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Smallhythe Place, Kent by Bob Radlinski
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I know you all love 18th century undergarments, so here’s a video from the National Museums Liverpool of a well-off woman getting dressed (of course, with a lot of help).


Scotney Castle, Kent, England by Tewkes.

“The Three Witches from Macbeth”, Daniel Gardner, 1775, National Portrait Gallery, London.

Elizabeth Lamb, Viscountess Melbourne; Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and Anne Seymour Damer were three of the most popular, fascinating and notorious women of the 18th century: Elizabeth Lamb was a political hostess and agricultural improver, Georgiana was the famous leader of Whig society and Anne Seymour Damer was a sculptor.

In this portrait we see them as the three witches from Macbeth, and let’s face it, those witches never looked so pretty; but apparently this portrait is a slight nod at the way they were so influential in British society, art and politics. 

*The nations playing Risk.* 

America: You’re only winning because you CHOOSE MY COUNTRY!! MY AREA!! YOU CHEATED FROM THE START!!

Russia: We will see.*Wins his attack.* 

America: Don’t you dare!! Don’t you dare!!! ARTHUR!! You said you’d back me up!!

England: That deal is off. 

America: YOU– *Pulls a gun from under the table.* 

*Russia pulls a gun. England pulls a gun. Everyone else at the table is armed.*

Canada: *Sigh This was never a good idea….