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Great Britain: The Phone Box - Braughing, Oxford, Braemar, Standon, Prestbury, Great Malvern, Montacute, Much Hadham, Snowshill, London/Kingston

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  • England, on the phone: oy, where is everyone??
  • America: what do you mean? I'm at the place you told us to meet-up!
  • Australia: same here, mate.
  • England: what the? I said to meet up in Waterloo- ... wait.
  • America: I'm in Waterloo, Alabama...
  • Hong Kong: ...Waterloo Road, Kowloon
  • New Zealand: ...Waterloo in New Zealand
  • Canada: ...Waterloo, Ontario
  • Australia: ...Waterloo, Victoria
  • Belgium: ...England, why???
  • Queen Elizabeth II, on the phone: Hello England, how are you today?
  • England: I'm well thank you, a bit bored though. For once I don't have extra work to do.
  • Queen Elizabeth II: Oh I wish I could come over to knit with you like we always do, but it's getting harder to travel by myself in my old age.
  • England: it's okay Lilibet, my Queen- Oh...
  • Queen Elizabeth II: hm? What is it England, dear?
  • England: it seems that I don't have any food left in the cupboard and the fridge... I should go down to Tescos to get some-
  • Queen Elizabeth II: *driving her jeep at the speed of sound* DONT WORRY ENGLAND, GRANDMA'S COMING WITH FOOD!!