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Reader Inserts Multi Fandom MasterList

“Oh would you look at that i actually made one

Key: Asterisk [*] = *drabble


Armin Arlert

Levi Ackerman

  • *Sneeze - it fractured the silence [General]


Peter Parker

  • Caught - you had known for a while that Peter Parker was Spiderman [Fluff]
  • *Dork - he was inconceivably so. [Fluff]
  • Jumble - your first thought was that your soulmate was an idiot. [Humour]
  • *Roleplay - in your opinion, you looked better in it. [Humour]
  • *Popcorn Pursuits - popcorn shenanigans [Fluff]
  • Secret - you didn’t understand what was going on with your best friend anymore. [Fluff]
  • Trapped - he seemed to be in a sticky situation [Humour; Fluff]

Tony Stark

  • Sue - “Are you judging me?” [Humour]



  • Suspicion - he glanced away nervously [General]
  • Weak - you could only watch. [Suspense]


Bakugou Katsuki

  • Movie - After all, what could go wrong? [Humour;Hurt/Comfort]
  • Silent - you’d keep the secret to your grave. [General]
  • 23“Kiss me” [General]

Midoriya Izuku

  • *prompt 73 - “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.” [General]
  • GreenBut that thought was there and then it was gone, because the green turned out to be a person, and he was looking directly at you. [Suspense]


Tadashi Hamada

  • Scars - it was a therapeutic experience for the both of you.[Hurt/Comfort]


Sebastian Michaelis

  • Properly - Then do it properly. [General]
  • TeaseI’d take that tie of yours and shove it down your throat then hang you up by your coat tails you insufferable twat. [General]


Park Jimin

  • Intrigue - “Excuse me, I think this is your coffee.” [General]




  • No time  - this was not your usual intruder [General]


Bill Cipher

  • abstruse - he’d always been there, now that you thought about it. [Suspense]
  • Mine - he was the cat and you were the mouse, which was quite ironic. [General]
  • Mirror - a typical Halloween night goes different than expected [Suspense]

Dipper Pines

  • Massage - you relieve some of your boyfriend’s stress [Fluff]
  • New - you could get used to it. [Fluff]



  • *Pest - you saw straight through him. [General]


Alexander Hamilton

  • Annoyance You clenched your jaw, intent on ignoring the man who you wanted to shoot between the eyes and kiss till you were breathless at the same time. [General]
  • Breathe   [Part 2 of Yorktown] - He was there, even when you felt you couldn’t. [Hurt/Comfort; Angst]
  • Yorktown - You would fight whether he liked it or not  [Suspense]

King George III 

  • Captive - As Washington’s daughter, when you were kidnapped, you should have expected it. [Suspense]


  • *Madame - If he called you that one more time- [General]
  • The Story of Last Night - Hercules, the bastard, had left you with an intoxicated Lafayette to take care of. [Fluff]


Arthur Kirkland (England)

Matthew Williams (Canada)

  • Storm - He gave you solace  [Hurt/Comfort]


Dave Strider

  • Just a Role - AU. Sometime you had a hard time distinguishing your role from reality. [Fluff]



  • Spider - in all honesty, it was your fault. [Hurt/Comfort]



  • Encounter - in your opinion, the orcs had it coming. Didn’t mean Legolas had the right. [Suspense; Fluff]
  • Flower Customs - as a mortal, you were rather ignorant of certain things. [Humor; Fluff]
  • Nature - Legolas proves to you that maybe you just had to listen. | [General]


Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste

  • Stranger - he knew someone who could. [General]


Mob/Shigeo Kageyama

  • Special - and don’t you ever doubt it. [Hurt/comfort]


Kim Yoosung

  • *Perfect - “Ah, that wasn’t so hard!” [Humour;Fluff]

Hyun Ryu/Zen

  • Heights - at the moment, you weren’t too fond of them. [Hurt/Comfort; Fluff]
  • Midnight Ramblings - Zen was certain this had been a bad idea. [Fluff]
  • 펜팔 [ Pen pal ] ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5]) - This ‘Z’ fellow had you quite interested.  [Suspense; Slice of Life]
  • Pillow Fight  - Zen has been practicing long enough, you decide. [Fluff]
  • Post - playful banter. [Fluff]
  • Never -  Your hand hit across his cheek, the sound so loud the entire room went silent. [Suspense]

Saeyoung Choi/707

  • Squabble - a slight fall out [Angst/Fluff]



  • Curry Soda - of course the stranger had to see you cry [General]



  • Stove - in the end, you are ultimately sure takeout is the answer. [Hurt/Comfort]
  • *prompt 64 - “You should see this” [General]
  • Visitor - woops. [Humour; Hurt/Comfort]
  • headcannons | baking , rain [fluff] ; too late , empty [angst]



  • *Man-child - utterly. [General]
  • *crazy - you wouldn’t leave them alone. [Humour]



  • Insane - you should have never been here. But now you were, and your whole world has been turned upside down. [Suspense]

Group Scenario

  • Imagine #1 - reactions to you kissing them for the first time [Fluff]
  • Imagine #2 - reactions to them finding you in a break down [Fluff; a squint of angst]



