expect Tindall to be removed completely! It’s a good thing that they are being strict about behaviour, rugby should try and stop getting as bad a rep as football does. Isn’t that why O2 were thinking about removing their sponsorship from football teams and concentrating on rugby?

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Can you please tell me an instances when she's been supportive of someone who plays for another club?

okie dokie pal, idk why i have to prove this to you because its obvious that steph is one of the best in the world but here you go (its not hard to google this stuff yourself you know)

After Bass’ own goal:

 'I think the professional that she is, she knows we’ve got a job to do against Germany and she’s a fantastic player and a fantastic person. Of course she’s not going to be totally 100 per cent, but I know she’ll do everything she can to get us back to winning ways and hopefully put in another fantastic performance like she has done all tournament, because she’s been amazing and one of the stand-out players for us.’

She’s literally the first to celebrate with every England player after they score. even non-city players!! wow shocking i know!!

she’s literally best friends with ellen, raff and carly and most of the england squad, why would she not be supportive?. 

jordan - our vice captain - is always talking about how great of a captain she is and how much she looks up to her and wants to follow in her footsteps

cba finding more stuff, anyone else wanna add more?


Duchess of Cambridge August 2016 Photo Challenge

[20/31]: Favourite Fascinator/Hat worn by Catherine

July 30th 2011 - A few months after Catherine’s wedding to Prince William, it was time for a second royal wedding. This time it was the turn of William’s cousin, Zara Phillips to marry ex-England Rugby player, Mike Tindall. Unlike Catherine and William’s wedding, Mike and Zara’s was not televised and instead the photo rights were exclusively sold to Hello! magazine. This was due to Mike’s previous behavioural issues and the fact Zara is, despite being the Queen’s granddaughter and in line to the throne, a private citizen.

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FA WSL players in England can earn around $45,200 a year and few earn more like the Lionesses captain Steph Houghton. So yeah I would guess it would be too expensive for the NWSL to get English players as they would have to either match or pay more specially those on the national team. I would really love to see Bronze and Houghton in the NWSL tho

The NWSL really needs to catch up tbh, the girls need to get paid more

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Fara is the most capped player for England EVER 100% she should be captain and lead the team out in every game I think Steph is a poor choice as much as I love her

having most caps isnt criteria for being captain. mark chose steph because “She’s honest, hard-working, ambitious and has a winning attitude. She also has the room and time to improve as a player and grow as a leader, which fits in perfectly with our vision for the team.”

England vs. Bulgaria at 5pm October, 12 1978.

It is on a seemingly normal day with not a cloud in the sky in Dartmoor, England that the Quidditch World Cup begins.

It was a brutal season; with England’s star player, Aaron Astrix out on injury for half of the season after suffering a nightmarish fall barely cushioned by a last-minute charm, and Bulgaria’s relentless Beaters suspected of foul play, it all comes down to this final match.

Tensions are running high, but not only on the Quidditch pitch.

A summer tainted by blood after several mysterious and unsolved attacks, thought to be the work of Lord Voldemort and his followers, remains in the backs of everyone’s minds as they pile into the over-crowded stands, refusing to allow fear to control fun; but when you cannot trust the person sitting next to you, it is hard to say whether anyone will enjoy the game.

Ministry officials have appointed their best security to scout the stands. Top Aurors are responsible for monitoring the highest-paid seats while Hit Witches and Wizards are discretely stationed in every section of the stands. With additional security added to typical precautions, the Ministry has assured that the event will be as safe as possible.

But when there is a will, there’s a way and when anger and justice plagues the mind of a newly-formed rebel group, they know they must find a way to put an end to the murder.

And they will take it.

They swoop in from above shortly before the half-time break ends. At first, it is thought to be the game re-commencing, but when officials sound the horns, the screams can be heard for miles away. The worst nightmare is coming true.

Who are these masked villains?

With wands out, the rebels use keen flying skills to zig-zag through dense crows, seeking out culprits they suspect are behind the summer murders. Their purpose isn’t to kill senselessly, but to send a message.

The Order of the Phoenix is fighting justly, but the rebels are willing to fight fire with fire.

Taken from his pretty-little-box-seat, the Minister of Magic himself, Harold Minchum, is kidnapped for information. Aversio wants to pressure him into acting, into seeking justice for the deaths and hardships of members in their community. Muggle-borns are equal, they assert. 

Meanwhile, the highest paid seats are set on fire because if the rebels know one thing, Voldemort’s followers are mostly Purebloods and Purebloods tend to be rich.

Injuries are sustained and the message is heard loud and clear. This war will be bloody.

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