  • Cute - no matter what form he took, he would inevitably be the same. [Fluff]



  • Again - He kept coming back. [Angst]


  • re - but eventually. [Angst/Fluff]


Charles Xavier

  • Before - it was in the past but you couldn’t seem to escape from it [Hurt/Comfort]
  • Nightmare - he was so ever always your saviour [Hurt/Comfort]


Requested HarleyxJoker fic | Fluff

Zenvi [Zen x Kumiko] Ficlet | a trade with @avistella

more coming soon…

My Hetalia Ships Part 1

Here are all my ships of Hetalia so far

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America x Japan

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England x France

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Sweden x Finland

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Italy x Germany

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Prussia x Canada

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Russia x Lithuania

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Switzerland x Austria

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Belarus x Lichtenstein

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Italy x Holy Roman Empire

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Spain x Romano

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Norway x Denmark

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Possibly The World's Longest Hetalia Yaoi Doujinshi List

Please do tell me if left out a R18 warning, since i’m only human, and tell me if you’d like me to put certain doujins up I may have left out, or if you want me to get to a certain pairing quickly! Thank you!

DenNor (Denmark X Norway):
Anko Uza Unlimited
Au Drakengard Verse 
CooL FooL 
Inescapable (R18) 
Kaerlighed er Kaerlighed 
Kodomo ga Soba ni Imasu Node 
No Treat For You 
Re: Anko Uza Unlimited 
Square Root 
You Have a Message From Bror 

Franada (France X Canada):
Do You Want a Cat (R18) 
Freaks Show (R18) 
Sugar Parade 
Sweet Sweets 

GerIta (Germany X Italy):
365 (R18) 
A Day on the Planet Part 1 (R18) 
A Day on the Planet Part 2 (R18) 
A Skilled Hawk Often Hides It’s Talons 
A Vow Between Men (R18) 
Becoming Friends 
Borderline (R18) 
Bukiyou Desu Kara 
But That’s Fine 
Captain Seems to Have a Screw Loose 
Captain’s Wound… *Gasp* 
Cherry Boy Blues 
Chibi Germany and North Italy 
Counting Sheep 
Defeat of man (R18) 
Der Erste Stern Part 1 
Der Erste Stern Part 2 
Der Erste Stern Part 3 
Der Erste Stern Part 4 1/2 
Der Erste Stern Part 4 2/2 

Fluffy Gerita 
Futari Gokko Part 1 (R15) 
Futari Gokko Part 2 (R15) 
Futari Gokko Part 3 (R15) 
Gattiino Nante Iwasenai 
Gazing at the sky one Night 
God’s Manifestations (R18) 
Goodbye My Little Girl 
Good Morning, My… 
Happiness Achievement Plan 
“How Are You?" 
Ich Will im Moment Erzählen 
I Heard you Like Things Like This 
Il Cielo Sulla Terra (R18) 
I’m not Angry 
Issho Ga ii ne 
Italy Disease (R18) 
Italy’s Birthday Present 
It’s Nice to be Young 
Just Getting Along 
Lei Chi Sono Dolci 02 (Contains Hre X Chibitalia) 
Life is So Beautiful (R18) 
Little Sheep (R18) 
Love Like Silk Threads 
Love Slave (R18) 
Messenger of Happiness 
Mind Reading 
Molto Piacere 

More Cute GerIta 
Night Watch (R18) 
One Week Lovers 
One Who Won’t Calm Down, One Who Wants to Calm him Down 
Passato ed Ora 
Promised Land 
Promise of Steel 
Red Shoelaces 
Secret Garden 
Siamo Felici 
Sky Colored Canvas 
Sleeping Kisses 
Some Precious GerIta 
Sono Felice 
Stamp! (R18) 
Stamp 6 (R18) 
Stamp 8 (R18) 
Stille Nacht 
Sweet Home (R16) 
Sweet Sweet Dream of White Flag (R18) 
The Miracle Night 
The World Where you are 
The "You” I Know 
This Isn’t What it Looks Like 
Typical LudFeli 
What If 

PruAus (Prussia X Austria):
Darf Ich mit Ihnen Sprechen 
Drei Leute (Prussia X Austria X Germany) 
Glaser Komplex 
Omae to Pantsu to Oresama to 
Schkoladenkrieg (R18) 
Tanktop Lovers 

RoBul (Romania X Bulgaria):
Boy Talk 
Can I Have Blood? 
Cat Ears Magic 
Happy Late Birthday, Romania 
Hetanime Debut 
Love Comedy 
My Enemy is Your Lover (Contains PruHun) 
Only True Friends 
Pocky Day 
Problems Piled up 
Skewered Yogurt 
Vampire and Priest 
What are you Doing? (translations below image) 
What is This Crack? I Don’t Even… 

RoChu (Russia X China):
Baby Panic 
Oboreta Ou 
Limitless Devil (R18 Shota seme) 
Similar Dissimilar 

Spamano (Spain X Romano):
Acustico Ocaso 
Aph Scanalation 
Ashitamo Aeru 
Besame Mucho 1/3 
Beside You 
Candy Pop Monster 
Catnip (R18) 
Charm Part 1 
Charm Part 2 
Ciao Mio Raggio di Sole 
Clover Field 
Domani Lei Ed Un Valzer e Colazione 
Don’t Delay me (R18) 
Fight to the Finish 
France + Prussia + Spamano (R15) 
Gakuen Hetalia 
Habanera (R18) 
Happy Birthday 
Happy New Year 
Happy Valentine’s Day 
He Won’t Stop Until He Can Say 
Honey Come 
Hop! Step! Back! 
Keep Smiling 
Knock! Knock! (R18) 
Koishite Tomato 
Konbun’s Dere is bad for the Heart 
La Felicita in Mano 
Lesion (R18) 
Let’s Make Tirimasu 
Leyenda Negra 2/3 (sequel to Besame Mucho) 
Lieto Fine 
Little Oyabun 
Mischief (R18)  
My Little Boy 
Oh, What a Sinful man he is 
Oyabunbun (R18) 
Paranormal Unexplained 
Pondeco Custom 
Probably Always Shinin’ Days 
Proof Proof Experience 
Rain Shower 
Romano’s Curl? 
Secret Secret (R18) 
Shin’ Ai Naru Kimi E 
Simply Bare With an Apron (R18) 
Sonna Koto mo Arimashita 
Soshite Futari de Tadaima to 
Soy y Sombra 3/3 ½ (sequel to Leyenda Negra) 
Soy y Sombra 3/3 2/2 (sequel to Soy y Sombra 3/3 ½) 
Test Tubes and Ribbons (R18) 
The Day After Snow 
The Manipulator 
The Place Where the Sun Sets 
The Story of Romano and the Tomato 
The Tomato Next to me 
The World That Calls That Love 
This Fucking Guy 
Tomapori (R18) 
Tres (R18) 
Tres+ (R18) 
Tsumi Na Otoko (R18) 
Viva la Vida 
We Came Hether Crying 
Welcome Home, I’m Home 
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 

SuFin (Sweden X Finland):
Ai Suru Hito 
Crescent Moon 
Diamond Diamond Diamond 
Fairy Mischeif 
F-S-M-G-H (R18) 
Good Morning 
Good Night, Good Dreams 
I Won’t Last A Day Without You 
Kemuri ha Doko he iku no Yara

 Koori no Kuni ni Shinzou wo Torareta Hito (R18) 
Little Comic 
Moe Moi (R18)  
Moi Moi Kigurumi Manual 
Puolukka Part 1 
Puolukka Part 2  
Re-Record Part 1 
Re-Record Part 2
Re-Record Part 3 
Re-Record Part 4 
Second Stage 
The Adventures of Trainer Berwald (Japanese) 
The Su-san Comparative Pic was Just Too Cool 
Vikings in Love 
Winter Night (R18) 
Wonderful School Days  

UsUk (America X Britain):
Aa - Beyond the Blue Sky 
Aah, Daieiteikoku-sama (R15) 
A Familiar Scenario 
After Honey Talk (R18) 
After Game (R18) 
After School Monster (R18) 
A Hero and Wizard Fell in Love and Then… (R18) 
Ah, Man! (R18) 
Aisu de Aisu (R18) 
Ai Wo Kataru Kisetsu ha Tooku 
Alice’s Prince 
America X England X You 
Angelic Dream (R18) 
Are You Happy? 
Arthur in the Dark Part 1 (R18) 
Arthur in the Dark Part 2 (R18) 
Arthur in the Dark Part 3 (R18) 
Arthur in the Dark Part 4 (R18) 
Arthur in the Dark Part 5 (R18) 
Arthur Kirkland no Ana 
Arthur Kirkland no Hisoyakana Tanoshimi (R18) 
Art Student Part 1 
Art Student Part 2 
A Save Marriage Baby 
A Simulation Game Sensation (R18) 
ASL (R18) 
A Sweet Nightmare 
As You Like (R18) 
A Tale of Captivity, but That’s not Quite Right 
Atama no Saki Kara Kisu no Ame (R18) 
A Witche’s Traumerei (R18) 
Baby Don’t Cry 
Back ni Moeta no De (R18) 
Ballet Mecanique 
Bandolero Comanchero 
Bang Burn Movie (R18) 
Because I Know 
Before Night Falls 
Being Caught Lying May Result in a kiss 
Be Lost in Love (R18) 
Bitter Valentine 
Blue Honeymoon 
Body Language (R18) 
Body Pillow Handling Manual 
Bunny Love 
Buoyancy 101 
Call my Name (R18) 
Candy Lover 
Can’t be Honest 
Capella Vega Altair 
Cat Fight 
Cherries be Ambitious (R18) 
Chuumon no Ooi ai no Aru (R18) 
Clean Green (R18) 
Coffee to Iron to Kimi no Kiss 
Comparing Heights 
Computer City (R18) 
Cooking Practice 
Count 24 
Covetous (R18) 
Cursed Sympathy 
Day in, Day Out (R18) 
Dead Loss Wonder (R18) 
Dear: Mr. Seeker 
Dear Sir, it’s Snowing in London 
Definite Resemblance 
Don’t Think i’m Your’s now Just Because we Kissed Once 
Don’t you Want me? (R18) 
Dust/Smoke/View (R18) 
Exactly the Issue of Summer (R18) 
Extreme Makeover 
False Paradise (R18) 
Fantastic Dreamer (R18) 
Favorite mug 
Fifty One 
Final Luck (The group that made it is Wild Juliet) 
For Your Preference (R18) 
Foster Child 
From Britannia, Perverted Santa Came (R18) 
Futari no Mayuge (R18) (contains FrUk) 
Gakuheta Movie Research Club 
Ganbare America Kimi 
Give Me Chocolate! (R18) 
Goodnight Kiss 
Gothic VP (R18) 
Groovy Kind of Love (R18) 
Guru Guru Blanket 
H (R18) 
Hallelujah, Hallelujah 
Happy Material 2 
Happy Valentine 
Heart Beat Vamp 
Hello Again, the Blues 
Hero And Wizard 1 
Hero And Wizard 2 
Hero’s Angel (R18) 
Hotch Kiss (R18) 
How to eat a Delicious Scone (R18) 
Hyoujyun Soubi, ore no Shitai 
Ichikabachika Part 1 
Ichikabachika Part 2 
Ichikabachika Part 3 
If it’s you and me 
Iginyan Milk (R18) 
Iikaeruto (R15) 
I Love You 
I Love You Let’s Set a Love Trap 
In Solution (R18) 
In The Ice Box 
In Your Dreams (R18) 
It’s a Little Cramped in Here (R18) 
It’s no Good (R18) 
I’ve Held Back for the Last 200 Years, so There’s Just no Stopping me Tonight! (R18) 
I Wanted to Talk to you in the Kitchen in the Middle of the Night 
I Will Always Love You (+Franada) 
I Won’t Send an Invitation 
John on the Temptation Island (R18) 
Junk Sex (R18) 
Just Dance! (R18) (Sequel to Burlesque) 
Just Like the Falling Cherry Blossoms 
Just Talking About SM 
Kaitou X Kantei Royale (R18) 
Key and Chocolate (R18) 
Kinjirareta Asobi 
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (R18) 
Last Decisive Love 
Last Friday Night 
Le Petit Prince 
Little Angel 
LocoLotion (R18) 
Loop end Alert box 
Love Handle 
Love Letters to Him 
Love Love Get You 
Love Me Tender (R15) 
Love Oz (R18) 
Lullaby (R18) 
Making a man out of my Brother (R18) 
Making Lord Kirkland Surrender Book 2 (R18) 
Marionette Syndrome (Sequel to Mochi to Mayuge to Kyuugetsuki) 
Merika-san no Hitsuji (R18) 
Merry Christmas, Mr. 
Minasoko de Miru Yume 
Mochi-Mochi Adventure (R18) 
Mochi Porn (R18) 
Mochi to Mayuge to Kyuugetsuki 
Monarchy of Spades Part 1 
Monarchy of Spades Part 2 
Monarchy of Spades Part 3 
Monarchy of Spades Part 4 
More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends (R15) 
Mou Hanbun (R18) 
Mr. Camelias 
Mr. Jones (R18) 
Muffin Top 
My Firearm is my Friend (R18) 
My Home!!! Part 1 
My Home!!! Part 2 
My Home!!! Part 3 
My Little Boy 
My Troublesome big bro 
Naisho no Hanashi (R18) 
Naito Kooto 
Negai Hoshi (R18) 
Nobody Knows (R18) 
Noko’s Sweet Devil Part 1 
Noko’s Sweet Devil Part 2 
Noko’s Sweet Devil Part 3 
Noko’s Sweet Devil Part 4 
Not Again 
Nursery Rhymes (R18) 
Nyx (R18) 
Oh! My Doctor! (R18) 
Oki ni Mesumama (R18) 
Okubyou na Hero 
One Mile Until Dawn 
One Rainy Day 
Online RPG Magical Material (R15) 
Only It (R18) 
Paradise Lost Side A 
Paradise Road 
Petitions (R18) 
Pets and Their Owners 
Pirate’s Chronicles 
Pocky Game 
Pocky Game Aftermath 
Poisoned Candy Scare (R18) 
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RoBul Doujinshi / Mini Strip List

I want a Fruk fanfiction where England is an english teacher in a Highschool and he’s a sassy asshole and most of the student hate him. He’s also a closet alcoholic to add some angst in there and has a bad relationship with his son, America. They used to get along really well but started arguing about America’s career choices and eventually America had enough and moved out to New York and works at a Auto-repair shop. France is a French teacher who gets placed across the hall from England and is flamboyant and fun, all the students love him. They hate each other at first but forage a friendship then a relationship (OHONHONHONHON).

There could also be Canada, who is a quiet student dealing with bulling and neglect from his parents. He is the only student who likes England at first and due to his anxiety, he doesn’t have a lot of friends and spends lunch in the classroom. France becomes another one of his favourite teachers and the three spend lunch together and become a make shift family. Canada will come with his homework and England and France will help him while laughing and joking around. Eventually Canada comes out of his shell and makes friends, then getting the credits he needs to go to university in Canada. And France cries when he graduates. England and France support him and help him though his issues, acting as parental figures. He reminds England of America since they look so similar.

France and England go out drinking a lot and England realizes that there’s something France is hiding. He does a bit of digging and finds out France had a daughter who was murdered, resulting in his wife leaving him. England has a new respect for France for being able to be so positive. England helps France start a new life and move on from his daughters death while France helps England repair his relationship with America.

There needs to be lots of fluff and angst with them teasing each other and England coming into his class during a lesson and writing “French is lame” on the board then leaving without saying anything. Then they travel to New York and England fixes things with America and they hug. Then England and France get married and all the people affected by them go to their wedding.

Oh and Austria needs to be the crazy music teacher while Prussia is that one student who never shuts the fuck up. Germany is the principle.

anonymous asked:

How do the members of the Axis sleep? Do some of them sleep talk or snore? Thanks!! Your blog is adorable! :D


America/Alfred F.Jones: SN ORE S,drools, can be a bed/cover hog but tries his best to make it to where you will have enough room before he goes to sleep. Likes to cuddle his s/o like a lil teddy bear. He can sleep in just about any position comfortably; but he loves to lay on his back,spread across the bed and sleep.

Britain/Arthur Kirkland: Mutters random things in his sleep, sleeps restlessly unless he’s cuddling something/someone. He is super cuddly and clingy; holding something/his s/o makes him feel comfortable and safe. Likes to lay on his side.

China/Yao Wang: Very light sleeper (comes from raising the lil nations), snores loUDLY, always has weird vivid dreams that he tells you about in the morning. Likes to cuddle sometimes; but mainly he likes to just sleep close to you. He loves to sleep on his belly.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Sleeps like a log,nothing can wake him up. Likes to cuddle, but is scared to sometimes due to his strength. When he does cuddle,he holds you gently. Giggles in his sleep sometimes. He loves to lay on his side.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Elegant even when sleeping,pretty silent and still. Loves to hold his s/o close to him. If he awakes before you; he likes to admire your sleeping face. When sleeping alone he loves to sleep on his belly.

Canada: Very silent,peaceful sleeper. Loves to cuddle Kumajiro. Also his s/o,he will hold you close. Mutters random things in his sleep,usually something cute and absurd. Loves sleeping on his side.

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England, Germany, Russia, America, Canada, Spain, and Frances reaction to their s/o having a mental breakdown (like their s/o is rly stressed and just needs some loving and junk)? Thank you!

This was kind of long. Germanyboi was a bit drawn on because he’s an awkward fish. BUT HEY! I had fun with this one.



Hearing your sobs coming from the kitchen was the last thing he expected. Seeing the mess on the floor in front of you made him raise an eyebrow in confusion. You dropping that glass was the last straw and you just broke down on the floor. All the stress that piled up caved down on you. The Brit helped you up, making sure you stepped over the broken glass of the mug. The best solution to this would be movies. Disney movies. He got out the infamously dubbed ‘Cuddle Blanket’ and sat down next to you, pulling you into his lap and wrapping the blanket around the both of you. “Don’t worry about it, love. Just…relax, alright?”


(overall he sucks at giving comfort without being awkward tbh) You were trying to keep going, listening to Ludwig’s commands. You wanted to show him. You wanted to prove you were strong. But it hurt. Everything hurt. It was getting hard to breathe and you’re legs were starting to get weak. Five minutes later, you realized you were on the ground, sobbing loudly. The blond German was knelt down next to you with a bottle of water in his hand. You took it and nearly downed it all in one sip. “Are you alright? Do I need to take you home?” You just sat there and continued letting out choked sobs, shaking from realization that you weren’t as strong. “(Y/N), that is not what you should be worrying about. Your health comes before training,” he scolded. Did you say that out loud? “Ja, ja you did.” Oh. You started to calm down and sighed. “Lieb, I think you are being to hard on yourself…Maybe you should take a break.” You nodded and stood up, knees shaking. “T-Thanks…” Before you both left, he commented, “You, uh…did great out there.” You turned and blushed, that small comment taking a lot off your shoulders. You smiled a little and nodded. “Thanks, Ludwig.” He grunted and the both of you headed home.


Like usually, he’d be confused. Why were you crying? Oh. Natalia told you that you would never be enough for Ivan? Well then. Expect this big ol’ teddy bear to give you all the love you need. Want flowers? He’ll go out in the middle of a blizzard if it meant he’d get to see you smile. He almost did until he realized you just wanted to take a nap with him. That’s simple so he can do it.


This boy. This boy will tell you the worst jokes over to help calm you down. Even worse, they’re dad jokes. It kind of helped, but when he whipped that ice cream out? You completely forgot about the stress your coworkers were giving you over the design that was due next month. The jokes still were there, and the only way you could get him to shut up was by shoving your spoon into his mouth.


If you cry, he cries. Don’t let the Canadian see your tears, or he will also start shedding his own. He’d instantly think he did something wrong, but once he realized you were hunched over that script you were writing, he realized what was wrong. “Maple, d-do you need to come lay down.” You got up instantly and walked over to him, pulling him to the bed. Matthew let out a soft ‘oh’ as you just began to hug his side, nuzzling side chest. “I-If that makes you feel better, then,” he mumbled, returning the cuddle.


“Chica, what’s wrong, mi amor?” Antonio would rush to your side as soon as you let out a small whine. “I-I don’t know, T-Tonio…I-I’m just tired. I feel so stressed out and e-everything isn’t going well. I-I lost my wallet, I spilled my coffee on someone at the store, and I ruined Lovino’s book after spilling his wine on it!” He laughed and picked her up. “What you need, (Y/N), is a nice bath!” The Spaniard picked you up and carried you to the bathroom. “No need to cry, we all get frustrated,” he mumbled, beginning to draw a bath. He helped you get undressed and helped you get into the bath. You instantly began to relax, taking note of the bubbles he added. “I’ll be back, bella, I’ll go get you a drink.”You just nodded and smiled to yourself. After all, Antonio always knew what was best.


Tissues? Check. Blanket? Check. Candles? Check. Cute pajama sweater? Check. White wine? Check. Everything that was needed for a romantic movie night was there. Even your favorite fluffy sweater. Throughout the entire movie, Francis would whisper small words of affection into your ear on how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. After a while, the overwhelmed tears stopped. The love and affection Francis gave you helped you forget about the breakdown you had. The stress was still there, but he always helped calm you down.

Allies’ reaction to you being the new country

(Like, newly created due to sudden regional independence (f.e. Scotland) etc. not new land mass way, just to be clear)


He’s never seen you before, has never heard of you before. So you walking into the World Conference room for the first time has him quite confused. He’d probably make a quick call to his Boss, asking them about you. Finding out if you could be of any interest for his country. No? No valuable ressources? No tactical position? Well, good for you, sweetheart! He might intruduce himself to you after that…although don’t get you’re hopes up. You’re fairly new and fairly irrelevant for the Superpower sorry to break your heart


This man has a severe distaste for everything that declares independence…sort of. So seeing you for the first time and deciding whether he’d act friendly toward you or no would depend on who you declared indepence from. Someone he tolerates? Fuck off. Someone he hates? Well, hello beautiful! What’s a charming little thing like you doing here? 50/50 chance he’ll befriend you. If only to talk smack about other countries and get you on his side let this old man re-live his glory days


One of the few actually with a decent approach. His intentions are still not pure though. He’d welcome you into the world, ask how you liked it so far, if everything was going well for you. You don’t need help perhaps with accustoming to your new duties as a country? If anything this ladies man right here would help you out any day of the week. Just give him a call. Might or might not tries to subtly turn your culture fucking French


I mean…come on. Is your military strong, sweetness? I doubt it. And chances are you’ll find yourself sublty invaded or quickly lose that precious independence by staying at Russia’s house for an indefinite amount of time. That’s why you make allies at these fucking conferences


Oh look, another one. China has witnessed many countries rising and falling, being created and perishing. He tries not to get attached to anyone fairly new so he might keep his distance first. Still very respectful if directly spoken too. Once you get to know him longer and he’s sure you won’t fucking die you might find a good companion in him.


Sweet boi would turn into a fucking machine! Anything to get you damn attention. Cornering you from the start he tries to make a good impression on you, being the first memorable country you’ll meet. Would love to spend time with you and get to know you. You could spend time at his place if you wanted to, his doors are always open and he’ll welcome you with open arms. Might come off as a bit invading although he is the last country who’d want to do that…

The Allies React!

To an S/O in the Air Force.

Requested anonymously.

America: Honestly, Alfred is probably going to have a fair mixture of reactions. There’s this protective boyfriend side of him that says, “Y/N, are you sure?” His voice will be hesitant because he’s been in the military and wars before, and he’s afraid of losing you. After a conversation with him, he’ll turn super happy and energetic, overjoyed that his lover wants to serve his country as much as he loves it. He’ll probably allow it, but since he literally is America, you’ll probably see him around work once or twice.

England: Fear. That’s what immediately crossed his expression when you admitted to him your job. Arthur didn’t want to imagine ever losing you, so he’s not initially very keen on your position. He’s got a pale face and is arguing, until finally he gives in and says, “Y/N, I trust you. I know you are a sensible person who can make responsible dessinions. But please, for sake of all that is good and perfect, stay safe. I don’t quite know what I’d ever do without you.”

France: Francis is a very supporting and loving boyfriend, but even he is sometimes fearful. He won’t show it for sure. Human lives are much different than a country’s, so naturally he’s a bit worried. He’ll mask his fear by smiling happily and hugging his love. “Y/N, mon amour! C’est *génial(e)!” He grins widely, complimenting you. “I bet you are ze best pilot, no?” He chuckles, yet there’s a look of slight hurt amongst his features.

*Not that it particularly matters in the imagine, but the génial is used for male readers and géniale is used for female readers.

Canada: Matthew would look at you in shock momentarily, but he’d smile a small smile. “Oh, my dear,” he’d softly say as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and kisses the top of your head. “That’s so wonderful!” He’s chirp, but you’d wonder why he was so excited. To that, he replies, “I’m supposed to be happy for you, eh? Y-you’re my partner, Y/N. I’ll be happy with whatever makes you happy.”

You smile softly. “Thanks, Mattie.”

Russia: As a man much too involved with military himself, he’d pretty much be all for it. “Yes! My little Y/N will get stronger and better.” Sure, his words were a little bit creepy, but they held truth, hadn’t they? He’d be really supportive towards you, or perhaps even… a bit too supportive.

China: He’d have, initially, a pretty negative response. “Y/N! How foolish! You will die! Job is not safe for you!” He’d yell at you and thrash, until you finally retorted, “Well, I’ll do anything for my country. I’m sorry you can’t understand.” He’d fall quiet and look at you in shock, murmuring an apology. Finally, Yao would breathe out, “Y/N, I am happy for you. I couldn’t be prouder either.”

anonymous asked:

How does the face fam deal with an s/o who's trying to be annoying on purpose to bother them?

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Honestly he thinks it’s cute; everytime you try to annoy him he just says something sweet or does something to make you blush. You cannot break him down. You are gonna be redder than Spain’s tomatoes; which honestly is not a bad thing keep on doing it. B)

America/Alfred F. Jones: He catches on very quickly and sees it as a game. He starts doing things to try to annoy you too. He is not gonna lose; he is in it to win it. It will prob end in cuddles or whatever you are comfy with. ^^/

Canada/Matthew Williams: He is a precious soul so it would take a LONG time to actually even begin to get on his nerves. This poor bby would probably start to wonder if he did anything wrong; and would ask you about it after discussing it with Kumajiro.

England/Arthur Kirkland: At first he tries to be patient; thinking that you will drop the “childish nonsense” eventually if he doesn’t say anything. But boy was he wrong, very wrong. It builds up and eventually he goes outside and lays in the grass and screams. Afterwards he comes back and acts like that didn’t happen and calmly speaks to you about it. 

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Please keep doing your best for the fandom! Also, can you a matchup of the 1p! Allies with their Black Butler counterparts? Like which character would you think fits this character best?

Aww, thank you!  And of course we can, because you asked so nicely <3
(Also, it is like 2 am and the admins are currently on their third cup of coffee..)
Enjoy!~Admin Sarah and Jay

America: Ronald Knox (Rides a lawn mower into battle, kick ass, and looks like Alfred)

England: Ciel Phantomhive (Queens Bulldog..also is a bit of a twat.)

France: Grell Sutcliff (come on, look at how flamboyant they are)

Canada: Mey-Rin (acts all ditsy but is actually the shit)

Russia: The Undertaker (everyone is scared of him but he’s actually kinda funny and makes horrible jokes)

China: Tanaka (calm old guy who drinks his tea and minds his own damn business)

anonymous asked:

What if the 2p Allies S/o was magically turned into a child. The s/o still has all their memories but now they're a kid.

2p america: BABY! he loves babies! and honestly the best with them. if you’re embarrassed to have your diaper changed, “honey, I fuck you. Don’t be upset” Knows what you want, at the exact time you want it. He is the baby whisperer.

2p canada: “…, hey” so chill about this. has no idea how to take care of a baby. he knows the basic ideas, just not in practice. He eats applesauce with you, if you have teeth you will get a mean grilled cheese. “hope this doesn’t stay too long”

2p england: another baby lover, just cuddles and kisses you all day. “aren’t you the cutest little baby? This is proof that you will make adorable babies!” treats you like a baby, even if you have all your memories, you are now a baby. His baby. takes you out on walks, grocery shopping. If anyone asks your age, he says it, minus the years.

2p france: nope, hands you over to england the minute he sees you.

2p china: honestly will try to give you weed, if you’re drugged up, less crying right? now in china, they don’t put diapers on the kids so… have fun with that. takes as many pictures as possible. when you change back, he is honestly upset. “lets make a baby!”

2p russia: reads all the books, goes to a class. Does everything to learn about how to take care of you. does everything by the book. gags when he has to change you…

They React To S/O Returning From Service (Nyo!FACE)

(Requested by Anonymous).

Mild angst.


Nyo!America: Amelia, at first, was excited for her partner to be serving in the military. She was so glad that her partner could really be a hero, a real hero! You were always super in her eyes. Though, as days prolonged into weeks, weeks into months, she grew lonely. She tried telling herself that you were okay and would be returning. 

Though, one certain Fourth of July, there’s a knock on her front door. She sighs a bit, pausing her Captain America movie as she stands up to go and answer it. She assumes it’s just her fellow countries coming over to celebrate her birthday, but what she sees is completely different. It’s you, her beloved partner, wearing (favorite superhero)’s outfit. Her blue eyes widen as she glances at you in shock.

“Y/N!” Amelia cries out loudly, tackling you in a hug. You give a soft laugh, gently hugging her back, your arms wrapping around your waist.

“Happy birthday, my heroine. I’ve missed you so much,” you murmur to your beloved Amelia, gently pecking her on the lips.

Nyo!Canada: You were very hesitant about leaving Madeline on her own. You trusted her fully, but you were worried something could happen. What if someone broke into the house while you were gone, what if she was hurt and needed help? You thought of the what-if scenarios until Madeline piped up and said, “what if I’m completely fine the whole time and I’ll be lovingly supporting you wherever you go?”

You had smiled that day and went along with it, nodding your head and agreeing. So, you’d went off and served your country, as happy and proud as you could be. But, Madeline was extremely lonely. She missed you very much and just wanted you to come home.

One day she’s been out grocery shopping, only to come back to a wonderful smell filling her shared home. She grows worried, thinking someone has broken in. She gently sets her groceries down, her eyes wide in fright as she walks in. Though, she sees the dinner table set up with a nice cloth, pancakes draped with maple syrup on two plates. “Hello?” She calls out quietly in fright, her nerves acting up in fright as she thinks for sure this is a prank.

Though, you appraoch behind Madeline, gently wrapping your arms around her waist. “Hello, my love. I hope I didn’t frighten you. I was planning on this being a surprise,” you chuckle out softly, only to hear a loud gasp from the Canadian girl.

“Oh! Y/N! I’ve missed you so much!” Madeline squeaks out, turning and hugging you tightly, hiding her face in your shoulder. She didn’t let go, her grip tight.

You give a small smile, gently rubbing her back. “I missed you too, Madeline. I promise, I’ll always be with you.”

Nyo!England: When you originally left for the military, you were shocked by Alice’s reaction. She seemed nonchalant, not caring much about it. “That’s a great idea, Y/N. Just please stay safe.” Alice commented, not even taking the moment to look up from her book. You had been taken off guard, thinking she didn’t care about you.

You didn’t leave on exactly the… greatest note. You were unhappy, thinking she didn’t love you. But, Alice loved you more than you could’ve ever imagined. The poor girl didn’t want to express her emotions. She was so scared- horrified that you could die on the inside. Alice wanted you to serve, however, and she didn’t want her emotions to change your mind. She just brushed it off, pretending like it was all fine.

But there would be nights that she would not be able to sleep, remaining awake for the late hours. She’d think about if you were okay or not and would wonder where you were right at that moment.

You had been able to return home much earlier than expected. You were extremely thrilled, but then again, you were also terrified. What if Alice just dumped you right and then? What if she had only been using you for your salary? The thoughts paralyzed you, making you hardly able to knock on the door to her flat. Your fist shook as it barely touched the front door. You exhale deeply, gently knocking on her door.

And, before you knew it, the familiar blonde stood at the door, looking unamused. “Hello?” She asks out angrily, only for her eyes to widen at the sight of you. “Oh my goodness, Y/N!” Alice would gawk out, reaching down to take your hands this whole time. Tears would roll down her cheeks, despite her trying to keep them concealed.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I loved you and I missed you so much. I didn’t want to show how much I was worried about you because I was afraid that I would change your mind. I… I didn’t want you to worry about me. I’m so sorry, love, please find it in your heart to forgive me.” Alice begs quietly, pain dripping in her tone.

You gasp, managing a small smile. “Alice…” You murmur quietly, glancing at your partner with shock. “How could I ever hold a grudge against you? I love you too much for that.” You reassure, gently cupping her cheek before pulling her into a loving hug.

Poor Francine. She was completely against the idea of you serving. She insisted you did something else, something safer. But, you were low on funds and felt a call to serve. You felt so bad once you left, Francine was sobbing, her mascara running down her cheeks as she sniffles. She couldn’t stand the thought of seeing you leave, it felt like a shot to the heart.

Most nights she would be drinking to comfort her sorrows. She’d be curled up on the couch, sobbing as she sips on a glass of wine. All Francine wanted was her lover to be in her arms once again, kissing her and filling her with love. Instead, she felt cold and without love.

You had gotten back much earlier than planned and had wanted to plan a surprise for your lover. However, upon talking with Alice, one of Francine’s friends, you learned the unhealthy habit she’d picked up. You immediately rushed home, feeling so guilty knowing that this was because of you. 

You see Francine stretched across the couch, weeping quietly into her arms. You gasp out, unable to manage words from the lump in your throat. You run up to Francine, grasping the wine and taking it away from her. You then squeeze her tightly in a hug, pulling her head to be resting on your chest. “Oh, my dear Francine, I’m so sorry…” You whisper to her, only to feel Francine’s body shaking in shock.

“Mon amour, mon amour,” Francine murmurs to you, hugging you back. “Je t’aime, I missed you s-so much. I am sorry, I… I didn’t know how to cope.” She rambles on in apologies, only for you to shush her by gently placing your lips to her own.

“Shh, Francine, it’s alright now. I’m here now and I love you deeply.” You reassure, gently holding her in your arms. “I’m here for you and I swear, I swear I’ll never leave you ever again.” You promise, continuing to hold your lover in your soft embrace.

They were home.